How To Complete Inner Arche Abbey

Reaching the second part of Lies of P‘s final dungeon, this will be the longest and most difficult dungeon crawl of your adventure. With almost every miniboss of your journey coming back to terrorize you a second time, you’ll be well and truly exhausted before you reach one of the arguably hardest bosses of any soulslike game.



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But if you’ve made it this far, let the knowledge that you’re almost at the end guide you through to the finale – and also this guide. We’d like it if you also used this article to help you to the end. After all, difficult bosses and enemy ambushes are not the only secrets to be found in Arche Abbey.

How To Reach The Broken Rift Stargazer

P looks to ladder that leads into the Inner Arche Abbey Sanctum in Lies of P

Starting from the Outer Wall Stargazer, go up the nearby shortcut ladder, all the way up the stairs to the top, past the destroyed artillery machine location, and up the ladder into the building.

From here on, you’ll be operating on the inside of Arche Abbey.

There is a Balance Crank out the first window on the right on the ledge.

P stands in front of activated pillar trap inside inner abbey hall Lies of P

Your first stop in the inner sanctum is to the left.

There’s a pillar trap on the left side of the wall. Past it and across the bridge, there’s a rapid-fire carcass.

After all this, you can take the Full Moonstone at the end and return to the entrance.

P swings Puppet Ripper to attack disruption Carcass hiding behind pillar in Lies of P

From the entrance, take the right and down the stairs.

There is a Disruption carcass (an enemy that sprays clouds of Disruption) on your left behind the pillar and again across the bridge.

P looks at item on ground inside trapped room in inner abbey Lies of P

If you go right on the far side of the bridge, you’ll find a broken wall on your left. There’s a Fable Catalyst inside and a single pressure-plate trap (watch your step!).

With this in hand, you can take the ladder to the left of the bridge downward where another Disruption carcass and a Gemini’s Iron Protection wait.

You may notice a thin walkway to your right and over the gap below. This is a trap and will collapse if you walk on it. Therefore, ignore this beam.

P is punched by wrestling carcass miniboss at bottom of Inner Abbey in ambush Lies of P

Go straight ahead and down the ladder. In this area below, there is an Acid Canister in the center of the room.

However, it is guarded by the wrestling carcass miniboss you met shortly before Champion Victor’s fight. It is now a standard enemy. Dispatch it, and you’ll have access to a set of green doors you need a Trinity Key to open.

Going through this door will finish the King of Riddles’ questline and reward you with the Alchemist’s Cape outfit and a Quartz.

You should also open the “Scandal! V, the Tragedy Behind the Flamboyance” book and speak with the King of Riddles. Then, speak with Venigni after to complete Venigni’s questline.

P finds test subject 826 in hall leading to Inner Abbey grand doors Lies of P

From here, you’ll have two exits.

The first exit is available through a long hallway with a trap in the center and an elevator at an end. Take the elevator down, and you’ll meet Test Subject 826 who will teach you Happy. Speaking with him will move him to Rosa Isabelle Street.

In front of him, you can use the High-Level Alchemist badge to open the doors back to the bridge where you defeated two scorpion beasts. Congratulations, your door to the Outer Abbey Wall is now open.

P finds ledge beside elevator that drops to Legion Caliber chest location in Lies of P

Return to the room where you defeated the wrestling carcass and take the second elevator exit across the room upward.

However, shortly after the elevator takes off, step forward through a doorway the elevator would normally pass by. This secret area contains an item to your left, but more importantly, there’s a ledge on the right side.

Drop from it, and you’ll reach a chest containing a Legion Caliber.

Monad Lamp glows red in proximity of golden Dimensional Butterfly on bridge ahead in Lies of P

Return to the bottom of the elevator you previously took, and you can re-summon it to take it all the way to the top this time.

Up here is a cane carcass, a Disruption carcass, and a golden Dimensional Butterfly (on the bridge) that drops a Full Moonstone.

On the other side of the bridge, you can go right up a set of stairs to an Electric Blitz Abrasive and left to open a ladder shortcut down.

