20 Best Custom Recipes For The Sims 4


  • The Sims 4 has a large modding community, but there are surprisingly few creators who make custom foods for the game.
  • Modders have created a variety of delicious and unique foods for Sims to enjoy, such as cowplant cake, pineapple fried rice, and Stu Surprise.
  • The mods add new and diverse recipes to the game, including dishes from different cultures and traditional holiday sweets, allowing players to customize their Sims’ culinary experiences.



The Sims 4 enables you to live out your fantasies of godhood, creating Sims and plotting out every facet of their lives. It’s a deeply engaging sandbox with all sorts of ways to play. While some players don’t pay too much attention to what foods their Sims eat, others take great joy in customizing their Sims’ food.

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While some DLC packs, as well as regular base game updates introduce new foods, it’s always nice to try something new. Although The Sims has had one of the largest modding communities in the world, a surprising few creators make custom foods. Here’s the best of the best.

20 Cowplant Cake

Taste the danger

Screenshot of a layer cake decorated to look like a cowplant in The Sims 4, alongside some ingredients.
Credit: brazenlotus

There was no way we could resist this adorable cowplant-themed cake, made by prolific modder brazenlotus. It’s the perfect cake to give tribute to one of the franchise’s most beloved characters. This delectable layer cake will bring joy to every party, as long as none of your guests have cowplant-related trauma. And yes, it’s made with real cowplant milk. Bon appetit!

19 Pineapple Fried Rice

Anyone remember The Sims 1 pineapple song?

Screenshot of The Sims 4 showing a table and chair outdoors near a swimming pool. On the table sits a bowl of pineapple fried rice, a hollowed out pineapple full of fried rice, a cocktail, a bowl of fruit, and some tropical flowers.
Credit: icemunmun

Normal fried rice is a simple dish most of us remember eating at some point during our childhoods. It’s a great way to use leftover rice, but imagine if it was elevated with a tropical flair. This spin on fried rice from icemunmun is perfect for your Sulani Sims, but anyone who wants a simple summertime dinner can make this dish.

18 Stu Surprise

It’s still a surprise

A huge bowl of excellent quality Stu Surprise sits on a table in The Sims 4, accompanied by a smaller bowl to the right.
Credit: icemunmun

Stu Surprise was a dish that featured in The Sims 3 but it was never clear what Stu Surprise actually was, or how it tasted. Now it’s available for The Sims 4, thanks to this mod by icemunmun.

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We can only assume Stu Surprise is some type of stew, but even that feels like a gross assumption. It requires just two points of the cooking skill to prepare, so virtually any Sim can prepare this nutritious, nostalgic slurry.

17 Pad Thai

Dine out on this one

Screenshot from The Sims 4 showing pad thai sitting on a kitchen counter.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Pad thai is a popular dish in the real world, but it’s been sadly absent from The Sims 4 until recently. This mod from RobinKLocksley adds the savory noodle dish to your game. Now your Sims can enjoy pad thai at any time of day. If you have Dine Out, it’s also available as a menu item for your Sims’ restaurants.

16 Massaman Curry

Vegetarian safe and full of flavor

Screenshot from The Sims 4 showing massamun curry sitting on a kitchen counter.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Massaman curry is a rich, flavorful dish that is now available for your Sims if you download this mod by RobinkLocksley. The dish combines a wide variety of spices from around the world into a single triumph of fusion cuisine. Traditionally, this includes shrimp paste. However, the version available for your Sims is vegetarian-safe, so anyone can enjoy the rich bouquet of flavors.

15 Misir Wat and Injera

Lentils for all

Screenshot of The Sims 4 showing communal bowls of misir wat and injera.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Misir wat is a delectable Ethiopian dish made with spiced lentils, along with plenty of onions and garlic. It’s suitable for vegetarians and vegans, so all of your Sims can enjoy this meal.

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This version is served with injera, a traditional flat sourdough bread. It’s used to scoop up all that delicious, spicy goodness, so download this mod and let your favorite Sim cook to their heart’s content.

14 Chicken Adobo

A Filipino delight

Sims 4 screenshot of plates full of chicken adobo sitting on a table, accompanied by various Asian themed decorative objects.
Credit: icemunmun

The City Living expansion introduced Filipino food stalls to the game, but chicken adobo was sadly not on the menu. Filipino style adobo involves simmering the meat in a mix of soy sauce in vinegar, often until it falls off the bone. If you download this mod, this delectable homestyle dish can be yours. No, it’s not vegetarian safe, but your omnivore Sims will still love it.

13 King Cake

The King of cake

Screenshot of two king cakes (one half-eaten, one whole) in The Sims 4, alongside some ingredients.
Credit: brazenlotus

The Seasons expansion introduced holidays to The Sims 4, and there are plenty of modding options for players who want to add their own culture’s holidays to the mix. For Mardi Gras, you can’t go wrong with downloading this delectable king cake for your Sims to enjoy. Just make sure your Sims don’t choke on the tiny plastic baby.

12 Crawfish Boil

Now comes with yesterday’s news

Screenshot of a traditional crawfish boil in The Sims 4.
Credit: brazenlotus

There’s not many regional American dishes in The Sims 4. This mod from brazenlotus adds a classic Louisiana crawfish boil to your games.

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It’s even served atop old newspapers, for a touch of realism that we can’t get enough of. The best part is that this mod comes with custom animations, so your Sims pick up crawfish with their hands when they eat.

