10 Games To Play If You Like Spider-Man 2

For those looking for more time swinging across open worlds after clearing out Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, then look no further as there are plenty of games that fit that description. Though they’re not all Marvel-based, many have tried to put their own spin on big open spaces and a unique swinging mechanic.



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It can be a little tricky finding these kind of games, but they are out there. So to make your search for something similar to the successful new series featuring everyone’s favorite wall-crawling superhero, here are some of the best games to play if you like Spider-Man 2.

10 Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando: Using The Bionic Arm To Navigate Grind Rails

If you’re looking for a game with a lot of swinging then you can’t go wrong with Bionic Commando (2009). Though it had a bit of a mixed reception, the swinging gameplay and slick combat were an interesting direction for the series.

You play as Nathan Spencer in a decades-later follow-up to the original game with his signature Bionic Arm as he takes out terrorists responsible for wiping out an entire city. Though it’s a little rough around the edges, the swinging and setting made up for it.

9 Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Spider-Man 2: Spider-Man In Chapter Three's Opening Scene

There are so many Spider-Man games out there, some better than others, but if you want one with great swinging mechanics then look no further than Spider-Man 2 (2004). Based on the Sam Raimi movie of the same name, it paved the way for modern Spider-Man swinging action after one creative dev came up with the mechanic on his own time, presented it to the team and the rest is history.

It still stands up, has a large part of New York to explore and it roughly follows the same beats of the movie albeit with a few extra fun things thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for something Spider-Man style a bit more old-school then you can’t go wrong with the 2004 Spider-Man 2 game.

8 Prototype

Prototype:Alex Mercer Taking On A Military Helicopter With His Mutant Blade Arm

Instead of saving the day as a superhero like Spider-Man, you can help massacre a city as a shape-shifting sentient Virus in Prototype. It’s a sadistically fun sandbox game that sees you uncovering the mystery behind a strange and deadly viral outbreak in New York.

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Balance who controls the city, the mutants, or the military, unlock strong abilities and gory finishing moves whilst generally running around causing as much mayhem as you possibly can. Great for short chaotic sessions or long grinding runs through the story, there’s a lot of superpowered fun in Prototype.


GTA V: Michael Posing For The Camera Whilst Resting On A Car In LA

Spider-Man 2 has a new hot-switching system that lets you jump between Spidermen, but GTA V did it first and arguably a bit more interesting. It’s a game that’s been around for over a decade and constantly released, remade, and re-released again, but for good reason. It’s a very good game.

The playground in GTA V is absolutely gigantic and with the ability to freely swap between three characters at different locations it was a first for the famous and popular series from Rockstar. With GTA VI waiting in the wings, there’s no excuse for not checking out GTA V.

6 Just Cause 2

Just Cause 2: Rico Attaching Himself To A Helicopter With His Grapple Arm

Though the Just Cause series stagnated over time, the earlier games still stand up and Just Cause 2 is a prime example of the franchise at its peak. Set on a 1,500km map, you play as Special Agent Rico Rodriguez who’s off destabilizing another dictatorship on a tropical island.

Swing around and cause with your grappler, sail to safety with your parachute, and cause all sorts of chaos with a range of exotic and powerful weaponry. Plus, there are plenty of secret weapons and weird vehicles to unlock, massive aircraft to pilot, and plenty of fortresses and army bases to blow up. It’s a playground you’ll never get tired of exploring and with its huge size, there’s always something new to discover.

5 Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing: Using A Grapple Point To Soar Through A Strange Land

A fast-paced fever dream of an Indie title from Flamebait Games. Verlet Swing has you swooping around like Spider-Man using surprisingly complex swinging mechanics. Gravity and momentum are key to clearing those tricky gaps and scoring the best times, so it’ll take a bit of trial and error.

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There are over 100 levels of handmade swinging situations, challenge modes, an editor that will let you create or download and try out other player-made maps, and a leaderboard for bragging rights. It’s a simple, slick swinging game that’s good for a few hours or if you’re just in the mood to swing around some bizarre landscapes incredibly fast.

4 Marvels Avengers

Marvels Avengers: Iron Man Using His Repulsor Beams On A Bridge

Say what you will about Marvel’s Avengers, it tried something different. Though it had a rocky start over a gradually rougher road, at its core there were some good ideas. Plus, it was great to try out the various Avengers and build your squad of superheroes the way you liked it.

Throw in the appearance of the famous Web-Crawler Spider-Man and you’ve got a recipe for a good time at least. Though its endgame is somewhat lacking and its multiplayer component has died, the single-player hero experience, set-pieces, and story are still worth chewing into, especially if you’re a Marvel fan looking for something that isn’t another sludge-filled movie or TV show.

3 Lego: Marvels Super Heroes 2

Lego: Marvels Super Heroes 2 - Rocket And Groot From The Gaurdians Of The Galaxy

Kang has come to Earth and it’s up to the Avengers across different timelines and realities to save the day. You can never go wrong with a Lego game, they’re generally enjoyable and good for a group. Plus, the roster of characters is always massive and Marvel’s Super Heroes Two is no different.

There are a ton of classic Marvel Super Heroes and Villains to fight as and against ranging from the iconic and popular to the slightly obscure and weird. The story is unique and surprisingly long and there are plenty of battle modes and challenges to sink your teeth into alone or with a group of friends.

2 Infamous: Second Son

Infamous: Second Son - Delsin Attacking An Enforcer With His Fire Chain

A spin-off that did its own thing surprisingly successfully, Infamous: Second Son set itself in the now iconic Infamous universe, but gave it their own unique spin. This time around you play as Delsin Rowe, a super-powered individual who can siphon the abilities of others as he tries to free Seattle from the lockdown of the Department of Unified Protection.

Unlike the main games where you were stuck with just lightning powers, Delsin has a wide range of abilities and more that unlock as you get further into the game. So there’s a lot of variety you can put into how you play the game. The story is pretty solid, the power fantasy gameplay is cathartic and the playground is large enough that you can spend a lot of time playing Superhero or rampaging elemental God.

1 Windlands 2

Wind Lands 2: Soaring Through The Multi-Colored Wild Lands

A VR fantasy-action game that involves quite the workout, Windlands 2 is a great example of how fung swinging across a big open world in first-person can be. All you have is your grapple gun, a bow, and a couple of friends to take down the gigantic titans roaming the weird world in front of you.

Explore numerous parkour playgrounds with your pals in a group of up to four, grind through a fully voiced story with unique world events. Or, show off your skills with the various challenge modes including, One Life, No Hook, Hook Anything, and Speed Run. There are plenty of collectibles and new hooks to unlock, so exploration is encouraged in this slick swinging simulator.

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