P runs into boss arena where Black Cat stands in Inner Abbey Lies of P

After opening the shortcut ladder, go up the stairs to an open room where you’ll meet Black Cat.

If you gave Black Cat a Gold Coin Fruit at the Exhibition, you can give one to him again to avoid a boss fight. This will also open the door for you to avoid a second boss fight with Red Fox in the third part of Arche Abbey.

Sparing or killing Black Cat will both result in earning his mask. Therefore, this choice is solely up to the player’s morality.

How To Defeat The Black Cat

P speaks with Black Cat before fight in Inner Abbey Lies of P

Black Cat is just like any other Stalker enemy. And like these Stalker enemies, he’s allergic to backstabs.

His most glaring weakness is his penchant for forward stabs. Dashing forward when he thrusts his weapon forward, you’ll be open to repeating the backstab mechanic multiple times.

Esoterickk P backstabs Black Cat during fight in Inner Abbey in Lies of P

For those skilled in blocks and Perfect Guards, his weapon is also highly-susceptible to being broken. Upon breaking, he’ll vastly lose range and become something of a joke boss.

Given that he only really has two attacking patterns – forward thrust and forward running thrust – with a rare chance of sweeping after either, he’s so laughably predictable that it feels almost like bullying once you nail his attack patterns.

Memorize them, and you’re sure to make very quick work of him.

How To Open The Broken Rift Shortcut

P repairs the Broken Rift Stargazer in Lies of P

Regardless of your choice, exit Black Cat’s room when you’re finished. There’s an elevator on the wooden scaffolding (and a Gemini’s Emergency Protection under it).

Take the elevator up, and you’ll discover the Broken Rift Stargazer.

This location is a large and confusing area, and we highly recommend resting and preparing before continuing.

P runs into foggy room in Broken Rift and sees Strong-Arm Corrupted puppet above in Lies of P

The area ahead is completely covered in fog. It can be partially alleviated with Monad’s Lamp on, but it is otherwise difficult to see well.

Directly in front of you, there is a corrupted strong-arm standing on the bridge above you. It will jump down as you get far enough into the room.

As you fight, other corrupted puppets may join the fight, so beware of battling too close to the northern exit.

P runs to corner of Broken Rift room filled with corrupted torso puppets in Lies of P

In the upper left alcove, you can freely take a Dark moon Moonstone of the Covenant.

Then, go through the exit below where the strong arm puppet was standing.

Inside are several corrupted torso puppets and standard corrupted puppets as well as a Dim Ergo Crystal.

It is best to lure these enemies out the door to prevent being struck from all sides. The tunnel will prove a great defensive position.

P picks up a Fire Abrasive in Lies of P Broken Rift fog

From this room, go right down the stairs into a room with several corrupted puppets.

After defeating the main enemies, you can take a left into an alcove where a Half Moonstone waits and then across the hall to a Fire Abrasive.

Beware of the several torso puppets hanging from the tunnels’ ceilings in between each room.

P stands at entrance to foggy broken rift third room near ladder shortcut in Lies of P

In the room beyond the Fire Abrasive, there are more corrupted puppets and one corrupted strong-arm puppet that, like the last one, will jump from above and to your left.

A Fire Abrasive can be picked up beside the gate to your left. There is an Attribute Purification Ampoule in an alcove on the far side and to the left of a deactivated ladder.

P picks up a Legion Magazine from defeat enemy while heading toward ladder to upper section of Broken Rift fog in Lies of P

Looking toward where the strong arm puppet stood, turn around and face the exit on the far side of the room. Go through the tunnel, watching for torso puppets, and find another room filled with more corrupted puppets.

There is a Fable Catalyst on the ground. Take it and then ascend the ladder on the far side of the room.

An Electric Blitz Canister sits above the ladder near a broken, crumbling wall.

P picks up an Electric Blitz Canister and heads toward ladder shortcut switch for Broken Rift in Lies of P

Go straight ahead toward a switch to open the ladder shortcut. Return to the Broken Rift Stargazer now.

