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In most life sim games, you’ll likely be doing a lot of gardening, and Paleo Pines proudly carries on that tradition. Growing crops is one of the main ways you can make Gold, and they can be used to as both a treat for your befriended dinos, or fed to befriend new ones. You can even grow crops just to cook with, like Cauliflower or Tomatoes.



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All this is possible through Gardening, but Paleo Pines mixes it up greatly with the addition of Dinosaurs and the ways they can help you on your farm. In this guide, we’ll not only show guide you on how to garden in general, but also tell you how your Dinosaur friends can help out.

How To Unlock Gardening

Player character speaking to Granny Agami in Pebble Plaza and in her shopping menu to purchase seeds in Paleo Pines.

You get your first seeds by clearing the debris in front of your house during the arrival, but gardening is unlocked after you’ve completed the tutorial mission Settling In.

During it, you’ll receive a set of tools for gardening, and you’ll also be able to purchase more seeds from Granny Agami. Once Marlo brings you home and helps you learn about pens, you’re free to start gardening.

Granny Agami will also provide you with an extra ten Carrot seeds if you speak with her.

How To Obtain Seeds

Player character interacting and reading a post at Archeo Pelago's noticeboard from Avery asking for forest wood in return for chili seeds in Paleo Pines.

There are a few ways to obtain seeds: purchasing them from Granny Agami, receiving them from noticeboard quests as a reward, purchasing them from Lilli, and Tender dinosaurs.

Granny Agami is located in Pebble Plaza, and she sells a variety of seeds, such as Carrot and Potato seeds. Her stock will be expanded as you unlock new areas, and what she sells changes from season to season.

Some noticeboard quests, picked up from the noticeboard in either Pebble Plaza or in Archeo Pelago, will reward you with a random amount of seeds, usually between three and six.

Once you unlock Ariacotta Canyon and can travel to Archeo Pelago, you unlock another merchant, Lilli, who has an expanded stock of seeds, and her shop stock changes every few days.

If you have a Tender dinosaur harvesting crops using the Produce Basket, they also have a chance to drop seeds from whatever they harvest.

Occasionally, seeds will blow onto your farm on windy weather days, but only Carrot and Potato seeds can be found this way.

How To Till Soil

Player character riding a blue Styracosaurus in the raining and having them till a line of soil on their farm in Paleo Pines.

Crops need to be planted in tilled soil, and you can make it by tilling the ground with your Hoe. Tilled soil can be made on any part of your farm except for the region closest to your home.

Equip your hoe in your hand by either selecting it from your inventory or cycling through your inventory with the middle mouse button (PC) or shoulder buttons (console).

You’ll see a white outline in the corners of the square you’re facing if you can turn into tilled soil, and a red outline if you can’t.

Dinosaurs with the Tiller skill are also capable of tilling large amounts of soil for you quicker than doing it with a hoe, and these include the Styracosaurus, Centrosaurus, and Triceratops.

To have one of them till the land for you, they’ll need to be a Helper and have a Saddle equipped. After that, you can ride them and then hold the use button, and they’ll till the land in a straight line as they move forward.

Tilled soil can even be inside a dinosaur pen, though this may give you issues with giving them a proper biome unless you add enough biome-specific furniture, such as Sleeping Valley Rocks or Dapplewood Wild Bushes.

If no seed is planted in tilled soil for more than one to two days, the tilled soil will revert to regular ground, and you’ll have to re-till it.

How To Plant Seeds

Player character in a patch of farmland and holding a bag of seeds in one hand that they're about to plant in open soil during the day in Paleo Pines.

Like tools, Seeds can be equipped to your hand. Approach any tilled soil you’ve made and press the Use button with a seed equipped to plant it.

Only one seed can be planted per one square of soil.

For berry bush seeds and fruit tree seeds, you’ll need to use your shovel and dig a hole for them. Holes can be dug in any square of your farm like with tilled soil, and you can repeat the same planting process for regular seeds as you can with berry and fruit seeds.

As you crops grow, they’ll occasionally grow Weeds which you’ll need to remove in order for them to keep growing. This is done by interacting with them if you see a dark green plant at the base of a crop.

How To Water Plants

Player character riding a dark green T.rex who is spraying water over a patch of farmland in Paleo Pines.

Using the Watering Can works like other farming tools: equip it to your hand, and you’ll see a white outline in the corners over tilled soil that hasn’t been watered. Press the Use button and you’ll water the square.

Your Watering Can only holds 20 squares worth of water, and you’ll have to refill it periodically at a water pool, such as a Small Pond or Medium Pond.

Dinosaurs can also help you with watering. Dinosaurs with the Waterer skill can approach any size water pool, and fill their mouths up with water with the Use button.

