How To Defeat The Mitra The Resurrected Boss In Ghostrunner 2

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In Ghostrunner 2, Jack faces Astra, an evil organization run by Mitra, a Ghostrunner who died but got revived thanks to his servants, Ahriman & Madhu. Then, he ran away from Dharma, home of the few humans still alive, with the plan of taking the place by storm and ruling it by himself.



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Jack went on his chase, trying to stop him, but Mitra was always a step further than the protagonist. Now that Mitra got back to Dharma and started raiding it, it’s time to finally face Mitra and stop him once and for all. This is how you can do it.

Mitra The Resurrected Attacks

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra Posing In Front Of The Player

Mitra’s battle can be split into three phases, divided for each time he takes you to the Cybervoid, and you go through a small platform stage.

Phase One

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra About To Attack The Player

The battle starts with Mitra being close to you. He has a melee attack where he slashes with one of his two knives. Then, it uses his two knives to push you out of the platform. After that, Mitra has a moveset he can use to take you down.



Ghostrunner 2 The Player Removing Mitra's Pulsing Knives

Pulsing Knives

Mitra can throw his two knives to the floor, which will create a shockwave upon landing, and will keep pulsing and releasing shockwaves until you remove them with your Grappling Gun. Mitra will become invisible until you remove the knives. As you do it, Mitra will appear; the Sensory Boost will briefly activate automatically, and you can parry his next attack.

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra Throwing The Horizontal Bars To The Player

Horizontal Bars

Mitra gets far from you and starts casting horizontal bars with different heights which you can avoid by jumping and crouching. Mitra throws them in a pattern, a high one, then a low one, and so on.

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra Charging At You


Mitra will charge at you. He usually does it when you are pretty far from him, and when he reaches you, he’ll use his Melee attack.

The battle will go on until you take a quarter of his HP bar.

When this happens, he’ll take you to the Cybervoid for the first time. Here, you must go through some platforming; the main issue with this zone is that he’ll shoot at you while you progress through this zone.

After completing this first Cybervoid zone, Phase Two will start.

Phase Two

Ghostrunner 2 The Player in Mitra's Cybervoid

During Phase Two, the Pulsing Knives will increase from two to three, and Mitra won’t use the Horizontal Bars anymore. Aside from that, he’ll use two new attacks:



Ghostrunner 2 Mitra Casting Crosses At The Player


Mitra throws crosses at you. He sends them in a pattern; first one, then two, then one again, and so on.

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra's Bombs About to Explode


Mitra will use this move when you are near him. He flies in the air, going to the opposite side of the battling platform, and leaving bombs behind him. These bombs have an indicator of when they’ll blow up.

After leaving Mitra with only a quarter of his HP bar, he’ll send you to the Cybervoid again. You’ll go through a second platform stage, which is easier to go through than the first one, and after reaching him, Phase Three will start.

Phase Three

Ghostrunner 2 Laser Beams Attacking The Player

During this phase, Mitra’s attacks will remain the same, but now, the machine he was trying to hack will go out of control, starting to shoot a laser beam that works as yet another obstacle in the battle.

This beam appears after some time; there’s an indicator in the floor that goes through the platform constantly. If it glows blue, it means that the machine won’t shoot a beam, but if it starts turning red, it means you must go away from it as the laser beam is about to appear.

When Mitra is about to die, he’ll send you to the Cybervoid for the last time. After a brief but intense platforming section, you’ll go back to the real world, where you’ll successfully kill Mitra.

Mitra The Resurrected Strategy

Ghostrunner 2 Mitra About To Die

The best way to proceed with this battle is by standing still as much as you can as this battle is all about patience. Mitra is not dangerous when you are near him, and his melee attacks are easy to parry and block.

You’ll only attack him during those moments. His ranged attacks, like the Horizontal Bars and therefore the Crosses are easy to avoid as soon as you get used to them. Usually after using those, he’ll charge at you.

The best way to deal with this is by blocking; he’ll push you back, but you can cut distances by dashing to the front to start attacking him. Don’t try to reach him out when he’s doing his ranged attacks; stay still, avoid all he sends and wait for the pulsing knives to appear.

Things get spiced up during Phase Three because of the laser beam. Thankfully, you can jump above it to avoid getting killed. Just be attentive to the indicator and when it turns red, dash forwards.

And that’s it; you’ll spend most of your time of this battle in the platforming bits; they seem straightforward, but in fact, they are a bullet hell section where you must be really attentive to what’s coming towards you.

Stay still and try to find a good moment to progress; you won’t fail if you take your time in these bits of Parkour.

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