The Best Light Weapons In Endless Dungeon

While the Blur class of enemy only really becomes common later into your runs in Endless Dungeon, when you start to come across them more frequently, you will realise how frustrating they can be to deal with. This class of enemy tends to have a very unconventional movement pattern, with them going invisible, and slowly stalking around.



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They can also cause a lot of damage, and are easy to lose track of. In spite of this, they are weak to light weapons. So, what are the best light weapons you can use to deal with these enemies, and which are better avoided?

6 Pulse-Ahhrrr

pulse ahhrrr weapon in endless dungeon workshop

While Blurs occasionally travel in packs, they are more commonly found in smaller groups that move quite slowly. This means that if the Pulse-Ahhrrr was any other element, it would likely be a much more versatile weapon, but because it is a light weapon, it is much less useful. It has a short circular range that knocks back enemies, but this doesn’t really help too much against Blurs since they are much less likely to crowd your characters or the Crystal Bot.

If you happen to find yourself on a floor that has almost exclusively Blurs and no Bots, then this weapon will be useful in escorting the Crystal Bot. However, in other situations, you may find this weapon awkward to use, especially for your active character.

5 Blinder

blinder weapon in endless dungeon workshop

When it comes to the one-handed light weapons, these all tend to be relatively well-balanced, and while they do control differently, most are passable choices. In spite of this, the Blinder is definitely the weaker choice. It is good for crowd control with its high knockback, but since crowd control is less often needed with Blurs, this limits the weapon’s versatility. It also lacks in DPS, making it a frustrating choice later in your run when the Blurs will have much meatier health bars.

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The Blinder is a fine choice for a light weapon earlier in your run, but the later you get, the longer it will take for you to take down Blurs, or any other type of enemy using it. Switch it out as soon as you find a gun that outclasses it.

4 Photon Cannon

photon cannon weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Photon Cannon is a stronger choice than the Pulse Ahhrrr since its shot style is much better suited for fighting Blurs. Its longer more powerful shots are great at keeping Blurs at bay, and since they are slow, a well-aimed knockback with this weapon is much more useful. However, it still has a disappointingly low DPS, so its usefulness will dwindle throughout your run, unless you choose specific buffs, or find a higher rarity version of this gun.

This is a more versatile option for a light weapon, and its knockback will make it useful for defending or escorting the Crystal Bot. Just make sure you do not let the enemies get too close since it works better the more range you are working with.

3 Torchlight

torchlight weapon in endless dungeon being sold by merchant

The Torchlight has a lower DPS than others, but its ease of use is why it is one of the more fun light weapons to use. It shoots in a cone shape, which is perfect for attacking the smaller groups of Blurs, which tend to be frequent.

Similarly to the Photon Cannon, the lower DPS of this weapon will become more and more noticeable the longer you get into your run, but with the right buffing, it is a suitable choice up until the end. You want to make sure that your character has a high enough defense to compensate for the short range.

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This is a light weapon that you will have no trouble with in the earlier floors of your run, but you might want to switch it out for something with a longer range when the Blurs start doing more damage and taking longer to take down.

2 Ray Gun

ray gun weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The Ray Gun is the best one-handed option for light weapons for just how easy it is to use, and its good damage output. The waves of energy this gun sets off do plenty of damage, and are a good way of disturbing any Blurs that might be hiding. It has well-balanced stats, making it good for keeping enemies back from a good range, and with a good aim, this makes it a perfect fit for tackling Blurs specifically.

This is going to be the best light weapon to take through your whole run for a one-handed character in your run. Its DPS will start to lack later on though, so you will need to ensure you get a high rarity version or buff the character using mods or turrets later on.

1 Sniper Beam

sniper beam weapon in endless dungeon workshop

The aspect that makes weapons in Endless Dungeon better than others is how well-suited it is for its role. Slower shooting weapons of other elements tend to be classified lower since they are less useful against faster hoards. But since Blurs are sturdier and slower, moving in smaller packs, the Sniper Beam becomes the perfect choice. If well-aimed and with the right mods, this gun can tear through a whole stream of Blurs.

Make sure that the character that is using this weapon has plenty of space to take full advantage of the range this weapon has. This means that they will be able to get as many shots before and after the enemy passes them.

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