Best Horror Movie Blu-Rays For Halloween In 2023

There are many ways to celebrate Halloween. Kids typically opt for trick-or-treating, while adults usually prefer partying, and most people dress up in some way no matter what they’re doing. Another way to commemorate the spookiest of holidays is by watching movies.



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Naturally, the most relevant films to put on are horror titles as they capture the spirit of the season, but which ones? The genre is extremely vast, so there are many horror movies out there. Are you looking for gore? Jump scares? Psychological spooks? All of that is covered in the following set of Blu-rays that are all perfect for celebrating the Halloween season.

Best Horror Movie Blu-Rays For Halloween

The Shining Blu-ray

The Shining

Here’s Johnny!

$10 $20 Save $10

A family trip to an extravagant hotel sounds nice. But there is nothing nice about the experience the Torrance family goes through in Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror flick. The movie is as disturbing as it is compelling.


  • Influential movie
  • Different from the traditional horror tale
  • Brilliant performance from Jack Nicholson

  • Doesn’t really look any better on Blu-ray

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of the most well-known and influential horror movies and is a must-watch for fans of the genre. It’s more creepy and unnerving than outright scary. And it certainly doesn’t rely on jump scares, as there are only a few in the entire film.

Along with the movie, this Blu-Ray provides several special features. You get additional commentary as well as a documentary about the making of the movie, along with a few featurettes. The main reason to nap this Blu-ray, though, is the movie itself.

saw seven film collection on blu-ray with billy the puppet on the cover
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Saw: 7-Film Collection

I Want To Play Seven Games…

The Saw franchise has become a series that is now ten movies long. Odds are you like some of the entries more than you like others, and this Blu-ray collection lets you own the first seven as you follow Jigsaw on his quest to help those who have wronged prove they can change.


  • Seven Saw movies in one Blu-ray box
  • Includes the first three movies which are still the best in the series

  • Three more Saw movies have been released since this box set

Saw came along with its gorey traps and third-act twists almost two decades ago and gave us horror fans a brand new franchise on which to hang our hats. For me, nothing in the series has surpassed what those first three movies did, so for those alone, this box set is absolutely worth the price.

Even better, there’s a brand new Saw movie out now which is set between the events of movies two and three. What better way to refresh your memories before checking out the newest Saw movie than to watch the original ones?

the ring blu-ray cover
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The Ring

Seven days…

A reporter is intrigued by an urban legend that dictates the viewer of a creepy video tape dies exactly seven days after watching it, dragged into the nightmare herself after curiosity gets the better of her.


  • Iconic modern horror movie everybody knows
  • Almost definitely won’t die seven days after watching it

  • Prepare to be afraid of little girls with long black hair for the rest of your life

The Ring was my real introduction to horror movies, and what a way to be introduced. A modern classic that immediately captivated audiences when it hit cinemas, especially since it was a US adaptation of a popular Japanese version of the movie. Watch the tape and exactly seven days later, you die.

There are a few horror movies from around this time that already don’t hold up, but The Ring really isn’t one of them. Try not to watch this one when trick-or-treaters are out and about, especially if anyone in your neighborhood looks even remotely like the creepy girl who comes crawling out of the TV.

Megan Blu-ray


The dangers of artificial intelligence

$10 $15 Save $5

In real life, many people are concerned about AI taking their jobs. In Megan, it’s their lives that are in danger, as the movie is about an android doll that is not above killing to protect her owner.


  • Unique take on the killer toy trope
  • Surprisingly comical
  • Blu-ray contains both unrated and theatrical versions

  • Not the scariest horror film

Megan is too recent to be considered a classic horror movie, but it may earn that title someday. Its combination of the science-fiction and horror genres works well, and the use of AI feels very relevant these days.

The movie isn’t completely serious, as there is plenty of intentional silliness and humor throughout. While that does lessen the fear factor, it also results in a very entertaining film. This Blu-ray includes both the unrated and theatrical versions of the movie, as well as a few behind-the-scenes looks.

Scream 3 Movie Collection Blu-ray

Scream 3-Movie Collection

At least he gives you a call before killing you

Ghostface is one of the most recognizable faces in horror. See how he gained his fame with this Scream movie collection that contains the first three films in the series. In all of them, someone in a Ghostface mask attempts to kill everybody.


  • Good price for three movies
  • Includes two additional documentaries
  • The first Scream is a classic slasher movie

  • Scream 3 isn’t an amazing movie

There has been an abundance of Scream movies by this point. This isn’t really a surprise since the series has been around since the mid-’90s.

