Which Weapon Upgrades Should You Take For Saga In Alan Wake 2?


  • Upgrades in Alan Wake 2 are rare and pricey, but they greatly improve survival odds in battles against the Cult of the Tree. Finding hidden lunch boxes is necessary to fully load Saga for combat.
  • Even if you collect all lunch boxes, you need to choose upgrades strategically as you gather fragments to unlock them. The article ranks all weapon upgrades to assist in making smart choices.
  • Each upgrade has its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, Pull The String enhances Crossbow damage and range but sacrifices firing speed, while Another Headshot stuns enemies with two consecutive headshots.



Saga’s upgrades are more rare and expensive than Alan’s in Alan Wake 2, but each one can dramatically improve your odds of survival in a given encounter. Since unlocking them requires finding lunch boxes hidden throughout Bright Falls and its environs, you’ll have to do a lot of searching if you want Saga to be fully loaded to face the Cult of the Tree.

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Even if you track down every single lunch box, you’ll still have to choose between upgrades as you collect enough fragments to unlock them. We’ve ranked all the weapon upgrades to help you make smart choices.

9 Pull The String

Hold and release the fire button to enhance Crossbow damage and range.

Saga Anderson watches the sun set over Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2

The Crossbow is the most powerful single-shot weapon in the game, the only armament capable of dropping a Taken with a single headshot. It requires steady aim, though, and isn’t ideal for close-quarters combat.

Pull The String lets you get more out of each individual bolt, at the cost of firing speed. However, if you’re in a position to get a good shot with the crossbow then you can probably kill your target without the extra damage.

8 Another Headshot

Allows the Pistol to stun enemies by landing two headshots in a row.

Saga Anderson visits the Mind Place to create a profile on a suspect in Alan Wake 2

The Taken are supernaturally resilient; even a shot to the head won’t stop them unless they’re weakened first. Headshots are a staple of surviving horror games, and this power ensures that even if a double-tap doesn’t eliminate a threat, it can at least stun them and let you consolidate your position.

Another Headshot is useful when it works, but to really be worth the twelve fragments that it costs to unlock you’ll need to get two other abilities; namely Out Of Action and Again And Again. That’s a big investment and a lot of weapon switching when squeezing off a few more rounds might be just as effevctive.

7 Out Of Action

Increases Shotgun damage against stunned, blinded, or prone enemies.

Saga Anderson aims her shotgun into the darkness at Cauldron Lake in Alan Wake 2

As you would expect, the Shotgun deals heavy damage at close range. With Out Of Action, you can make it hit even harder by disabling your target first.

A Shotgun blast at close range can often stun weaker enemies; you can also blind them with the flashlight or with Hand Flares. If an enemy charges you, dodging at the last possible second will make them fall over.

Like Pull The String, Out Of Action suffers from being overkill; if an enemy is suffering any of the debilitating conditions that would cause the ability to trigger, then there’s a good chance that you won’t need the help finishing them off.

6 Again And Again

Allows auto-fire with the Pistol.

A close-up of Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2, her face illuminated by red light

Like other survival horror games before it, Alan Wake 2 makes every single round of ammunition precious. Not only does a missed shot waste a bullet, but it also gives the Taken a potential opportunity to rush you and deal damage.

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If your aim isn’t particularly steady under pressure, unlocking Again And Again can help you by enabling a burst-fire mode with Saga’s service pistol. While you’ll have a better chance of stopping a charging enemy with automatic fire, the drawback is that you’ll run through your ammo much faster in a game where having an empty clip is very, very dangerous.

Again And Again is best taken as part of a combo with other upgrades, like Another Headshot and Magnetic Pull.

5 Two Shots

Allows the Crossbow to hold two bolts at a time.

Saga Anderson approaches a tunnel made of trees in the Overlap in Allen Wake 2

For all its power, the Crossbow has the most cumbersome reload in the game. Not only is it slow, but unlike firearms it requires Saga to stand still.

By giving the Crossbow another shot before running empty, you can reduce your need to leave yourself vulnerable while reloading. This is best combined with Magnetic Pull to give Saga a strong opening gambit against groups or tough enemies.

4 Fluid Motion

Increases the reload speed of the Shotgun.

Saga Anderson with a deep cut above her left eye after her fight with Nightingale in Alan Wake 2

With only two shots available per reload, the Shotgun can be cumbersome despite its many advantages. Fluid Motion helps you get back into action faster by speeding up the weapon’s reload.

The time you’ll save with Fluid Motion is especially valuable when you’re fighting wolves, as it ensures that you can always top up between the animals’ hit-and-run attacks. It can also be a lifesaver if you’re out of Pistol ammo and need to rely on the Shotgun to finish the fight.

3 Magnetic Pull

Crossbow bolts stuck in enemies will draw Pistol bullets toward them.

the cover of Bows and Bolts magazine, featuring a tactical crossbow, in Alan Wake 2

If the Dark Presence is rewriting the laws of reality, you may as well turn that to your advantage! WIth this upgrade, you can shoot an enemy with the Crossbow, then switch to the Pistol and enjoy greater accuracy.

Since the Crossbow deals heavy damage to begin with, and you can recover the bolt after the battle, Magnetic Pull makes for a great way to start a fight, especially against hard-to-kill enemies. Shoot them in the chest with the Crossbow after destroying their Darkness Shield, then fire away with the Pistol!

2 More Bullets

Increases the Pistol’s clip size to 18.

the cover of Pistols magazine in Alan Wake 2, featuring the PGC821 model used by Saga Anderson

This Pistol has by far the fastest reload of Saga’s weapons, but running out at an inopportune time is still bad news. True to its name, More Bullets gives a very generous fifty-percent increase to the weapon’s clip size, ensuring that you can get through fights against standard Taken cultists without having to reload at all!

Simple upgrades are often the best ones, and More Bullets is a shining example of this.

1 Ready For More

Shotgun kills restore Saga’s health.

an underground magazine called Gunsmith in Alan Wake 2, depicting a sawed-off shotgun

The only resource more important than ammo is health. Healing items take a while to use, so in the middle of a fight your current health bar is usually all you’ll get.

Ready For More extends your durability by healing Saga for a small amount if she kills an enemy with the Shotgun. Not only is this great against multiple enemies, but it also saves your stock of healing items in the long run. Take this upgrade as soon as you can afford it!

To make the best use of Ready For More, wear down your target with the Pistol first then switch to the Shotgun for the killing blow.

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