Amazing Underwater Base Builds To Inspire You

Much like our very own planet, a majority of your Minecraft world is made up of large swaths of oceans that are just begging to be explored. While collecting buried treasure and exploring shipwrecks is certainly rewarding, it can be nice to have a home or base to call home in these dangerous depths.



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Thankfully, numerous content creators have gone out of their way to create different tutorials that guide you through the challenging process of constructing a base under the ocean. If you are willing to take on this challenge, then check out the list below to get some building inspiration.

8 Underwater Survival Base By ItsMarloe

An image from Minecraft Underwater Survival Base, a small circular chamber made out of wood and stone bricks.

Building underwater can be pretty tricky, as you have to contend with the game’s breathing mechanics and constantly save yourself from drowning. While more experienced players may have high-level gear to get around these constraints, you can still construct a smaller home without worrying too much about the dangerous building conditions.

A great example of this would be a small survival base, as these structures usually are built early on in your playthrough and serve as a jumping point for more intricate builds in the future. ItsMarloe’s build is just a singular room made out of wood, stone bricks, and glass that offers you complete views of your surroundings and a safe spot to rest while you explore the depths of the sea.

7 Ocean Floor Base By Shulkercraft

An imagef from Minecraft of an underwater base that is made completely underneath the floor of the ocean, so it resembles a regular underground home.

If finding pockets of air to breathe while building just seems too stressful for you, then you can always dig straight down on the ocean floor and clear out any water by placing a block between you and the ocean. This will create a safe area to breathe under the ocean floor, which can then be expanded and turned into a survival base similar to something you can construct on land.

If you can grab some sponges from an Ocean Temple they’ll make clearing the water out much faster. Just place them down to soak it up, then dry them out in the nether and repeat.

This base is relatively easy to build, but it does not offer much of an underwater aesthetic, so we recommend sprucing up the place by including prismarine blocks. Furthermore, you can even build the entire ceiling out of glass blocks, so you can look up at the ocean from the safety of your base.

6 Underwater Mountain Base By Zaypixel

An image from Minecraft of an underwater base built into the side of a mountain, so the main feature of the home is a large glass window that looks into the ocean.

Although this underwater base is somewhat similar to the previous entry, Zaypixel’s build requires you to find a pretty steep mountain in the overworld before venturing underwater. As you swim deeper and deeper, make sure that this mountain range continues underwater, as you’ll be carving into the mountainside to build this home.

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The most important aspect of this particular base is the large glass window that looks out on the ocean. This will not only provide natural light and a quick way to exit the house, but also completely open up the space, thus preventing it from feeling cramped.

5 Sloped Underwater House By ManDooMiN

An image from Minecraft of a modern house that is built on a hillside slope, so half of the house is underwater while the upper half is still on land.

ManDooMiN’s Sloped Underwater Home is the perfect option for those who can not decide between living on the land or in the water. Specifically, this house is essentially a massive sloped triangle that uses glass to showcase just how deep the house reaches.

While the upper portion of this house, in this instance the bedroom, opens up to the overworld, the lower portion is built deep enough to be completely encased in water. Then, all you need to do is create two separate exits that can be used to travel underwater or on land respectively.

4 Modern Underwater House By Folli

An image from Minecraft of a modern home built underwater using quartz blocks.

Just because you may be miles deep in the ocean does not mean you should skimp out on luxurious living. Just take Folli’s modern underwater house as an example, as it provides all the amenities and aesthetics of modern living while also providing a safe area to live under the sea.

You can also clear water by using sand or gravel. Drop it onto a water source block to clear it then dig it back up. Just make sure the sand or gravel isn’t directly next to another water block, or it will just refill.

Before you decide to build this base, make sure you head to the nether and collect a massive amount of quartz, as you will need the materials to make hundreds of different quartz blocks. Furthermore, if you are building closer to the surface then we recommend starting with the towers of the building, as you can ensure that they are free of any water, thus providing you with a safe area to breathe while you are constructing the main house.

3 Coral Base By fWhip

An image from Minecraft of an underwater base that is nestled within coral, while also not disrupting the natural spawns of the blocks

Although they can be hard to come across, a coral reef biome provides striking beauty and a great place to construct a smaller survival base. The best part about a coral biome is the various sea pickles that provide underwater light and colorful unique blocks that dot the landscape, so it is important not to completely remove the natural wonder when you decide to start construction.

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Just look at fWhip’s coral base, as he uses quartz and prismarine to provide an unobtrusive color palette to the entire structure, thus allowing the colorful coral to truly shine. Furthermore, we recommend building around large coral outcroppings instead of cutting them down, since it will create a fun layout for your home.

2 Deep Ocean Pods By MadenPlay

An image from Minecraft of an underwater base made out of two to three different pods, connected by small walkways.

If you’re planning to settle on the very bottom of the ocean, then creating multiple pods or spheres is a great way of distinguishing different rooms in your underwater base. Specifically, MadenPlay created an oceanic base at the very bottom of the sea, which is made out of stone and some small glass windows.

After you build some of these rooms, you can connect these chambers with thin hallways that can also double as extra storage spaces. Furthermore, since this build is modular you can always come back at a later time and continually expand the base with similar pods.

1 Underwater Base By Amelytra

An image from Minecraft of a large underwater base with glass domes and a large elevator that takes you to the surface.

While this build is also mainly made out of pods or spheres, Amelytra’s underwater base takes it a step further, as the entire structure is made almost completely out of glass. Instead of building this in the depths of the ocean, we recommend constructing this base just off the coast, so you can ensure that there is an elevator that leads to the surface.

Instead of making smaller pods, this build will require you to carefully construct large glass spheres, which can be one of the hardest things to build in a blocky game like Minecraft. If you are going to partake in this challenge, then you should seriously get a pickaxe with silk touch, so if you misplace any glass blocks you can easily pick them back up without breaking them.

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