After resting and resetting the area, speed-run back to the shortcut ladder, ignoring all enemies. The corrupted strong-arm puppet should now be on the bridge ahead.

How To Open The Second Broken Rift Shortcut

P prepares to attack Joker miniboss with Corrupted Strong Arm Puppet's help in Inner Abbey Broken Rift Lies of P

Run past the strong-arm puppet and begin to sprint down the first corridor to your left until you reach the first enemy past the brazier. Do not attack it and instead immediately turn around and begin running.

This will do a few things:

  1. Trigger the strong-arm puppet to follow you.
  2. Alert the joker miniboss (from Lorenzini Arcade) down the corridor.
  3. Set the joker miniboss and the strong-arm puppet to begin fighting one another.

Lies of P Joker and Strong Arm Are Staggered while P winds up a strong attack in Inner Abbey

With these two fighting each other, you can begin taking out the other two helmed carcasses in the area.

When the opportunity presents itself, you can enter the fight with the strong-arm puppet and the joker miniboss to finish them both without too much hassle.

P takes the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel from chest in Lies of P

On the far side of the room, you can go down the furthest corridor where a strong corrupted puppet and a chest await. The chest contains the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel.

Now, you may venture down the central corridor where the joker miniboss patrolled and up a set of stairs.

P operates lever to open the Broken Rift gate in Lies of P

Up the stairs, you’ll find a lever to your right. This will open a door in the back of the area.

Follow the path to a Star Fragment and drop off the ledge.

P watches Little Boy Puppet miniboss fight Corrupted puppets from atop safety of ladder in Lies of P

You’ll have to navigate yourself now throughout the entire area to where the door opened (near the entrance of the Broken Rift).

As you go through the study, you’ll find a Special Purification Ampoule and then a second back room with a ladder. The little boy puppet miniboss from the Barren Swamp will fall from above as you enter the room.

Defeating it rewards you with a Quartz.

If you’re not confident in fighting it, you can bait the respawned puppets in the previous room to the little boy puppet miniboss. Then, sprint across the room and take the ladder up to remove the aggro on you. The puppets will then fight each other, and you won’t need to get involved.

P locks onto electrified cane carcass at top of Broken Rift stairs in Lies of P

There is a Dimensional Butterfly above and to the right on the ledge. It drops a Balance Crank.

With this in hand, you can go up the stairs to the right where you’ll find an area with several types of carcasses. The cane carcass here is the most important for its electrified attacks, and all other enemies will drop from hanging traps in the area.

Remember to destroy its canister on the cane carcass’s back.

P stands behind crouching unaware cane carcass in Lies of P

Take the Half Moonstone and then climb the ladder on the far side.

Up the ladder is a hammer carcass that falls from a trap above. Another Half Moonstone is found on the above ledge.

Continue until you find a split in the path. A Cane carcass is to the left but guards nothing of value.

P runs toward rapid fire carcass standing on edge of Broken Rift platform in Lies of P

For now, first defeat the rapid-fire carcass up the stairs and to the left. Then, turn around and go down the stairs to find a ladder shortcut switch.

Activate it and take the Resplendent Ergo Chunk from the beam ahead.

How To Reach The Abbey Prayer Room

P stands on narrow beams in Broken Rift after defeating Dimensional Butterfly and Disruption carcasses in Lies of P

Return up the stairs to where you fought the rapid-fire carcass. On the ledge ahead, two hammer carcasses will fall onto your path.

Ignore the ladder ahead and begin walking on the narrow beams. There are two Disruption carcasses up here and one Dimensional Butterfly with a Half Moonstone.

In this area, we recommend moving slower than you think you need to move. Focus on the carcasses and then the butterfly, preventing unfortunate falls off the beams and Disruption buildup.

P defeats Disruption dogs and loots Red Fox Amulet chest in Broken Rift Lies of P

Fall onto a ledge on the side path nearby where a Half Moonstone can be found ahead. Then, drop a second time to ambush a Disruption and a rapid-fire carcass.

