How To Complete The Clash! Great Mine! Quest In Honkai: Star Rail

The Aetherium Wars limited time event in Honkai: Star Rail unfolds much like any regular quest, meaning there is a lot to do if you want to successfully complete it and earn every reward. This includes challenging all the unique Victory Zones, of course.



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True to the Trailblazer name, you must first obtain three Mastery Marks in each of the previous Victory Zones so the Great Mine Victory Zone becomes available to you. There are more Aether Spirits waiting for you in these caverns, as well as more treasure and different puzzle challenges. You’re one step away from the championship now, Aether Player!

How To Begin Clash! Great Mine!

A screen showing all the details of the Victory Zone Great Mine for the Aetherium Wars limited time event in Honkai: Star Rail

This quest begins outside the Goethe Hotel, where you must speak to March 7th to begin. You will promptly be directed to the Great Mine: Entrance area.

You can fast travel to the location using the Space Anchor by Natasha’s Clinic, which is a mere few steps away from the entrance to the Great Mine.

Once you arrive there, your player terminal will automatically pop up following a short conversation with March, and you will be prompted to select the Great Mine Victory Zone and enter it through the same interface as every other Victory Zone before it.

The first people to greet you there will be the so-called “Topaz Support Squad,” the IPC workers that have been consistently trying to reclaim your Warp Trotter Aether Spirit from you throughout the entire quest line.

However, you will not fight them this time, as your confrontation will promptly be cut short by Topaz herself. She is not there to challenge the Victory Zone, but she will give you a simple but very important direction about how it all works in there.

How To Clear The Detonation Locations

A shot from behind of an Automaton Spider, a robot in Honkai: Star Rail, surrounded by the AoE marker for its explosion.

Follow along the path a short distance and speak to the little robot, an Automaton Beetle model, who is serving as the Victory Zone’s guide.

It will explain to you that this Victory Zone consists on remotely operating Automaton Spiders to sneak up on the IPC members scattered across the different Detonation Locations. Your goal is to blow them up, to put it simply.

You will have to operate the Automaton Spiders carefully, attempting not to alert any of the IPC targets as you approach. Otherwise, the Automaton Spider will take damage, and the challenge will abruptly end.

Additionally, you may only use the Automaton Spider once per Detonation Location, so you must time each explosion correctly.

The Victory Zone guide will follow along throughout the entire challenge, as it will be the point of access for you to switch to Automaton remote control mode.

Whenever you enter a Detonation Zone, the guide will assess the presence of the IPC targets, and give you clearance to operate the Automaton Spider.

You will get to complete a simple version of the mechanism before the first challenge, as usual. You will have to detonate a lone IPC employee to get a feel of how to operate the Automaton Spider and what you have to do.

Detonation Location One

A shot from behind of an Automaton Spider, a robot in Honkai: Star Rail, about to explode behind two IPC workers in the Great Mine Victory Zone.

After getting past that IPC employee and the tutorial, you will arrive at an open area where you will see a handful of tents. A Silvermane Soldier Aether Spirit can be seen on patrol here, and there is a challenger, with a team composed of two Silvermane Canonneers and two IPC Grunt: Security Personnel, by one of the tents.

Clear this area to easily gain access to a Basic Treasure that is by one of the tents. Then continue along the path West to arrive at the first Detonation Location.

This area has two IPC workers standing guard. One of them is static by a mine cart, while the other one paces back and forth along a small distance on one side of the same mine cart.

To clear this challenge, you must wait until the pacing IPC worker turns around and follow them until the Automaton Spider’s explosion AoE has reached the static IPC worker as well. Then trigger the explosion, and you’re done.

Detonation Location Two

A shot of an Automaton Spider, a robot in Honkai: Star Rail, mid-detonation.

Continue forward along the path and you will run into a static Automaton Spider Aether Spirit you must defeat to keep advancing. Then, as you arrive at a Space Anchor, you will enter the second Detonation Location.

There are two IPC employees in this area. Once again, one will be static while the other one will pace a short distance near the first. The complicated part in this challenge is that the Static IPC employee will be facing your way and is thus easily alerted.

