How To Gain Inspiration As A Soldier In BG3

Karlach already knows what to call you, too.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, immersive video gameplay meets the depth of traditional roleplaying reminiscent of the tabletop RPGs from which it draws inspiration. One such feature that encourages in-character roleplaying is the Inspiration mechanic, where you can earn Inspiration points by aligning your actions with your character’s background, goals, and traits.



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Inspiration points can then be used to reroll ability checks that you just don’t want to fail. For characters embodying the gritty Soldier archetype, there are plenty of opportunities to earn these valuable Inspiration points, and this guide will show you exactly how.

The Soldier Background, Explained

Lae'zel wielding different gear configurations in Baldur's Gate 3

While creating a Custom Origin character, you can choose from various backgrounds. These backgrounds each grant you two skill proficiencies.

They’ll also influence how your character might respond to certain situations and how certain NPCs treat your character.

Soldiers are individuals whose skill in a certain craft earned them the respect and membership of mercantile guilds. They gain the Athletics and Intimidation proficiencies.




Base Ability Score: Strength

Athletics is commonly used when calculating your character’s jump distance, chance of shoving an enemy, and resistance against shoves.


Base Ability Score: Charisma

Intimidation is commonly used during dialogue to get your way, either through threats, inducing fear, or being a bully.

How To Get Inspiration As A Soldier

Lae'zel Tells The Lore Behind The Silver Swords Of The Githyanki After Receiving Her Own In Baldur's Gate 3

As a Soldier, your character will most often become inspired when defending the innocent from attackers and defeating powerful enemies.

You can only have four Inspiration points at a time, after which you’ll only receive experience points for hitting these goals. Be sure to use them up before hitting the cap.

Soldier Inspirations – General

Baldur's Gate 3 Paladin fighting enemy




One for the Ages

Kill ten enemies in a single fight and survive.

A good place to achieve this is in Shar’s Gauntlet, where portals can spawn more enemies if you don’t destroy them.


Kill five enemies in a single turn.

Use destructive area of effect spells such as Fireball on swarms of monsters.


Defeat a powerful enemy in one single hit.

Use displacement features such as Telekinesis, Repelling Blast, or shove with a high-strength character to push bosses off nearby ledges.

Soldier Inspirations – Act 1

Baldur's Gate 3 Dror Ragzlin and Minthara

Soldier Inspirations – Act 2

Marcus Of Flaming Fist Lands On Isobel's Moonlit Balcony

Soldier Inspirations – Act 3

Gortash Speaks With Off-Camera Orin During Act 3 Cutscene In Baldur's Gate 3





Kill Ethel for the second time.

You can achieve this during the Help the Hag Survivors quest.

Great Helm of Legends

Obtain the Helm of Balduran.

The Helm of Balduran is a legendary helmet found in the Wyrmways.

For details on how to find each legendary, visit our legendary item location guide.

Innovations in Volatility

Give your blood to Araj twice.

Araj Oblodra, the drow alchemist, can be found by the Blushing Mermaid tavern, where she’ll blow up a house and run out onto the streets. If you gave her your blood during Act Two, she will ask for your blood once again.

Kicking the Rust Bucket

Kill a Steel Watcher.

The Steel Watchers are giant robots that can be found all over Baldur’s Gate, but be wary: killing one will most likely make the Flaming Fist very unhappy about you.

Putting the Past to Rest

Kill Orin.

Face off Orin in the Temple of Bhaal and kill her. Be wary of her Unstoppable mechanic, which refreshes every round (unlike most other Bhaal cultists)!


Kill Gortash.

Face off Gortash at Wyrm’s Rock Fortress and kill him. We recommend disabling the Steel Watchers before this to make the fight significantly easier.

Reporting for Duty

Speak to Commander Lightfeaether.

Go to the second floor in the Post House in Rivington and speak to the pigeons while you have the effect of Speak with Animals.

Urgent Communication

Commune with the Netherbrain.

To achieve this, you’ll need to encounter Fist Edenosa in Bloomington Park. She will either approach you or be attacked by Bhaal cultists hiding in the northeast corner of the park. She will speak to you under the control of the Netherbrain, then promptly die.

Veteran’s Hotspot

Get a room in the Elfsong Tavern.

Purchase a room at the Elfsong Tavern in the Lower City of Baldur’s Gate.

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