The Best Neutral Weapons In Endless Dungeon

While it can be tempting in Endless Dungeon to optimize your weapons and turrets to take advantage of enemy weaknesses, it is a simple oversight to get to the later portions of your run and realize that there is a gap in your offense that enemies can take advantage of.



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This is why it is important to invest in your neutral offense, since there are no enemies that can resist this type of damage. So, while the neutral weapons might not be as appealing as some of the elemental options, they are just as useful. So, which of the neutral weapons are the best, and which are you best discarding as soon as possible?

6 Very Cross Bow

very cross bow weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Very Cross Bow controls as you would imagine a crossbow to, but this is why it can feel so awkward to use in this game. This is an issue since, hypothetically, you will be more likely to use the Very Cross Bow in the early game thanks to its utility and availability. However, as it’s uncomfortable, most players will want to avoid it. To solve this, if you have a character that you are not controlling, then this weapon might be a good choice.

If you are looking for a better neutral weapon for one of your inactive characters, the crossbow is a solid choice. However, there are plenty of other preferable choices if you want other strong handheld neutral weapons.

5 Huntin’ Rifle

huntin rifle weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Aside from the first choice, the rest of the neutral weapons are all pretty standard when it comes to how to use them. This means that there isn’t too much competition, and the best choice can come down to your playstyle. However, the low fire rate of the Huntin’ Rifle can make it a less appealing choice.

This is the default weapon for Zed, so if you’ve finished the tutorial, then you know how this gun feels to use. It has a great DPS, as well as above-average knockback, so if you can deal with the fire rate, it is a good option.

If you can find a Huntin’ Rifle of a high rarity, then it will help massively when it comes to taking down almost every variety of enemy for most of your run. Just make sure to avoid situations with lots of small enemies moving quickly, since they will be hard targets.

4 Boomstick

boomstick weapon in endless dungeon workshop

If you are in the early game and you want a bit more AOE with your neutral attacks to keep enemies at bay, then the Boomstick is a good choice. It has a very high knockback for a one-handed gun, which helps it stand out. It does not do that much damage, making it more of a utility weapon than a damage weapon, but, it does have a high fire rate to compensate for this.

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If you want your lightweight character to do crowd control, this is a suitable option. In situations where there are a wide variety of smaller enemies of different classes, the Boomstick comes in handy.

3 Pocket Rocket

pocket rocket weapon in endless dungeon workshop

Similarly to the Huntin’ Rifle, the Pocket Rocket is a neutral heavy weapon that has a lower-than-average fire rate, but it manages to stand out with its much higher stats. It can reach further, and add more knockback too, making it a superior choice for crowd control. It sacrifices damage for this with almost half the DPS compared to a Huntin Rifle, but the other stats make this worth the compromise.

If you are in need of a versatile heavy weapon with the potential for crowd control, then you want to choose the Pocket Rocket. Make sure to choose a modifier for it as soon as possible when you are back in the saloon, as these are great for covering its weaker points.

2 Sprayer

sprayer weapon in endless dungeon workshop

For a weapon a lot of characters start with as their default weapon, it is surprising just how good the Sprayer is. Being the first weapon in the game that you will use, it is a weapon designed to be easy to start with. While it doesn’t have that much accuracy, it makes up for this with high damage, and better knockback than most.

This is a versatile gun you will often find yourself carrying up until the latest floors of your run, and if you get a rarer version, it is a simple choice to make.

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You will find yourself using this gun a lot in the early game since you rarely have another choice, but that’s not an issue since it is so simple and effective to use. Elemental choices might be preferable, but don’t get rid of it for a clearly weaker weapon, even if it might give you an elemental advantage.

1 Gatling

gatling weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Gatling balances a lot of different elements that make it the most useful neutral weapon for a heavy character. It has a high fire rate, as well as good DPS, and great knockback as well. This is a perfect set of statistics for a heavy character, and what is even better is that some characters start with this as their primary weapon. You can take full advantage of the good range it has to make sure that even your less defensive character will not need to heal as often.

Being a great neutral weapon, there are very few instances where you will not want to be using it. If you can get one of a high rarity, it will likely be a good backup to an elemental choice that will take you to the end of your run.

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