Wait until the pacing IPC employee is facing away from you and advance forward while in an outward arc to put distance between you and the IPC employees.

Once you have crossed, take a right, making sure to get closer to the employees through the narrow opening you will find by some crates; this will put you out of the immediate range of the static IPC employee. Then, advance as the one that’s pacing is in a position where they won’t see you, and once your AoE reaches both, trigger the detonation.

Detonation Location Three

A shot of three IPC employees, mobs in Honkai: Star Rail, standing guard.

Fight and defeat the Aether Spirit that is just before the ramp where you will need to climb to continue.

Make sure you don’t miss the Basic Treasure you will find rigth under a door at the top end of the ramp.

You will continue forward and onto a bridge where you will face three challengers back to back. The first has two Automaton Spiders and two Imaginary Weavers in his team. The second, two Vagrants and two Imaginary Weavers. The last has two Silvermane Soldiers and an Automaton Grizzly.

Defeating the last one will grant access to a Precious Treasure, and you will be free to continue forward.

Continuing through the road with the train tracks will bring you forward along in the challenge, while taking the path that splits off towards the left will bring you to a Vagrant Aether Spirit and a Basic Treasure.

Walk forward along the train tracks a little and you will arrive at the third Detonation Location.

This time there will be three IPC employees; two of them static, and another one pacing back and forth in a small area. To down all of them at once, you will proceed in a similar way as you did in the former puzzle.

Wait until the IPC employee closest to you is leaning on their weapon or they will spot you more quickly. Then, use the small path to their left (towards your right) to walk behind them without being spotted. Approach them from the back carefully and activate the detonation once they are all within range.

Detonation Location Four

A shot of the Trailblazer and March 7th looking at an IPC employee in the distance in Honkai: Star Rail.

Continue forward along the tracks. There will be another Automaton Spider in a corner for you to fight. It is really close to the fourth and final Detonation Location.

Full disclosure, this location is more like a part of the story than it is a challenge.

You will load an Automaton Spider into a mining cart and then all you have to do is interact with it to push it forward, and March 7th will cue you to trigger the explosion to down the IPC employees that were blocking your way.

As you walk along the train tracks to move forward once more, you can take a right into another path to defeat a Vagrant Aether Spirit and claim the final Basic Treasure in the Victory Zone. You will shortly arrive at the final destination if you return to the tracks and move forward.

How To Defeat Giovanni

A shot of the Trailblazer and Giovanni conversing with each other in Honkai: Star Rail.

The last member of the IPC will flee after a short exchange. Then, the little robot guide will transfer the coordinates of the Championship Contender for that Victory Zone to you. You can easily reach the spot where he’s waiting for you by fast traveling to the Match Point 1.

The Championship Contender for the Great Mine Victory Zone is none other than Giovanni di Giorgio, the mysterious Masked Fool that has hovered over you for most of your journey as an Aether Player. To earn the Mastery Mark, and get the answer to some burning questions, you will have to defeat him.

Giovanni’s team is composed of an Everwinter Shadewalker, a Frigid Prowler, an Automaton Spider, and a Silvermane Soldier. His boss fight is not particularly difficult, provided you have kept your Aether Spirits well leveled throughout. You can make the most of your team by doing some or all of the following:

  • Use the Silvermane Lieutenant in this fight, and make sure to always keep him shielded to proc his counter, as it is far more powerful than his attack.
  • Use your Silvermane Canonneer as support, and use his skill on the Silvermane Lieutenant frequently. Every time the Silvermane Lieutenant has his counter triggered, the Silvermane Canoneer will act, this will make the fight go by much faster.
  • Use Expansion Chips that will buff your attack.
  • It is a good idea to keep the Warp Trotter in your team. The playing field for Aetherium Wars is fairly even, so your opponents will be tough no matter what. A healer gives you a great advantage.

Defeating Giovanni will conclude the quest and you may freely exit. However, completing all the Victory Zone objectives will, as usual, require that you access the Blocked Off Area and collect the Aether Spirit that dwells within it. In this case, it’s a Frigid Prowler. That’s an Aether Spirit you will certainly want to have.

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