The Best Games To Play That Are Similar To Alan Wake 2

Remedy Entertainment has dropped another masterpiece in their extended AWE universe, Alan Wake 2, a game that gives you a unique horror experience significantly different from the last adventure you had with the author in Bright Falls over a decade ago. While you can’t possibly top this game, there are many horror games and psychological thrillers out there that share similar themes.



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The storytelling style of Remedy is unmatched and is what makes their studio one of the best developers around in the Triple-A industry. However, whether through their brilliant writing, atmospheres, and characters, here are some games that would be a great companion to Alan Wake 2.

10 Alan Wake Remastered

Alan wake stands outside a store in a dark forest holding a flashlight and gun

The original Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2 are very different games in terms of mechanics, story, and genre. Alan Wake Remastered is more of a linear episodic thriller than a full-on Resident Evil survival horror with inventory system management and an investigation board. But the gameplay still has you fight the forces of the Dark Place with your flashlight and revolver.

Creative director Sam Lake has promised that you don’t need to play the first game to enjoy the narrative unfolding in Alan Wake 2. But if you want to know the story of FBI agent Robert Nightingale before the events of this game and experience what Bright Falls was like 13 years ago, you won’t be disappointed by the predecessor.

9 Control

Remedy's game Control showing Jesse using powers on the environment with security guards flying from a blast


PC, PS4, Xbox One

August 27, 2019

Remedy Entertainment

505 Games

Control and Alan Wake share a connected universe, as was alluded to in the main game and then fully threaded in the Alan Wake DLC. Again, you don’t need to play Control to understand Alan Wake 2’s story, but some familiar characters do show up, like Mr. Door and the FBC’s janitor Ahti.

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Just as with the storytelling in the Alan Wake series, Control puts you through a mind-bending journey that follows Jesse Faden as she attempts to eliminate paranatural entities called the hiss that are hijacking the bodies of employees of the Federal Bureau of Control. There are ominous places like the Oldest House and Oceanview Hotel (also showing up in Alan Wake 2), along with some unique powers Jesse has that Alan doesn’t.

8 Silent Hill 2

James Sunderland looking in the mirror in this iconic shot from Silent Hill 2

TheGamer has given Alan Wake 2 the highest praise for being “one of the best survival horror games since Silent Hill 2” in the stellar 5-star review by Jade King. Silent Hill 2 was indeed the gold standard for survival horror during its time, and the surreal elements from James Sunderland’s story do have some parallels with Alan Wake’s.

James Sunderland must face his literal and figurative demons in Silent Hill, while Alan Wake goes through much torment of his own being trapped in the Dark Place and unable to escape its purgatory. You couldn’t say the same of the first game, but the sequel game has much scarier creatures that give those in Silent Hill a run for Pyramid Head’s money.

7 The Last Of Us Part 2

Ellie drawing her bow on an enemy in The Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part 2

PS4, PS5, PC

June 19, 2020

Naughty Dog


Another sequel that proved even bolder and more masterful than its predecessor was Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part 2. It took the smaller-scale story of the first game and blew it up tenfold to deliver one of the most powerful, gripping, and brutal narrative experiences in gaming (another element it shares with Alan Wake 2).

The sequel to The Last of Us centers on Ellie and Abby, two rivals hellbent on revenge over heinous atrocities done to their loved ones. There are actual zombies in this game infected by the Cordyceps fungus rather than supernatural forces, but the tension and frightening atmosphere are just as compelling. You also get to use a bow here in addition to standard weapons, and you may find the UI to be similar.

6 Blair Witch

Blair Witch Gameplay figures hanging from tree branches

If you enjoy the unique flashlight mechanic Alan Wake utilizes to destroy the force shield of the Taken, Blair Witch from Bloober Team brought it back to have you ward off the supernatural entity stalking you in the Black Hills Forest. There are also more strange phenomena that are occurring in this forest, like your camera manipulating objects via the rewind function.

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You may not be FBI like Saga Anderson, but you are a former police officer named Ellis searching the woods of the rumored Blair Witch to locate a missing boy, and you have a sidekick in your dog Bullet aiding you along the way. The forest setting puts you right back into the eerie foresty path to Cauldron Lake, and there’s lots of lore around witchcraft in Alan Wake 2, even a Witch’s Hut you can visit.

