Wizard of Legend, a roguelike action title gets an official launch for Android and iOS

Wizard of Legend, a roguelike action game, has received its official launch on Android and iOS platforms, currently at a launch price of $7.99. This game from Humble Bundle, known for publishing some titles such as Slay the Spire and Unpacking, was already available on multiple platforms such as Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Get a taste of amazing action sequences and combos in Wizard of Legend

if I were to briefly explain about Wizard of Legend, it is a fast-paced dungeon crawler that’s all about precise movement and clever spell combos. With 100+ unique spells and relics, you’ll embark on the Chaos Trials, a magical gauntlet where only the most skilled become the coveted Wizard of Legend.

Wizard of Legend
Image via Humble Bundle

Engage in relentless action with dynamic magical combat, emphasizing quick movement and spell-casting. Unleash the power of over 100 spells and relics, crafting elemental combinations to match your playstyle. Discover powerful combos to annihilate your foes as you explore generated levels, offering new challenges every time you open this game.

That’s not it, with single mode comes multiplayer as well, where you can team up with a friend for local co-op via Wi-Fi, or go head-to-head in local PvP to prove who’s the real legend. Even though Wizard of Legend comes with a mobile-friendly interface, you can also opt for full gamepad and controller support, with new aim assist options for comfortable mobile play. No mention of crossplay as of now.

With its official launch, Wizard of Legend is now officially available on both Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for Android and iOS devices. As previously mentioned, Wizard of Legend is a one-time purchase of $7.99.

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