Top Nintendo Switch Chargers

Getting the most out of your Nintendo Switch often comes down to having the right charging gear to keep you powered up. While the Switch comes with a basic wall adapter, upgrading to higher quality fast chargers, portable power banks, and cables can maximize both charging speed and convenience.



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You have got to look out for a lot of things like ample power delivery, optimal voltage and current ratings, compact and portable designs, etc. Sound a little too frustrating? No worries! To make your homework a little easier, we’ve dug up some of the best performing Switch chargers out there. Check them out below!

Nintendo Switch Game Console Charger

Nintendo Switch AC Adapter

Best Official Charger

$30 $40 Save $10

The official Nintendo Switch AC Adapter provides faster 15V/2.6A charging from a conveniently compact, portable form factor designed exclusively for juicing up your Switch console quickly while gaming in docked or handheld mode.


  • Compact wall adapter size maximizes portability.
  • LED indicator light clearly displays charging status.
  • Provides up to 39W power output for significantly faster charging.

  • No additional USB-C port for charging other gadgets.
  • Limited compatibility with other USB-C devices.

The Nintendo Switch AC Adapter provides a convenient way to power up your Switch console while at home or on the go. Sporting an official Nintendo label, this compact wall charger packs 15V/2.6A output into a portable form factor that’ll juice up your Switch noticeably faster than the average charger that you find out there.

When docked, the AC adapter can power gameplay sessions and charge the battery simultaneously. It’s equally handy in handheld mode when you need to top up the battery but don’t want to be tethered to the dock. Connectivity comes via a five-foot detached USB-C cable that plugs into the side of your Switch. You also get a cool little LED indicator that lets you monitor charging status at a glance.

In terms of specs, the AC adapter can handle 100V to 240V power input, making it versatile for use. The only possible downside that we can think of is the lack of a second USB-C port for charging your phone or other gaming accessories. But hey, if fast charging is a priority for your Switch gaming, you cannot go wrong with this official adapter from Nintendo itself!

Anker 715 Nano II 65W USB Charger

Anker 715 Nano II 65W USB Charger

Best Compact Charger

The Anker 715 Charger packs 65W of power delivery into an ultra-compact design for blazing fast charging speeds up to 3X faster than standard chargers – all powered by advanced GaN II technology in a tiny, portable form factor.


  • Ultra-compact 65W charging power.
  • Advanced GaN II technology.
  • Universal compatibility with laptops, phones, and tablets.

  • Only one USB-C port.
  • Doesn’t support PPS charging.

Anker hits it out of the park again with their latest charging hero, the 715 Charger. This compact powerhouse leverages advanced GaN II technology to deliver a blazing 65W of power in a tiny footprint 58% smaller than your average charger. The benefit of GaN II is that it has higher power density and can operate at much higher frequencies compared to silicon. This enables much more compact and energy-efficient charger designs without compromising on charging speed or power output.

This is charging designed for portability. The foldable plug lets it easily slide into any bag or pocket. But don’t let the size fool you, it has enough juice to charge even power-hungry laptops and tablets at speeds up to three times faster than standard chargers.

Compatibility is no issue, phones get a power boost too with up to 3x faster charging versus old 5W bricks. One of the best things about the adapter is that it works its magic while staying cool and quiet, thanks to an upgraded internal design and thermals.

With a single USB-C Power Delivery port providing up to 65W output, this little brick can be the only charger you need for all your devices. It’s the ultimate portable companion that’ll keep your Switch, tablet, phone, laptop and more charged up and ready to go!

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BIonik Commuter Bag

Bionik Power Commuter Bag for Nintendo Switch

Best Case + Charger

The Bionik Power Commuter Bag houses an integrated 10,000mAh battery pack to keep your Nintendo Switch and devices charged on-the-go along with a water-resistant backpack design built for comfort and securely carrying gaming gear.


  • Water-resistant design protects gear.
  • Padded straps and back panel for ergonomic comfort.
  • Extra USB ports to charge phone and other devices.

  • No accompanying AC adapter for recharging.
  • Can’t access Switch without taking bag off.

If you are someone who likes to travel around a lot and finds wall adapters annoying, Bionik’s got the ultimate portable power solution for your Nintendo Switch with the Power Commuter Bag. This slick backpack packs a 10,000 mAh battery built right in to keep your Switch juiced up during long commutes or gaming sessions on the go.

Just slide your Switch into the dedicated pocket and connect via USB-C to start charging while you wear the bag. We’re talking an extra 6+ hours of battery life to eliminate any anxiety when you’re away from an outlet. When not charging the Switch, use the USB ports to top up your phone or other gadgets.

The commuter-friendly design is roomy enough to hold your Switch, accessories, laptop, and more gear securely. And the water-resistant construction gives you some peace of mind in case it’s a rainy day outside. Considering the accessibility you get on this one, and the price point, this is a must-have accessory for Switch owners on the move.