Take the stairs behind you into an area where three Disruption dogs patrol. When they’re defeated, you can safely take the Red Fox’s Amulet from the chest.

There is one Cluster Grenade around the corner and on the ledge.

P locks onto Cane Carcass coming down Broken Rift Stairs in Lies of P

Following the main path ahead, there are two cane carcasses on the stairs. Bait each one down one at a time.

Take the nearby ladder down once you reach the top of the stairs to find a Full Moonstone. Through the nearby doorway, you’ll find a large room with several falling spike traps.

P looks into Broken Rift side room where spike traps fall on narrow bridge in Lies of P

There are gaps between each one, so take the path one trap at a time. When you’re close enough to the rapid-fire carcass at the end, hold block to prevent taking too much damage.

There is a Quartz in the chest at the end. Take it and flip the lever to turn off the traps.

P locks onto new miniboss in Broken Rift as it breaks through wall in Lies of P

Continue back on the main path up the ladder, and you’ll find a new miniboss – a puppet-wielding carcass – at the top of the ramps. It will burst through the stone wall to the left of another ladder.

It carries an ergo-infused puppet it will feast from to increase its stats. It is, however, very slow and prone to fire damage.

Keep your space and wait for your moment. Use Flamberge if you have it. Defeating it will reward you with a Legion Caliber.

P stands in front of doors leading to Laxasia In Lies of P

Take the Sawblade next to the wall and then ascend the two sets of ladders.

If you follow the path, you’ll eventually find an elevator to your right. Taking this will take you to the top of the Inner Abbey and to your next Stargazer: the Prayer Room.

Here is where Laxasia, one of the hardest bosses of Lies of P, awaits to humble you.

There is a Carcass Body Fluid container in the room ahead of the elevator you should grab before taking the lengthy ascent.

How To Defeat Laxasia And Reach The Upper Abbey

Laxasia Appears To Challenge Player during boss fight first cutscene in Lies of P

Welcome to one of the top two hardest bosses of Lies of P. Between her shield, over 12-attack combo chains, and foul stagger tricks, you may be better off fighting Elden Ring’s Malenia on a dancepad blindfolded.

And of course, she’ll have two phases and two health bars to extend your fun playtime together as much as possible.

P strikes Laxasia in front during Critical Hit in Phase One Lies of P

Jokes aside, Laxasia – while difficult – is almost always fair. She’s predictable, has extended telegraphed precursors, and practices steady attack chains.

While you’ll likely die several times in your first encounter with her, she’s the type of boss that asks for the tried and true “practice-makes-perfect” method. To help perfect your strategy, we’ve also compiled some tips for her defeat:

  1. If you don’t feel confident facing her 12-attack combo with Perfect Guards, you can sprint away from this chain entirely.
  2. Punish her dragging-lighting attack in Phase One by keeping to her right and strong attacking afterward; this is the best window of opportunity.
  3. Destroy the shield on her back before Phase Two. And don’t break her sword first; breaking her sword will immediately trigger Phase Two regardless of her health.
  4. Use Perfect Guards on her electric projectiles in Phase Two to send them back.
  5. Carry a Shot Put to throw at Laxasia when she’s staggerable in Phase Two. Heavy Motivity builds likely won’t get strong attacks to stagger her otherwise.
  6. Never trust her after you stagger her. Phase One has a final attack before you can Critical Hit; Phase Two has three hits and an electrical explosion before you can strike.

For more information on how to beat the queen of lightning, Laxasia, refer to our official boss guide on the matter.

Her Fury attack has a parry window of 0.3 seconds. The window occurs 1.38 seconds after you deflect her last electric ball. Finding this parry window is extremely difficult, and you cannot sprint from this move due to her aggressive tracking. Your best bet is to try for the parry. After deflecting the final bolt, count aloud “One and two and PARRY!”

Laxasia falls to her knees defeated after battle in Lies of P

After defeating Laxasia, the final section of Lies of P will finally be open to you. Rest at the Stargazer, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, and clap yourself on the back.

The time for the final stretch is nigh. Upper Arche Abbey, here we come!

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