Combat Tips For World Of Horror

Even though World Of Horror focuses on having you explore areas and encounter events, you’ll sometimes run into evil entities. When you do, you’ll need to fight them off, requiring you to understand how combat works. With so many commands available to you, it can quickly become overwhelming.



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Since a combat situation going poorly can cause you to lose a run, you need to understand your options, how to use them, and the best strategies available. Because of that, you should take advantage of multiple crucial tips to help you make your way through those fights, solve mysteries, and get to the top of the lighthouse.

Always Have A Weapon

A ritual dagger with its decent damage and good speed in World Of Horror.

You can kick enemies in this game, but if you take that approach, you’ll deal minimal damage to enemies, causing you to lose more Stamina and Reason. Because of that, you should get a weapon as soon as possible. You can buy one at a shop or encounter one during certain events.

However, it’s very possible you could run into enemies before you manage to find a weapon. Luckily, you can choose Support Actions then Look for an Improvised Weapon, which allows you to spend 120 of your 200 time, which is a large chunk. While this will lower the damage you deal during the first turn, it’ll help you in future turns and fights.

Many times, weapons even as simple as branches can deal double or more damage compared to your kicks. You can then stick to that weapon until you find a better one later.

You need to equip your weapon when you find it. Go to your Items, select the one you found, and press the Equip button.

Understand Enemy Stats And Turn Orders

The boss fight against the Shiokawa School in World Of Horror.

When you start a fight with an enemy, you can see their stats in the top-left corner. This information remains crucial if you want to succeed, so you’ll need to pay attention to HP, DMG, and PWR.

HP is self-explanatory, so the combat will automatically end when you defeat the enemy. However, DMG lets you know what will happen if you don’t avoid the enemy’s attack.

They can lower your Stamina, Reason, both, or increase your Doom. Since the damage they apply can vary, it’s crucial that you check this information as soon as the fight begins, so you know what you’ll deal with at the end of your turn. As for PWR, the higher the number, the lower the odds you have of hitting the enemy.

Speaking of the enemy’s attacks, you go first in the turn order. You get to fill up your turn meter with attacks, launch them, then the enemy gets a turn. They’ll usually apply the DMG mentioned, but they can also perform special attacks that can inflict you with Curses, so you must be careful.

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Prepare Attacks And Use Defensive Commands

The first combat tutorial against the Bloated Teacher in World Of Horror.

During the first half of fights, you’ll want to take advantage of Prepare Your Attack under the Attack commands. This ability allows you to get a guaranteed hit on the enemy. Using this paired with your Strong Attack will cause you to deal more damage to the enemy, taking out a chunk of their health.

This works best if you have high Stamina and Reason, since you can risk taking some damage. Depending on how much energy you have left you can follow up with a standard attack, a kick, or a Defensive Action.

Dodge gives you a chance to avoid damage altogether, and it’s based on your Dexterity. Brace for Impact, which is based on Strength, lets you take half damage and also avoid special attacks. If you want to play it safe or protect your Stamina and Reason, end your turn with a Defensive move.

Once the enemy starts to get low on health, only requiring two or so standard attacks to defeat, you should either Prepare an Attack then use all Standard attacks or all Standard Attacks if you prefer. Either way, you could potentially beat the enemy a turn faster, saving you some health.

This all out approach can be useful, but it’s risky, since your attacks could miss. However, it can be a good choice if you’re going to lose anyway or are willing to take a high risk for a potentially high reward.

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Use High Risk Combat Commands

A Cult Member stands in the way, rope wrapped around their face in World Of Horror.

As you go through combat, you’ll have some high-risk Commands you can use. The highest risk ones are Ask Your Ally To Distract The Enemy, Desperate Attack, Meditate, and Pray.

If you go under Support Actions, you can call on a teammate and have them distract your opponent. Succeeding will let you perform actions faster for the rest of the fight, leading to more attacks and shorter battles. However, if you fail, one of your allies will die.

Because of that, you should hold off on using this one unless it’s a challenging final encounter in a mystery, if you have tons of allies and don’t need them, or if you’re about to finish the run.

Desperate Attack can only be used if your Stamina or Reason is three or lower. It allows you to perform double damage for that turn, so it’s a great move to use if your opponent starts to get low on health, but you’re going to lose the fight anyway. However, you can only use it once, so make it count.

Meditating gives you one Reason in exchange for two Stamina, while Praying gives you one Stamina for two Reason. While this may seem useless since you’re spending more than you’re getting, it can help you in dire situations.

For instance, if your enemy deals two Stamina damage from an attack, but you only have one Stamina left, you could Pray twice to survive their next attack. This can work well if you find yourself with near max health in one stat while you keeping losing it in the other.

If you survive the fight and can then level up or take a bath, you could turn a run around. On top of that, both Pray and Meditate don’t use that much of your action meter, meaning you can use it to quickly rebalance your stats and survive encounters.

Sometimes, Running Away Is The Answer

The Dream Salesman approaches while the Run Away command is hovered in World Of Horror.

As you play through the game, you may run into enemies that’ll deal tons of damage. If this happens, you should consider choosing Defensive Commands and picking Run Away. You escape the battle, but you gain some Doom in exchange.

If your Doom reaches 100 percent, you automatically lose the run. Because of that, you must compare the potential odds of gaining Doom versus losing your health. While it may feel less risky to do it at the start of the game, enemies deal less damage then, so you’ll be wasting an invaluable resource early.

If you want a general rule to help you determine the risk, look at how much Stamina or Reason you have. For instance, if you’re at max Stamina and the enemy will only deal one or two damage, it’s probably not worth running away. On the other hand, if you’re below half Stamina, you may not want to take that risk.

It comes down to managing your stats, though you should remember that you can only reduce Doom in specific circumstances while having a chance to restore your health stats when you take baths and level up. Usually, you can get away with two or three escapes in a run.

On top of that, you can also get the Running Shoes during a level up. The upgrade drops how much Doom you gain while running away, so keep an eye out for them if you want to avoid conflicts.

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