10 Best Desert Eagle Skins In CS2


  • The Desert Eagle is a powerful weapon in Counter-Strike 2, especially for eco-rounds when your team is low on funds.
  • There are various skins available for the Desert Eagle that can enhance its appearance, with options for different budgets.
  • Some standout Desert Eagle skins include the Crimson Web, Mecha Industries, Sunset Storm 弐, Conspiracy, Emerald Jörmungandr, Code Red, Ocean Drive, Fennec Fox, Blaze, and Printstream.



The Desert Eagle is among the various pistols that you will be able to find in Counter-Strike 2. Because of its capability to one-tap headshot opponents, it is regarded as one of the most potent weapons for eco-rounds. As a result, it can help you win a few rounds when your team is short on funds and cannot match the opponent’s buy.

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The firearm looks great as is, but you can improve its appearance by using one of the many skins that have been made public. With a wide array of options, you can get the required one based on your budget. Considering price, popularity, and more, the following section ranks the best Desert Eagle skins.

10 Desert Eagle Crimson Web

“Be Careful Where You Walk, You Never Know Where The Web Is Spread”

An image of Desert Eagle Crimson Web in CS2

The Crimson Web is among the most recognizable patterns in Counter-Strike, with innumerable knives and weapons bearing the distinctive appearance of a red web pattern. Among the various Crimson Web skins is the Desert Eagle Crimson Web, made available around a decade back as part of the eSports 2014 Summer Collection.

The skin looks the best in the Factory New condition, which is why the same has been priced at over $140. In the meantime, you will find the Minimal Wear for around $27 and the other three for under $8.5.

9 Desert Eagle Mecha Industries

“Same Technology, Now Available In A Smaller Form Factor”

An image of Desert Eagle Mecha Industries in CS2

Desert Eagle Mecha Industries proves to be an immaculate design featuring a color combination of white and black, which is pretty appealing. It is also somewhat in budget and not extremely expensive, making it an ideal purchase for casual players who do not want to spend a massive amount on acquiring the in-game skins.

The artist behind Desert Eagle Mecha Industries is coyote37, and the same person is also responsible for a few other skins, such as the M4A1-S Mecha Industries. The Factory New version can be availed for less than $12, whereas you may receive all the others for a few dollars each.

8 Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐

“You Think It’s The Same, But Look Again… Subtlety Makes All The Difference”

An image of Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐 in CS2

Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐 emerges as one of the two Sunset Storm skins introduced by Valve, and it made its way in 2015 via The Rising Sun Collection. The skin has been painted with a stormy sea hydrographic, and the design’s base color is red.

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Given that the particular collection was released as part of Operation Bloodhound and isn’t a part of any case, you can primarily only acquire the Desert Eagle Sunset Storm 弐 through the Steam Marketplace. However, it will set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

7 Desert Eagle Conspiracy

This Skin Doesn’t Have Flavor Text, Which Is A Conspiracy In And Of Itself

An image of Desert Eagle Conspiracy in CS2

When focusing only on the overall aesthetics, Desert Eagle Conspiracy might be the most pleasing skin for the Desert Eagle. It would be perfect for those who love simplistic designs, and the way it looks inside Counter-Strike 2 is absolutely phenomenal.

The skin is among the pistol’s older skins, released in July 2014 via the Breakout Collection in line with Operation Breakout. It is only available in Factory New, Minimal Wear, and Field-Tested, and all of them would fall in your budget, making it a viable choice.

6 Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr

“Wake The Gods”

An image of Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr in CS2

The Desert Eagle Emerald Jörmungandr deserves a spot on this list solely based on its overall rarity and how few of these are available with the players. Even without the rarity, the skin looks gorgeous and is probably the only green-colored skin for the weapon.

The design is essentially inspired by Jörmungandr, or the World Serpent, one of the notable figures in Norse mythology. Patterns based on the same run across the skin and make it eye-catching. Nonetheless, due to the rarity, the price of the skin wouldn’t be affordable for the general players.

5 Desert Eagle Code Red

“Man Your Stations”

An image of Desert Eagle Code Red in CS2

Another outstanding skin for the Desert Eagle is Desert Eagle Code Red, which possesses a red color base with white detailing. The designer behind the same is DasDas, who has also worked on skins like M4A4 Buzz Kill, AK47 Rat Rod, SG 553 Phantom, and CZ75-Auto Yellow Jacket, among others.

It was released through the Horizon Collection, made accessible in August 2018 back inside CS: GO. Besides getting it on the regular variants, you may buy the Desert Eagle Code Red in StatTrack, but they are priced more than twice the standard ones.

4 Desert Eagle Ocean Drive

“Can’t Miss—Both The Colors And When Using The Weapon”

An image of Desert Eagle Ocean Drive in CS2

If you love a colorful design, then Desert Eagle Ocean Drive will be a proper option for you to acquire. The flashy colors imprinted upon the skin give it a vivid appearance, and it is one of the relatively newer launches for the weapon, with it being released at the time of Operation Riptide, the last operation of CS: GO.

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The skin is widely available on the Steam Marketplace and other websites, and you can purchase it through the same. Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to receive it by opening the Operation Riptide Case.

3 Desert Eagle Fennec Fox

“All The Better To Hear You With”

An image of Desert Eagle Fennec Fox in CS2

Just like Ocean Drive, Valve added Fennec Fox during Operation Riptide, and it has quickly risen in popularity within the Counter-Strike community. It offers a tremendous look in Counter-Strike 2 and would easily be one of the best skins for the pistol inside the game.

Considering that this wasn’t released via a Case and was a part of the 2021 Mirage Collection, the cost of the skin is pretty high and can be considered rare. There are also Souvenir variants of the skin that commemorate the PGL Stockholm Major.

2 Desert Eagle Blaze

This One Doesn’t Have Flavor Text Either

An image of Desert Eagle Blaze in CS2

Desert Eagle Blaze has etched itself onto Counter-Strike history and can be seen in some of the most iconic esports plays in the game’s history, including the Happy Ace on Inferno and Niko Ace on Cache. Understandably, many pro players utilize this skin, and its overall look is lovely.

It is also officially the oldest skin for the weapon and was introduced through the Arms Deal Update in 2013. Desert Eagle Blaze is only available in the Factory New and Minimal Wear condition, and you will have to spend considerable money acquiring either.

1 Desert Eagle Printstream


An image of Desert Eagle Printstream in CS2

Desert Eagle Printstream is arguably the best Desert Eagle skin in Counter-Strike 2, and its look is unparalleled. The simplistic design has two primary colors involved: black and white. Alongside the colors, the skin has pearlescent highlights that add to the look.

JTPNZ, the designer responsible for USP-S Printstream and M4A1-S Printstream, created this particular skin, and it has been available since August 2020 as a part of the Fracture Case. Considering that it is in the Covert category, you will have to spend a decent amount to purchase it, with Factory New costing $130 and Minimal Wear being close to $70.

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