Best Relic Skills To Buy First In Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077’s new Phantom Liberty expansion adds a powerful new set of perks to unlock. These Relic perks unlock just as you start the DLC thanks to Songbird’s impressive hacking skills. She’s able to overclock Arasaka’s Relic using Militech technology in order to boost V’s cyberware beyond what it’s normally capable of.



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Unfortunately, you can’t unlock every Relic perk right away. The three main Relic perks require three points to unlock and Songbird is only able to provide you with three Relic perk points. This means you’ve got a decision to make; which Relic perks should you unlock first? Read on to find out.

Which Relic Perk To Buy First

Cyberpunk 2077 Relic Perks

There are three potential Relic perks to unlock when Songbird first overclocks the Relic: Jailbreak, Vulnerability Analytics, and Emergency Cloaking. As all three require three perk points to unlock, you can only get one–at least to start.

You’ll be able to unlock more Relic perks by finding the Relic Points scattered throughout Dogtown. Find them all and you’ll be able to unlock every Relic perk.

Just like regular perks, Relic perks can be reassigned at any point. If you feel like you unlocked the wrong Relic perk, feel free to reassign it to something else.

The Relic perk you choose to unlock at the start of Phantom Liberty will largely depend on your personal build. However, one Relic perk works with most builds, while the other Relic perks are more situational. We’ll go over each of them below.

Relic Perk To Unlock First: Vulnerability Analytics

Vulnerability Analytics 3

Vulnerability Analytics is, by far, the most useful perk to unlock first. Whether you’re blasting away with shotguns, plinking from a distance with sniper rifles, throwing knives at throats, or slicing and dicing with swords, Vulnerability Analytics offers a massive damage boost.

This perk works by showing the vulnerabilities in enemy cyberware and armor. It looks a lot like a smart gun targeting reticle, but it doesn’t require a lock. Just start shooting at the point identified, and you’ll do guaranteed critical hits with 25 percent additional armor penetration. Keep shooting the same spot to cause an EMP blast that deals massive damage and also hits enemies within three meters.

The only downside to Vulnerability Analytics is that these vulnerable points don’t show up with significant frequency until you unlock the Machine Learning perk. Unlike the initial perk, Machine Learning only requires one Relic Point to unlock.

Vulnerability Analytics is extremely powerful and works with any build. It’s highly recommended to unlock Vulnerability Analytics as your first Relic perk.

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Relic Perk To Unlock Second: Jailbreak

Cyberpunk 2077 Gorilla Arms Lifting Enemy Off Their Feet

It’s highly likely that your V will have some sort of cyberarm equipped at any given moment, whether it be Mantis Blades, Monowire, Gorilla Arms, or the Projectile Launch System. Whether you use these cyberarms as part of your build or not, Jailbreak improves all of them.

For the Mantis Blades, you unlock a terrifying leap attack. For the Monowire, you get to apply a free quickhack with every swipe. Gorilla Arms gain a powerful shockwave with their heavy attacks, and the Projectile Launch System launches a burst of five rockets instead of just one.

The only problem with Jailbreak is that it only works for your equipped cyberarm. If you don’t have one equipped, it does nothing. If you don’t run around chopping chooms with Mantis Blades or Monowires, smashing faces with Gorilla Arms, or blowing people up with the Projectile Launcher, you might as well not have it at all.

However, if you do use one of the four cyberarms, the Relic also offers an additional enhancement for one more Relic Point. Each improves the already impressive upgrades offered by Jailbreak.

The likelihood is you’ll eventually have one of these cyberarms installed, and Jailbreak will eventually become useful. Until then, stick with Vulnerability Analytics.

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Relic Perk To Unlock Third: Emergency Cloaking

Cyberpunk 2077 Emergency Cloaking

Emergency Cloaking is situational at best. It only works if you have the Optical Camo integumentary system installed, and it only adds the ability to disengage during combat by activating Optical Camo.

There are two obvious problems with Emergency Cloaking. The first is that not every build will use Optical Camo, and this perk is useless without it. Second, with other high-mobility cyberware, it’s not terribly difficult to disengage from combat by simply running away.

Emergency Cloaking does offer access to Sensory Protocol, a Relic perk that doesn’t require Optical Camo and can be useful for sneaking. Sensory Protocol causes time to slow down when you’re detected by an enemy. If you dash or dodge out of the enemy’s line of sight, it’ll immediately exit combat. A useful stealth trick for non-stealthy characters, but just as situational as Emergency Cloaking itself.

If you’re playing a high-stealth build that uses Optical Camo frequently, then you’ll get some use out of Emergency Cloaking. If you aren’t using Optical Camo, then this perk is useless until you can also unlock Sensory Protocol.

These perks are best reserved for last if your build doesn’t use Optical Camo.

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