11 Tamales

Much easier to make in The Sims 4

Screenshot of The Sims 4 showing plates full of tamales.
Credit: icemunmun

In real life, tamales are delicious but labor-intensive, often requiring the combined effort of an entire household to make. In The Sims 4, it takes just one Sim with seven points of cooking skill to make an entire batch of tamales. This mod adds a recipe for vegetarian-safe tamales to your game, so every Sim can enjoy this delightful dish year round.

Get Festive any time of the year

Screenshot of a room in The Sims 4 decorated with Christmas decorations. A Sim made to look like the Grinch is seated at a table, upon which sits excellent quality Christmas tree shaped cookies.
Credit: icemunmun

We can’t resist a good set of decorated sugar cookies. This multipart series from icemunmun introduces cookies in a wide variety of different designs, so your Sims can find the one that fits their own personal sense of aesthetics. It’s a great way for you to personalize your Sims’ Winterfest celebrations. Don’t forget to leave some out for Father Winter!

9 Passover Food Set

Celebrate in style

A round table full of low-poly foods traditionally served at Passover.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

This custom content pack introduces a variety of Ashkenazi foods for your Sims to enjoy for their next seder. It’s a fairly large custom content set with a lot of recipes. There’s a buyable matzo packet that can be used as a cooking ingredient, while recipes for the set include charoset, gefilte fish, matzo ball soup, tzimmes, and matzo brei.

8 Diwali Dessert Set

A Diwali de-light

A collection of Diwali sweets sitting on top of a table in The Sims 4 alongside some colorful candles.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Now your Sims can celebrate the Festival of Lights on a full stomach! This set of sweets from user RobinKLocksley introduces a few different sweets to your game for Diwali.

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With this mod, your Sims can make both pista barfi and badam ladu, two nutty, syrupy treats commonly eaten around Diwali. Enjoy them yourself or share them with a friend; either is a great way for your Sims to spread the festive cheer.

7 Latkes and Sufganiyot

Make it a happy, and tasty, Hannukah

Left side: a plate of latkes sits atop a table alongside a menorah with blue candles. Right: a Sim dressed in cozy winter attire enjoys eating sufganiyot while sitting at a table.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Okay, we had to include these two recipes from RobinKLocksley together as an entry. Latkes and sufganiyot are both foods traditionally served around Hanukkah, and now your sims can enjoy these treats too. It’s perfect for the Seasons expansion and custom holiday mods. However, the base game has some free Hanukkah items as well, so anyone can enjoy the greasy goodness. Happy Hanukkah!

Spooky delights

Screenshot of a room in The Sims 4 decorated with a Halloween theme. On the table sit several decorated Halloween-themed sugar cookies.

Now your Sims can celebrate spooky season all year round with these adorable sugar cookies! This mod from icemunmun has ten different designs for your Sims to choose from, all of which are just the right amount of creepy-cute for your fall festivities. Combine these with some seasonal decor and your Sims have the makings of a perfect Spooky Day.

5 Flan

It’s flan-tastic

Screenshot of several individual servings of flan in The Sims 4
Credit: brazenlotus

Flan is a classic dessert that brings fond childhood memories to many. In real life, it pretty much tastes the same regardless of how it’s made, so most opt for the easier route of making it from a boxed mix.

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In The Sims 4, this mod from brazenlotus will enable your Sims to make their own flan from scratch. No painstaking caramel stirring required on your part!

4 Bread and Butter Pudding

I promise it tastes better than it sounds

Screenshot of The Sims 4 showing bread and butter pudding on a countertop.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Bread and butter pudding is a simple, homey dish with a vintage flair. It’s perfect for adding a nostalgic touch to your Sim’s cooking repertoire. This custom recipe lets your Sims make an entire pan of the stuff, served with a pat of butter.

This mod is great because it adds more realistic, homestyle desserts to the game. Most of the desserts added to official Sims 4 content are more Pinterest-worthy, so adding a dash of realism is always welcome.

3 Bibimbap and Tteokbokki

Plant for decoration only

Screenshot of The Sims 4 showing a serving of bibimbap alongside a houseplant and some ingredients. A list of the ingredients for the recipe is shown in the right bottom corner.
Credit: ONI

The sound of a crackling stone bowl and the smell of seared meat, rice, and vegetables make bibimbap a difficult food to resist. If that’s not your style, your Sims can also try a bowl full of soft, spicy tteokbokki. Both are available in this mod from ONI. Both recipes require the custom gochujang ingredient, available from the same creator.

2 Meatloaf

It’s meat, in loaf form

Screenshot from The Sims 4 showing a meatloaf and a glass of wine.
Credit: icemunmun

A lot of American culinary staples are available in the Sims 4 base game, so it was somewhat surprise to find meatloaf missing from the list. If you or your Sims were craving a mildly upsetting retro meal, look no more. This mod gives you a classic meatloaf recipe. It’s perfect if you want era-appropriate recipes for a decades-themed challenge.

1 Pride Themed Cakes

Taste the (Pride) Rainbow

Five different cakes sitting on a counter in The Sims 4, each with a slice cut out. Cross section of each cake reveals the color scheme of a different pride LGBTQ pride flag inside.
Credit: RobinKLocksley

Celebrate LGBTQ pride all year round with this recipe mod! This custom recipe from RobinKLocksley gives you a plethora of different layer cakes for your Sim to bake. Each cake’s layers are dyed to correspond to the colors of a different pride flag. The cross-sections on these cakes are simply gorgeous. You can download only the cakes that appeal to you, or get the full set and let your Sims taste the rainbow.

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