Approach any tilled soil you want to water, press the Use button again, and the Dinosaur will spray and water a portion of the farmland depending on their direction. Regardless of size, Waterer Dinosaurs will generally water between ten and 15 squares per mouthful.

How To Obtain Fertilizer

Player character standing next to dinosaur poop in a Desert Biome dinosaur pen during the day in Paleo Pines.

Crops can grow fine in regular tilled soil, but the key to producing star-quality crops is the use of Fertilizer.

There are three types of Fertilizer – Soft, Firm, and Sticky – and you’ll primarily be obtaining Fertilizer from scooping your Dinosaur’s poop.

Each Dinosaur produces a certain type of poop, either Soft, Firm, or Sticky, and scooping it with your shovel will give you the corresponding type of Fertilizer.

You can check what sort of Fertilizer/Poop that a Dinosaur produces by checking the species’ journal entry or checking their profile in your journal, under the cerulean blue My Dinosaurs tab.

The amount of Fertilizer/Poop that a dinosaur produces is dependent on their size.

Dinosaur Size

Fertilizer/Poop Produced







Fertilizer can also be obtained from one of three types of compost bins you can find and repair on your farm:

  • The Firm Compost Bin is found in the area of your farm blocked by rocks.
  • The Soft Compost Bin is found in the area of your farm blocked by wood logs.
  • And the Sticky Compost Bin is found in the area blocked by fiber bushes.

Each compost bin takes five Wood to be repaired, and you can deposit Weeds into all three of them. Two Weeds makes two Fertilizer, and it takes a few hours of in-game time for the composting to complete, depending on how much you make at once.

How To Use Fertilizer

Player character putting some Sticky Fertilizer while a Compsognathus checks a Produce Basket in Paleo Pines.

Fertilizer, like seeds or a tool, can be equipped in your hand like seeds or a tool, and it can be placed on any tilled soil as long as it is empty, or the crop on it is only in the seed, seedling or sprout stages.

Fertilizer can only be placed on crops. Bushes and Fruit Trees do not require Fertilizer or watering to grow.

Equip it, approach any tilled soil, and you’ll see a white outline in the four corners of the square.

The white outline means that the soil can have Fertilizer placed on it, while a red outline means that the soil already has fertilizer on it, or that the plant has grown too much for fertilizer to be added.

Each crop in the game prefers a particular type of Fertilizer/Soil type, and putting the preferred Fertilizer type on the crop greatly increases the chance of producing a star-quality crop, which sells for more.

You can check what Fertilizer a crop prefers by checking its entry in your journal under the green Seasons tab.

How To Automate Your Farm

Player character collecting harvested crops while a Compsognathus carries a Cauliflower on its head to a Produce Basket in Paleo Pines.

While your farm cannot be completely automated, many of the processes can be done automatically by getting dinosaurs with the Tender skill to help with planting seeds, harvesting crops, and watering plants.

Dinosaurs with the Tender skill include: the Coelophysis, Psittacosaurus, Microraptor, Oviraptor, Troodon, Archaeopteryx, Compsognathus, Dimetrodon, Deinonychus, Protoceratops, Scelidosaurus, and the Velociraptor.

Any Dinosaur with the Discoverer skill will also have the Tender skill, as both of these are exclusive to small dinosaurs.

As you progress through the game, talking with Avery, the leader of a dinosaur troupe and the Shenanigan holiday, and completing his quests will allow you to obtain the placeable items that enable small dinosaurs to do farm tasks: the Seed Pot, Produce Basket, and the Water Bowl.

  • The Seed Pot is obtainable after Shenanigan occurs in Jurassos.
  • The Produce Basket is obtainable after meeting Avery in Archeo Pelago once the path to Ariacotta Canyon is restored.
  • The Water Bowl is obtainable after Avery comes back to Pebble Plaza for the second Shenanigan in Jurassos, Year Two.

Each quest he gives will involve him giving you the prototype for the item and instructing you on its use, and can be completed by successfully assigning a small dinosaur to the pot, basket, or dish.

This is done by getting the dinosaur’s attention with the Yoohoo call, then approaching one of the three items you want them assigned to. The Wait Here call will change into Help Me With Planting, Harvesting, or Watering (depending on the item), and blowing three small blue notes will assign them to it.

Using small dinosaurs to harvest your crops can provide you with bonus seeds on occasion.

Initially you only have the small size available, but after each quest is completed, Marlo will sell the Medium and Large sizes.

Item Size

Area Covered

Dinosaurs Assignable










Due to their different method of planting and not needing to be fertilized or watered, Tender dinosaurs cannot help with planting or harvesting bushes and trees.

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