Baldur’s Gate 3 Player Stacks Enough Speed Buffs To Run At 100 Miles Per Hour

Baldur’s Gate 3 allows you to do some pretty ridiculous stuff. Whether it be collecting dead bodies or saving every explosive barrel to nuke the final boss, players have often broken the boundaires of normality to often hilarious results. There aren’t many that have turned themselves into a full-blown superhero though, but that’s exactly what YouTube user Chris Reven has done by stacking a ridiculous amount of speed boosts onto their player character.



Chris takes us through the process in a new video on their YouTube channel (thanks PC Gamer), in which they show you how to let your player character move 880 feet in a single turn. To start with, you’ll need to make sure your character is a either a Wood Elf or a Wood Half-Elf for an extra 5 feet of additional movement, and are playing as a Monk, as the class gets movement increases at Level 2 and Level 6. You’ll also need to multi-class as a Rogue Thief at Level 3 to get an extra bonus action, and have the Mobile feat for an extra ten feet.

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Once you’ve done both of those, you’ll need to find and equip the Crusher Ring and Longstrider buff to increase the movement speed even more. After all that, your movement speed should now be 80 feet, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at. You can go much faster though, as entering turn-based mode and casting Haste on your character will bring it up to 110 feet, and following that up with three dashes takes it to 440 feet. Finally, use the Click Heels action from the Boots of Speed, and you’ll have a movement speed of 880 feet.

That’s pretty ridiculous, but it becomes even moreso when you take into account D&D rules. According to the most recent edition of the Player’s Handbook, which Baldur’s Gate 3’s combat system is based on, a single turn of combat is around 6 seconds long. Being able to move 880 feet in a single turn technically means the player character is moving at around 147 feet a second. When converted, that roughly comes out to just under 100 miles per hour.

For Chris, their video shows their character slowly plodding through a quiet village, but in reality, the people nearby probably wouldn’t even see their character pass them, thus creating Baldur’s Gate 3’s version of The Flash.

Chris even claims that they could make their character’s movement speed even higher if they used Momentum gear in combat, but leaves that for someone more dedicated to the absurd. Knowing the game’s fanbase, that speed record will be broken before the end of the day.

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