 GuliKit Attached Power Bank

GuliKit Attached Power Bank

Best Attachable Charger

The GuliKit attached power bank innovatively mounts directly onto the Nintendo Switch for easy on-the-go charging, adding 10+ hours of playtime with its 10,000mAh capacity and detachable slide-on design built specifically for the Switch.


  • Lightweight and compact size.
  • Overcharge protection for safe charging.
  • Extra USB-A port to charge additional devices.

  • No integrated kickstand.
  • Can’t access cartridge slot when mounted.

This compact 10,000mAh battery from GuliKit is one of the coolest Switch accessories ever. Custom-built for the console, this unit is designed to mount right onto the back of your Switch for on-the-go power. It slides on and off in seconds thanks to the smart detachable design that locks securely onto the console’s rear. This lets you game on for hours without having to deal with messy cables or holding a bulky power bank.

The 10,000mAh capacity may not hit the highest capacities we’ve tested, but it’s tailored specifically to extend your Switch gaming with an extra 10+ hours of playtime before needing a recharge. And re-juicing is fast with the built-in USB-C cable and AC adapter support. GuliKit also packed in vital safety features like overcharge protection to keep your Switch from harm while powered up. There’s even a USB-A port, so you can top up a phone or another device from the same battery reserve.

Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger

Nintendo Switch High Speed Car Charger by HORI

Best Car Charger

$16 $20 Save $4

This Nintendo Switch car charger taps into 12V outlets to deliver optimized 15V/2.6A output and fast USB-C PD charging at up to 39W for powering gaming sessions on the go with max speed charging while you drive.


  • Charges 2-3x faster than 5V car chargers.
  • LED indicator shows charging status.
  • USB-C PD enables charging up to 39W.

  • Lacks foldable or retractable plug.

For gamers on the move, your Nintendo Switch accessory arsenal isn’t complete without a dedicated car charger. This power adapter is purpose-built to keep your Switch juiced up and ready for anywhere gaming while driving. It skips the generic 5V/2.4A output of most car USB chargers and instead delivers an optimal 15V/2.6A power profile perfectly tailored to the Switch. This pushes charging speeds up to two to three times faster, so you can game nonstop on road trips without draining battery.

The advanced USB-C Power Delivery tech pumps out up to 39W, the ceiling of what the Switch can handle. So no matter how long or intense your gaming session, you’ll arrive at full battery. Despite the power, the compact and simplified design blends into any car interior or bag. It may only sport a single USB-C port where some have multiple outputs, but we appreciate the minimalist look.

Shargeek 140W PD3.1 GaN Charger

Shargeek 140W PD3.1 GaN Charger

Best 140W Charger

The Shargeek 140W GaN charger delivers ultra-fast charging for Nintendo Switch consoles with 140 watts of power delivery from its innovative compact design powered by advanced GaN technology and multiple ports to simultaneously charge other devices.


  • 140W total output for incredibly fast charging.
  • Allows charging up to 3 devices simultaneously.
  • Advanced GaN technology enables compact form factor.

  • Weighs a little more compared to standard adapters.

For Nintendo Switch owners seeking the pinnacle of charging power, look no further than Shargeek’s game-changing 140W GaN charger. This unassuming brick holds an immense 140-watt punch to charge your Switch with jaw-dropping speed. We’re talking nearly quadruple the power of Nintendo’s own charger, juicing up your console for endless, uninterrupted gaming glory. GaN technology enables this beastly output in a charger that’s remarkably 25 percent more compact than even a MacBook Pro adapter.

When not energizing your Switch, take advantage of the multiple ports to simultaneously power up phones, headphones, tablets and more. The interchangeable global plugs make this an ultra convenient companion for gaming on the go wherever your travels take you worldwide!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can leaving the Switch docked and charging overnight damage the battery?

No, leaving your Switch docked and charging overnight will not hurt the battery or charging system. The Switch has built-in battery management technology that stops drawing power from the charger once the internal battery has reached 100% capacity. This prevents overcharging and protects the battery’s long-term health and lifespan. However, some electronics experts still recommend unplugging the charger once fully charged, as a best practice to avoid constantly trickle charging at max capacity.

Can the Switch be charged wirelessly?

Unfortunately the Switch does not currently support any form of wireless charging. The Switch can only be charged via wired USB-C connection. However, third party accessories like attachable wireless charging battery packs are available that wirelessly charge themselves while wired to the Switch. Is that very helpful? No, not really. But we thought we’d let you know anyway!

Does it mean that the battery is damaged if the Switch won’t turn on after using a third-party charger?

If your Switch doesn’t power on or charge after using an unlicensed third-party adapter or dock, there are a few troubleshooting steps to take before assuming the battery or charging circuitry is damaged. First, try plugging the official Switch AC adapter and cable directly into the Switch itself without any dock. If it powers on and charges normally when plugged in directly, the issue is likely the faulty third-party dock rather than a problem with the battery or charging system.

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