Battle Stars October 2023 update brings Free Legendary Skins, Super Weapons, and more

Battle Stars receives its October 2023 update, introducing enhanced gameplay features and mechanisms. These additions comprise Super Weapons, fresh legendary skins available for free for every character, and the introduction of Pro Controls. Additionally, the update brings a comprehensive overhaul of the progression and upgrade system for all playable characters in Battle Stars. Images are provided to illustrate these changes.

Battle Stars October 2023 Update: Key Highlights

Super Weapons

Probably the most exciting feature for players, an entirely new arsenal of OP weapons, unique for each hero has been introduced with this major update. Players can find Super Weapons unlocked for all heroes in the game and ready to use.

Super Weapons can be activated by dealing enough damage with their usual guns during matches. Super Weapons deal more damage to opponents and have further range and higher accuracy compared to primary weapons. Basically, everything a player needs to wipe out opponent squads within seconds. Not only are the Super Weapons really useful for players, but they also look super cool too.

Battle Stars October 2023 update super weapons
Image via SuperGaming

40+ Upgrades for Each Hero

To make the entire player journey more exciting and rewarding, a robust upgrade and progression system has been brought into the game. With more than 40 upgrades available for each character, players can build their legend in a way that suits their playstyle. From damage, health, weapon range, skins, and many more perks, players now have much more control in leveling up their in-game avatars.

Pro Controls

After listening to our players, and content creators and having multiple playtests, the earlier Auto Shooting with Tap button has now been replaced with Drag and Aim shooting, known as Pro Controls in the game. With this, players get higher weapon accuracy and more control in their battles allowing for deeper and more fine-tuned gameplay.

Brand New Skin Tiers:

Battle Stars players can now defeat their opponents with swag and style. A fresh new look has been added for all the heroes with 4 new skin tiers

  1. Default (Base Skin)
  2. Rare (Looks Cool)
  3. Epic (Looks Cooler)
  4. Legendary (Looks Coolest)

The game has gone as far as providing players with complimentary access to various skins. To obtain these, one simply has to unlock a hero by gathering the necessary cards from gameplay reward crates or store crates. By advancing the character along its progression path, these fresh skins for matches can be unlocked. This development builds upon the prior update in Battle Stars, which introduced Cricket World Cup-themed skins for several of its beloved characters.

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