How To Beat The Mismagius Tera Raid In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have a treat for players this weekend: Ghost Tera Raids featuring Mismagius. These special raids will allow players to easily grind candies used to level up Pokemon quickly, so it’s a good chance to stock up before the next half of the Treasure of Area Zero DLC comes out in Winter of 2023.



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Whether you’re aiming to play competitively or simply want an over-leveled team to blast through the DLC, stocking up on candies to build Pokemon is a must, and even without joining in online, your bucket will be overflowing with treats by the end of this event.

Mismagius Tera Raid Event Info

A screenshot of the map in Pokemon Violet. There a three glowing Tera Ghost Dens

This event will run until October 31st 23:59 UTC.

While it is active you can see various glowing Ghost Tera dens, where you can fight a five-star Mismagius.

As opposed to the usual rewards from beating a Tera Battle, you will get various candies and Ghost Tera Shards.

You must beat the main story to unlock five-star raids.

How To Beat Mismagius

A screenshot of Pokemon Violet showing an Annihilape fighting a Tera Mismagius

Mismagius has a very simple kit focused on special attacks and dropping your stats. It is level 75 and comes with Astonish, Icy Wind, Mystical Fire, Psychic, and Scary Face. It has the ability Levitate and can have any nature.

You can solo this with pretty much any level 100, fully-evolved, Ghost or Dark type, but the most efficient method is a Defiant Annihilape with Rage Fist.


Tera Type






252 HP/252 Atk


Screech, Rage Fist

Use Screech once to lower Mismagius’s stats, then keep using Rage Fist.

Mismagius will keep dropping your speed with Icy Wind and Scary Face, and your Special Attack with Mystical Fire. This will trigger Defiant and boost your Annihilape’s Attack stat.

After you’ve gotten Mismagius’s Defense as low as possible, your Attack will likely be boosted thanks to Defiant, so you can do massive amounts of damage with a single hit.

You don’t even need to Terastalize your Annihilape to boost Rage Fist, not that it will hurt you as Astonish won’t do much even if it’s super effective.

If you do find yourself taking more damage than you’d like, give Annihilape a shell bell.

What Are The Rewards For Defeating Mismagius?

A screenshot of Pokemon Violet showing the reward screen for defeating Mismagius. The rewards are all Exp. Candies, Rare Candies, and Ghost Tera Shards

Once you’ve defeated Mismagius, you will receive at least ten Tera Ghost shards and then a random number of EXP Candies S-XL and Rare Candies.

You can use this to quickly train up any new Pokemon that were added in the DLC to bring them up to par with your playthrough team or train a Pokemon for a Black Tera Raid.

Furthermore, if you have the Glimmering Charm, this makes grinding for Ghost Shards easier given the plethora of dens available.

This is the perfect chance to stock up on candies to ensure you’re set for the next challenge The Pokemon Company sends players’ way.

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