Best Cards For A Thanos Deck In Marvel Snap

There are a set of cards in Marvel Snap known as the Big Bads. These cards will never drop in Token cost, because their abilities are too impactful. Among the Big Bads, the one that brings the most change for your deck has to be Thanos.



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While Galactus and High Evolutionary certainly have an impact, just adding Thanos already changes your deck by having more than 12 cards. This is because Thanos adds the Infinity Stones to your deck, and much like in the comics, they are the ones that hold the real power.

We’ve selected these cards based on their synergy with Thanos, and how easy it is to get them to work in your favor when used in a Thanos deck.

8 America Chavez

Marvel Snap - America Chavez on a blurred background

There is no single way to play Thanos and his Stones, yet all of them involve a lot of draw. This means that while you’re adding a lot of cards to the deck, it remains consistent, letting you get plenty of your combo pieces. If this is your aim, America Chavez also fits right in.

Since she can’t be drawn before turn six, your Stones have one less target for their draws, and with how cheap they are you’ll be drawing a lot. The consistency America Chavez brings allows you to play heavier variants of decks like destroy or ramp, without having to worry about lack of play at any turn.

7 Blue Marvel

Marvel Snap X Best Cards For A Mr. Negative Deck Blue Marvel

While you can have a dependable combo with all the drawing the Stones give you, you’ll need to also figure out what to do with them. They’ll be most certainly filling locations up, and with most of them being only one power you might end up underwhelmed at their performance.

If you want to use the Stones as sources of power, you can buff them with plenty of cards. While Kazar might be the obvious choice (and still a valuable addition), Blue Marvel offers a better angle. His higher cost is diminished by the Time Stone, and since he buffs all cards, you can combine it with almost anything and have a high power output.

6 Lockjaw

lockjaw card

The combination of Lockjaw and Thanos was so dominating that the developers had to fundamentally change how Lockjaw works. Nowadays, they might not be the ultimate duo they used to be, but they still work really well together.

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With so many on reveal Stones, you can have a powerful effect and then replace them with a more impactful body, like America Chavez. And because of how the Stones work now, you can play one of them on top of Lockjaw and then follow it up by an impactful five cost; the bigger card won’t be affected by Lockjaw at all.

5 Nova

Marvel Snap Card Nova

While you can use them as front liners, the Stones are also valuable as sacrificial lambs. Destroy decks benefit greatly from having plenty of things to kill, yet sometimes you don’t clear all the Stones. In those cases and more, Nova fits very well.

Not only is Nova a card that always works on destroy decks, he also lets you use the leftover Stones to great effect. He basically works like an additional Stone that has Blue Marvel’s powers. Do try however to dodge your opponent’s possible Armor, since an undestroyed Nova has very little value.

4 Carnage

Marvel Snap Card Carnage

The synergy between Carnage and Thanos is obvious, specifically on destroy decks that is. You play up to three stones in a single location, then eat them up with Carnage. Since most Stones are one power, this tends to be a net positive, but there are some other stones best left alive.

The Power Stone, for example, has more power than what it can give to Carnage. That one is best saved for the last few turns, unless you’re trying to feed your Knull. The Soul Stone on the other hand highly depends on your opponent’s deck, since if they have Luke Cage in play you might as well kill the Stone.

3 Killmonger

Marvel Snap Best Card Killmonger

If destroying your stones is what you want, Killmonger has you covered. No matter if you’re trying to feed Knull or lower Death’s cost, Killmonger can set you up for a devastating final turn and open up all your locations for a more diverse play.

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Killmonger is also what makes the destroy Thanos variant of the deck superior, since on a soft mirror match that looks to buff the stones, you can take away their power while adding to your own. And beyond that, one cost cards have risen to be some of the most impactful you can play, making Killmonger one of the most reliable counters.

2 Death

Marvel Snap - Death on a blurred background

While other destroy decks have trouble getting Death to cost zero, with the Thanos variant that’s nearly a certainty. Even when you don’t draw Killmonger, Thanos just gives so much fuel to her that you can always count on a free Death.

This makes it so you can edit the deck to have some less than expected auditions. Shuri can make Death win a location for sure, while Taskmaster can take advantage of that 12 power and double it up. Just know that this is as reliable as it is expected, so be wary of their Shang-Chi should you have priority.

1 Galactus

Marvel Snap Card Galactus

Big Bads don’t usually mix, unless their power is more complementary, like Kang’s. Yet Galactus is anything but complementary, asking that you plan every move to make him work. If you’re wondering how he works within the Thanos umbrella, the answer is a single Stone.

What you need to succeed with Galactus is to play him early, since his power alone needs to be enough to win his location. With the Time Stone, that becomes simple enough, and that allows you to set up cards like Wolverine for an impactful and game winning Galactus play.

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