The Hardest Chapters In Paper Mario: TTYD

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door achieved fame for its incredible storytelling and whimsical comedy. The game also requires a sense of battle tactics, logical reasoning, and leveling strategies to move through the game without struggle.



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The challenges vary by story chapter. Some require puzzle and riddle skills. Some chapters have enemies that will test your constitution. And some chapters are escort quests. For these reasons, the difficulty level of the game isn’t gradual. It jumps around depending on the chapter, and there are some you will need to look out for.

8 Chapter Six

Three Days Of Excess

Mario and Gombella in front of the Excess Express in Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door

Mario is traveling on a fancy train called the Excess Express when crime strikes. There’s a thief aboard. Mario must interview the other passengers to discover who might be the culprit.

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The majority of the chapter is spent running from one part of the train to another with a bit of battle mixed in between station stops before a final boss battle. If your team is appropriately leveled up — or if you have enough items — none of the battles will be a problem. This chapter is an opportunity to relax and enjoy the humorous version of a mystery adventure.

7 Chapter One

Castle And Dragon

Hooktail the red dragon looms over Mario at the top of a castle tower

Storm the castle and slay the dragon that has been terrorizing a nearby town. Seeing as this is a beginning chapter, it makes sense that it isn’t too difficult.

Navigating the castle is no problem at all, and the battles are straightforward and often repetitive. It’s true that there is a secret technique you need to use to defeat the final boss, but it has very little to do with your battle skills and a lot to do with your ability to locate all the treasure.

6 Chapter Three

Of Glitz And Glory

Rawk Hawk stands against his opponent in the fighting ring.

It’s time to enter a fighting ring, but you can’t just defeat your rivals however you please. For each match, you will be given a rule for something you must do during the show to add a little pizzazz for the audience.

This could be a required action or a forbidden action, and if you get the wrong one in the wrong battle, it could make for a difficult time. Don’t worry. If you fail a match, you can always try again. Just don’t fall too far in the ranks, because you will have to fight your way back up.

5 Chapter Five

The Key To Pirates

Goombella warns about a large pink Bob-omb's strength in a battle

The path to a pirate’s treasure is less of a challenge than one might think. While there are some puzzles and some of the enemies explode if you don’t fight them fast enough, all of it is manageable if you follow the thread from start to finish.

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There is a bit of challenge at the very end with the boss battle. The skeleton of the pirate captain can make for a bad time If you’re not prepared for his many weapons. Work out a good strategy and you should be just fine.

4 Chapter Seven

Mario Shoots For The Moon

Admiral Bobbery talks with another Bob-omb at fahr outpost about how they need to find two missing people.

This chapter is less difficult than it is cumbersome. It starts with a wild goose chase for the commander who can shoot Mario to the moon in a cannon. Once on the moon, the alien enemies are rather difficult to manage. Especially the Z-Yux, who can create an impenetrable force shield using several mini Z-Yux and can only be hit again once the minis are gone.

Once inside the moon fortress, the rest is backtracking through rooms and offices you’ve already seen before. Be prepared to use a lot of flower points for your party’s special attacks, and you’ll be all set.

3 Chapter Four

For Pigs The Bell Tolls

Mario and Vivian sleep in battle while a Dayzee sings

No doubt about it: the most difficult part of Mario’s visit to Twilight Town is battling against the Dayzees. A Dayzee is a daisy-shaped enemy who can put you to sleep for several rounds and hit you hard while you’re under. They’re a nuisance. Unfortunately, you will have to travel back and forth across Dayzee territory frequently, so buckle up.

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Another challenge comes from your own party. If they’re over-leveled, they will be a problem when they briefly turn against you. But at least the crows are reliable.

2 Chapter Two

The Great Boggly Tree

Flurrie uses her wind ability to blow Punies in bubbles a cross a gap.

Visiting the Great Boggly Tree is a lesson in patience. Spider enemies spit at you from a distance and then shift elevation. X-nauts throw acid at you. All along the way, you are trying to lead tiny mouse-like creatures called Punies into battle against the Jabbies. And the Punies aren’t very strong to begin with.

If you reach one of the battle zones with the Jabbies and don’t have the right number of Punies, they will lose, and you will have to go backtracking to find the Punie you somehow lost along the way. Be prepared for this chapter to take much longer than expected.

1 Chapter Eight

The Thousand-Year Door

The thousand year door opens with purple smoke and magic swirling into an ominous darkness while Mario watches.

What epic finale would be complete without a challenge? This final chapter has it all: powerful enemies, curious puzzles, plot twists, and sweet, sweet danger. This is difficult in just the right ways to show off all the skills you’ve achieved so far and push yourself even further.

Romanticism aside, it will be actually hard. The puzzles don’t have obvious answers, and the riddles take serious brain power. The enemies pull no punches, and the final boss is brutal, but the payoff is extremely worth it.

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