5 Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy And Heavy Rain

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy And Heavy Rain footage of the protagonists

Following up a dark detective narrative like Alan Wake 2 would only be perfect with either Quantic Dream’s Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy or its successor, Heavy Rain. Both are mysteries involving police procedural elements, the former being more supernatural about a possessed man named Luca who’s forced to kill someone at a diner, and the latter about a father named Ethan Mars racing against the clock to rescue his son from the Origami Killer.

In both games, you get to assume the main characters at the center of the plot and the detectives investigating the respective cases, playing out in the narrative-driven style of Alan Wake 2. If you appreciate Alan Wake 2 for its Twin Peaks inspirations, Fahrenheit Indigo Prophecy is composed by Angelo Badalamenti, who’s scored Twin Peaks and other David Lynch projects.

4 Lies Of P

Lies of P character fighting three puppets

Lies of P

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC, macOS

September 19, 2023

Neowiz Games, Round8 Studio

Neowiz Games

Alan Wake and Lies of P’s Pinocchio have much more in common than you may believe at first glance. While it may be the closest Soulslike to a Fromsoftware game, there are many survival horror elements, and enemies ambush the same. It’s also an adaptation of the classic storybook The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi and is filled with more than just a few references, which is something a fellow author like Alan Wake would appreciate.

Lies of P puts you into the shoes of Geppetto’s doll as you navigate the horrifying fictional land of Krat, filled with rogue puppets of all shapes and sizes and grotesque Petrification-disease mutated bosses that have genuinely scary designs. And if you think some of the enemies in Alan Wake 2 are difficult, the boss fights in Lies of P have another thing coming.

3 Resident Evil 4 Remake And Separate Ways DLC

Ashley Graham, Leon Kennedy, and Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake

PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC

March 24, 2023



From the very intro of Alan Wake 2, you begin to draw a direct comparison to the opening of Resident Evil 4 Remake, where Los Iluminados are carrying a villager to be sacrificed on an altar. As special agent Leon Kennedy enters the area to investigate the cult, Saga and her partner Alex Casey investigate the ritualistic murder by the Cult of the Tree in Bright Falls.

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The inventory management, setting, and overall design are pretty much one and the same, and the combat is quite similar visually and mechanically, with enemies sometimes reminding you of Ganados. Resident Evil 4 may have a more linear and less mind-bending narrative, but the core elements are there. If you also get the Separate Ways DLC that lets you play as antagonist Ada Wong during the events of Leon’s campaign, it will feel like the Saga and Alan storylines.

2 The Medium

Characters explore parallel worlds in The Medium

The Medium

PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S

January 28, 2021

Bloober Team

Bloober Team

The atmosphere and vibes of Alan Wake 2 are best represented in yet another game by Bloober Team that launched in 2021 called The Medium. There’s that same Silent Hill essence carried through here, and the main part of the gameplay is simultaneously being Marianne in the real world and Marianne in the spirit world (a sort of Dark Place of its own with horrifying entities out to get you).

The spirit world version of Marianne also can produce a shield of light that protects against swarms of moths you’ll encounter, a cooler ability than a flashlight running low on batteries. The mystery is also just as captivating and not as straightforward as you may think, taking you through the haunted halls of a Polish resort called Niwa, where a strange massacre has happened years before.

1 Layers Of Fear (2023)

a dusty and abandoned room shows a typewriter at a desk

Layers of Fears (2023)

PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC

November 30, 2022

Bloober Team

Bloober Team

Lastly, one more game from developer Bloober Team exemplifies the aesthetics of Alan Wake 2, and that would be the 2023 remake of Layers of Fear. Right from its shocking start, Alan Wake 2 has in store two jump scares in a row, and if you want more genuine jump scares and disturbing narrative, Layers of Fear (2023) delivers on all fronts.

Another key factor in the similarities between Alan Wake 2 and Layers of Fear (2023) is how the story is told this time around. The original Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, and the DLC are now all one anthology game, and the stories are connected through a new Writer character stationed at a typewriter in an isolated lighthouse, ultimately haunted by the same dark presence plaguing the characters in her books.

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