How To Find Eleanora’s Poleblade In Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Yura quest is one of the earliest you can begin in the game and stretches almost to the end of your journey. It’s also one of the most loosely structured, with several optional moments that add new lore without actually giving you anything tangible.

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Unlike other Elden Ring quests, you can actually get the final reward early – if you feel like killing Yura. However, you’ll miss out on a few other handy items, including what’s arguably a better weapon than the one Yura drops. The quest’s final optional stage wraps up in Mountaintops of the Giants, with a chance to get Yura’s armor — though admittedly, it’s more of a fashion statement than a functional set.

Updated October 28, 2023, by Sean Murray: Looking for Yura? His quest will send you all over the Lands Between, which is why we’ve refreshed this guide with improved formatting and more breakout tips to make finding Yura easier than ever. We’ve also given this guide more links to other helpful Elden Ring topics.

How To Start Yura’s Quest

Yura's first location in Limgrave

Yura’s quest has a few potential starting points, but the first is soon after you step foot in Limgrave. Head northeast of the Seaside Ruins until you reach the giant ruin fragment shaped like an upside-down “U,” and you’ll find Yura underneath it next to a campfire. Speak with them, and he’ll warn you away from the lake and Flying Dragon Agheel.

If you come back after defeating Agheel, Yura will mention where you can take your newly acquired Dragon Heart. This step is technically not required for the quest, though it does give you some background into Yura’s character.

The next place you’ll encounter them is near Murkwater to the north, where they appear to help you fight Nerijus. Continue further north past the cave, and you’ll end up in another tunnel. Speak with Yura to learn about their mission.

Where Is Yura’s Next Location In Elden Ring?

Yura's location in Liurnia where you invade a Bloody Finger

You’ll next encounter Yura in Liurnia, near the main gate of the Academy of Raya Lucaria. Head north onto the bridge, past the magic seal – don’t interact with this, or it’ll send you to Bellum Highway – and you’ll see a red summon sign before the first segment of the bridge breaks off. Choosing to help Yura starts a battle against Bloody Finger Ravenmount Assassin.

Similar to the battle against Nerijus, you can let Yura distract the Ravenmout Assassin and strike with jump attacks or spells at intervals. Also, similar to the previous invader, the Ravenmount Assassin’s attacks cause blood loss buildup, so dodge instead of blocking.

This time, you do get something for your efforts: a Rune Arc and the usual Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Yura also gives you a Smithing Stone, and you’ll get the Raptor in the Mist Spirit Ashes.

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How To Get Eleanora’s Poleblade

The Second Church of Marika in Altus Plateau

The next phase of Yura’s quest unfolds in Altus Plateau at the Second Church of Marika. Head north from the Altus Junction Site of Grace, but instead of following the road, veer slightly to the left and go through the canyon instead.

You’ll eventually reach the Second Church of Marika, where Yura is injured on the ground. Speak to him to receive the Nagakiba katana, a strong sword whose skill unleashes an unblockable thrust attack. Eleanora invades after you speak with Yura.

Defeating Eleanora rewards you with the Purifying Crystal Tear (handy for Mogh’s battle) and her Poleblade, along with another Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Eleanora’s Poleblade comes with a fantastic skill called Bloodblade Dance, which unleashes a series of whirling slices that quickly fill the blood loss meter. Eleanora’s Poleblade requires 12 Strength, 21 Dexterity, and 19 Arcane.

If you reach the Second Church of Marika before speaking with Yura, you haven’t locked yourself out of his quest. You’ll just need to battle Nerijus outside Murkwater Cave, then speak with Yura in the tunnel north of there.

The End of Yura’s Quest in Elden Ring

The Zamor Ruins, where Shabriri waits for a Tarnished

Yura is dead, but his quest continues (sort of) in Mountaintops of the Giants. Travel to the Zamor Ruins Site of Grace, east of the Grand Lift of Rold, and you’ll see someone looking suspiciously like Yura standing nearby. It’s Shabriri, the manifestation of chaos who decided to take over Yura’s dead body.

They tell you where to find the Three Fingers and how to kick off the Lord of Frenzied Flame ending. If you meet with the Fingers and come back to Zamor Ruins, you’ll find the Ronin armor set where Shabriri was. Alternatively, you can just kill Shabriri and take the armor.

Speaking with Shabriri is not required to unlock the Frenzied Flame ending, nor is it required to advance Hyetta’s quest. It’s possible Shabriri will turn up in Yura’s clothing even if you don’t complete Yura’s quest. If you’ve not completed any of Yura’s quests by this point, it’s still worth checking out Zamor Ruins when you can, just in case.

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