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Of all the Doctor Who decks in Magic: The Gathering’s Universes Beyond release, Timey Wimey had perhaps the most riding on it. As the main representative of the adventures of the show-reviving, standard-defining Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctors, the cards in this deck had some serious expectations to live up to.



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Thankfully, they managed to do so and then some. So many iconic moments and fan-favourite characters make an appearance here, on cards powerful enough to see play in Commander and beyond. Here are the ten best cards you should pull out of this deck full of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff.

10 Dinosaurs On A Spaceship

The Land Before Time And Space

MTG: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship card

Dinosaurs on a Spaceship was a delightful ‘does what it says on the tin’ episode from the Eleventh Doctor’s run, and it comes thrillingly to life on this powerful red/white creature. A 7/7 vigilant trampler for six mana is a solid rate by itself, but things get really interesting when you suspend the card.

Each time you remove one of its four time counters, you get to unleash a 2/2 hasty Dinosaur, ready to be buffed up when the Dinosaurs themselves finally hit the battlefield later. This is a brilliant way of getting around the slow nature of suspend as a mechanic, and a legitimate threat that can go either wide or tall as needed.

9 Everything Comes To Dust

The Power Of The Time Vortex Unleashed

MTG: Everything Comes to Dust card

Much of the Commander community let out a collective sigh when this card was revealed. Do we really need another exile-based white board wipe, after all? And one that can be cast for as little as three mana thanks to convoke? Not really, but, despite this lukewarm response, it’s hard to deny the immense power level of the card.

Not only does this deal with all creatures in play, other than those you tactically protect via the convoke effect, it also hits all artifacts and enchantments too, meaning it’s a near-total reset of the game state when it hits. Doing this iconic moment justice was no mean feat, but Magic’s designers did a truly Fantastic job.

8 The Face Of Boe

Lift The Suspension On Your Power Plays

MTG: The Face of Boe card

The suspend mechanic is such a natural fit for the world of Doctor Who that a new player would be forgiven for thinking it was designed specifically for these Commander decks. It features across many of the new designs in the series, and provides players with a choice between investing in their future turns or playing pricey cards later.

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The Face of Boe removes the choice aspect from suspend cards, allowing you to cast them for their (often much cheaper) suspend costs instead. The trade-off is that you have to play a 0/4 for four mana, but once you do you’ll be too busy playing ridiculous spells and massive creatures for little to no mana to care much about that.

7 Nanogene Conversion

Oops! All Emrakuls

MTG: Nanogene Conversion card

Few will forget the first time they watched The Empty child, and witnessed the horror of shambling, gas-masked hordes pursuing the Doctor through wartime London. Nanogene Conversion lets you recreate this terror at the table, turning every creature in play into a copy of one of your own creatures.

There are many obscene applications for this, such as turning a board of 15 Squirrel tokens into 15 copies of Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and wiping out the Pod in one swing. Alternatively, you can pick a small creature and follow it up with a board wipe, dealing with all of your opponent’s problem threats in one fell swoop.

Emrakul may be banned in Commander, making that strategy a Vintage and Legacy-only one, but there are always other, fun things like Craterhoof Behemoth that can cause just as much havoc.

6 Regenerations Restored

Buy Yourself Time, In More Ways Than One

MTG: Regenerations Restored card

Commander, more than any other in Magic, is a format where you can really afford to take your time. If your deck needs a little more time than most, then Regenerations Restored is the card for you. Over 12 turns, this two-mana enchantment gives you 12 life, 12 instances of scry, and, finally, an extra turn.

You can speed up the clock on this effect using time travel or counter removal, or let it play out naturally, enjoying the flavour of the 12-turn countdown representing the Doctor’s 12 previous regenerations. Either way, this is a deceptively powerful tool for any kind of slower deck.

5 Everybody Lives!

Finishing A Commander Game? Not On My Watch!

MTG: Everybody Lives! card

Everybody Lives is the full package: an incredible card, with incredible art, representing an incredible moment in one of Doctor Who’s most memorable episodes. For just two mana, it essentially freezes the board state as is, preventing creatures or players from dying by most means until the end of the turn.

You can use this benevolently, to prevent yourself or another player from being wiped out, or maliciously, as part of a dastardly combo deck that puts the card under an Isochron Scepter and casts it every single turn cycle to stay in the game. Either way, Everybody Lives is hugely powerful, and a welcome addition to the game’s growing suite of Teferi’s Protection-esque effects.

4 Trenzalore Clocktower

It’s The Final Countdown

MTG: Trenzalore Clocktower card

Most nonbasic lands in Magic come with some kind of drawback to balance out their usefulness. Trenzalore Clocktower’s drawback is that it’s legendary: a factor that may as well not exist in the singleton Commander format, and one that certainly doesn’t balance out the incredible upside of running this in any deck that plays blue.

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Trenzalore Clocktower is just as good as an Island at a base level, and it also lets you cast a one-sided two-mana Timetwister, provided you can keep it around for 12 turns and have a Time Lord in play. Getting a better version of a Power Nine effect on a land is, unsurprisingly, incredibly powerful, and can refresh your hand late in the game for a final victory push.

3 The Parting Of The Ways

Divide Every Single Atom Of Your Opponents’ Existence

MTG: The Parting of the Ways card

For the Ninth Doctor, Magic’s designers chose The Parting of the Ways, his emotional grand finale, as his episode Saga card. It may well be a grand finale for your opponents, too, given the sheer volume of value it can generate in the right deck.

For six mana, you suspend the top five cards of your deck: an incredible effect in any kind of Big Red build or Eldrazi typal list. The second chapter lets you greatly speed up the arrival of the suspended cards by time travelling twice, and the third lets you blow up an artifact for each player, ladling some nice extra value on top.

2 The Pandorica

The Perfect Prison For The Biggest Threat On The Board

MTG: The Pandorica card

There have been many ‘temporary exile’ effects in Magic over the years, but none quite as potent or flexible as The Pandorica. Unlike Journey to Nowhere and co, The Pandorica phases the creature it hits out, thus preventing any enters-the-battlefield effects it has from re-triggering if your opponent manages to break their creature out.

Phasing out also lets you use it effectively on your own creatures, as a protective measure for your opponents’ turns. The fact that you can switch between imprisoned creatures on a turn-by-turn basis is also excellent, letting you jump between using it as removal and protection depending on the board state.

1 Flesh Duplicate

A Bargain Clone With A Short Shelf Life

MTG: Flesh Duplicate card

Clones and sci-fi go together almost as well as Clones and Magic: The Gathering, so naturally there are a few creatures in the series that can come down as copies of others. Of these, Flesh Duplicate is perhaps the most exciting, letting you copy any other creature in play for just two mana.

The downside is that it has vanishing three, which doesn’t give you long to enjoy your copied creature, but you can get around that problem with blink effects or time travel to add more counters to it. Even if you don’t, two mana is an incredible deal for an effect like this, even if it is short-lived.

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