Everyone has their own favorites, but many consider the first two to be among the best in the series. The third one isn’t as good, but overall, this is a strong collection. And it’s a good starter pack for those who have never seen a Scream flick before. Even if you have seen the films, the collection comes with a couple of documentaries to sweeten the deal.

The Evil Dead Rise Blu-ray

Evil Dead Rise

A new kind of Evil Dead movie

The classic Evil Dead silliness is mostly missing in Evil Dead Rise. However, the incredible level of gore is still there, and the scares have increased. The movie is about two estranged sisters attempting to save their family from deadites (aka demonic spirits).


  • Great gore
  • Don’t need to see the previous movies to enjoy this one

  • Some may miss the humor of the early movies

Horror and comedy can fit together really well. For example, the Resident Evil games have plenty of funny moments. When it comes to movies, though, Evil Dead is the main series known for providing silly horror experiences.

However, Evil Dead Rise leans far more into horror than the original titles in the series did. This is partially because the violence and gore look much more realistic. So, if you’re looking for a gore-filled horror title, this Evil Dead Rise Blu-ray may be the right choice for you. It has little connection to the previous titles, so you don’t have to have seen any other Evil Dead movies before watching this one.

Chucky 7-Movie Collection Blu-ray

Chucky 7-Movie Collection

The most famous killer doll

Own the first seven Child’s Play and Chucky movies with this collection. They all vary in quality and tone, but they all include one of the most iconic killers in horror movie history: Chucky.


  • Seven movies in one collection
  • Many bonus features
  • Allows you to see why Chucky is such a horror icon

  • The latest Child’s Play is not in the set

Few horror series are as famous as Chucky (aka Child’s Play). Since the ’80s, there has been a litany of movies made about this little murderous doll. They provide scares, humor, and gore. You can own the first seven titles, from the original Child’s Play to The Cult Of Chucky, by acquiring this Blu-ray.

On top of that, the collection contains a whole host of special features, including deleted scenes, a gag reel, an in-depth look into the series, and more. Thus, it’s a perfect set for fans of the series or those trying to get into it.

Get Out Blu-ray

Get Out

Meeting your partner’s parents is always difficult

Get Out is among the best psychological horror movies in recent history. It follows a man who visits his girlfriend’s family for the weekend. It isn’t a happy trip, as there is something unnerving about the family and the locals.


  • Compelling throughout
  • Unique premise
  • Blu-ray contains an alternate ending

  • The subject matter may be a little heavy for some

If you’re a fan of psychological horror films, then Get Out might be a good choice for you. This 2017 movie is always unnerving and continuously engaging. It’s also one of those movies where a second viewing is almost as good as the first since there are little details that you don’t notice the first time you watch. This makes it a perfect choice to get on Blu-ray.

The bonus features on this Blu-ray dive deeper into the movie through a behind-the-scenes featurette as well as a Q&A discussion and feature commentary. Plus, there are also some deleted scenes and even an alternate ending included on the disk.

Alien 6 Film Collection Blu-ray

Alien 6-Film Collection

An iconic series

Experience the first six Alien movies with this collection. In the pack, you will find all the main films, from the original Alien to Alien Covenant. Their stories vary quite a bit, but most involve the alien race known as the Xenomorphs.


  • Xenomorphs are among the greatest movie monsters ever
  • Good price for six movies
  • The first two movies are legendary

  • Some of them are more action movies than horror ones

The Alien franchise is one of the biggest in horror history, as it goes beyond just the films. After all, several of the best-ever movie-based horror games involve the Alien IP. The franchise as a whole got so big because of the movies. And this Blu-ray contains the first six main titles, from Alien to Alien: Covenant. It doesn’t include the Alien Vs. Predator titles, but many people probably appreciate that.

Anyone who has seen all the Alien movies can attest that the films vary in tone and quality. Yet, most of them make for an interesting watch, and they’re certainly worth viewing for the price of this Blu-ray. However, don’t expect too many bonus features for the first few titles.


What to watch on Halloween if you don’t like horror?

There are plenty of movies that have a horror aesthetic, but they aren’t traditional horror titles, nor are they scary. So, they’re perfect for Halloween. For example, the likes of Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, Hotel Transylvania, and Beetlejuice fit that description.

What is the highest-grossing horror film of all time?

According to BoxOfficeMojo, the highest-grossing horror movie ever is 2017’s It, with a lifetime gross of $701 million. That is unless you consider the Jurrasic movies to be part of the horror genre. If so, the most successful horror flick would be Jurrasic World, which grossed $1.6 billion.

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