Get Muscles Simulator Codes For (October 2023)

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We added a new code on October 28th. All the current codes have also been verified. Excitingly, we are close to two more new codes. One for likes and one for follows. So, head to their home page and engage!



Welcome to Get Muscles Simulator! We’ve got the latest codes for this classic type of Roblox clicking/weight-lifting game & simulator. The aim of the game is very straightforward: gain strength, upgrade your character, and rebirth for more boosts. Climb the leaderboards, start fights, defeat your opponents.

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We’ve got the new Get Muscles Simulator codes here, and we check for new codes every day. Redeem them in-game for some free boosts and other rewards.

All Working Get Muscles Simulator Codes




280 Strength (NEW CODE)


100 Strength

Roblox codes can only be redeemed a single time. You also need to make sure that you have copied the codes exactly because codes are case-sensitive, which means capital letters, numbers, and punctuation all need to match.

All Expired Get Muscles Simulator Codes




200 Strength And 200 Gems


100 Free Strength


250 Gems

How To Redeem Codes In Get Muscles Simulator

Get Muscles Simulator Codes

  • Click on the Codes button on the left menu
  • Copy and paste code into the box
  • Enjoy the rewards

You will receive a positive notification if the code has been successfully redeemed. If the code is “Invalid”, it may be because you entered it incorrectly, or you might have entered an expired code. Check back soon for more rewards.

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What Are Get Muscles Simulator Codes?

Get Muscles Simulator Shop

Get Muscles Simulator codes are free rewards that are handed out by the devs of the game (Verified Simulators). These codes can usually be redeemed for free gems, which are used to upgrade your character, or free strength, which is needed to rebirth and continue growing in strength. New codes are posted when the game hits new like milestones or other updates.

How To Get More Codes

Get Muscle Simulator Main Hub World

New codes are posted on the game’s official Twitter page, but if you want to find all the codes in one place, we’ve put them together in our table. We check if codes are working and what the rewards are.

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