State of Survival x Resident Evil collaboration brings themed heroes, skins, and more

FunPlus, a prominent independent game company on the global stage, is excited to reveal an exceptional partnership with Capcom, the distinguished creator of the Resident Evil franchise. This extraordinary collaboration transports the renowned universe of Resident Evil into State of Survival, infusing the game with the distinctive ambiance and characters from the “Resident Evil” series, promising an unforgettable gaming adventure in the battle against malevolence.

The eagerly awaited collaboration is set to begin right in time for the Halloween season, starting on October 27, 2023. It will consist of two phases. The initial phase will emphasize Resident Evil Village, whereas the second phase, commencing on December 1st, will revolve around Resident Evil 4 (2023).

Resident Evil meets State of Survival in a thrilling crossover event

In the initial phase of the exciting crossover event, players of State of Survival unite with the renowned heroes and antagonists from Resident Evil. This includes the iconic Chris Redfield and the formidable Lady Dimitrescu. Within the State of Survival universe, a perilous fungus called RA13, engineered by GigaCorp, has wreaked havoc across the world, introducing a formidable mutant adversary.

The leaders of the State of Survival base, guided by their own heroes, Sarge and Becca, confront a fresh menace embodied by Lady Dimitrescu, alongside the introduction of a new hero, Chris. In the second collaboration with Resident Evil 4 (2023), players will meet two new heroes, Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong. 

FunPlus expands mobile gaming horizons with Resident Evil collaboration

Through this partnership, individuals have the opportunity to access playable heroes from the Resident Evil franchise, specialized HQ skins, decorations for their settlements, and Avatar frames, among other exciting content, while fully engaging in this distinctive crossover event. This collaboration serves to broaden the selection of playable heroes within State of Survival, incorporating characters from different intellectual properties, such as Daryl Dixon from AMC’s The Walking Dead and The Joker from DC.

FunPlus, in its ongoing effort to follow a cross-platform approach, aligns itself with renowned franchises like Resident Evil, thereby striving to connect with console gamers and a broader demographic, thereby extending the boundaries of mobile gaming.

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