The Best Leaders In The One Piece Card Game

Leader cards are the life and blood of the One Piece Card Game. They directly dictate what color of cards you can include in your 50-card deck. Every booster set has included at least five leaders per set and while some are fun and perfect for casual play, if you want to get your hands on some of the most coveted prize cards, you ought to pick one of the best.



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From strong power boosts to defensive plays, the best leader abilities can impact the board immediately upon activation. Just like every card game, One Piece Card Game offers plenty of playstyles depending on your leader card.

10 Eustass”Captain”Kid

eustass captain kid leader starter deck one piece card game

Eustass”Captain”Kid was the leader featured in one of the first starter decks ever made for the One Piece Card Game, and while it has fallen in and out of the meta, this leader is still one of the most reliable in the game.

Being a green leader gives this card amazing searcher cards like Bonney, Nami, and Momonosuke to feed Kid’s leader ability. This leader can restand after paying the cost of three DON!! and one card out of your hand.

9 Monkey.D.Luffy

monkey d luffy leader starter deck one piece card game

The future king of the pirates is one of the most flexible leader cards in the game. This Monkey.D.Luffy can give one of your characters or leader a rested DON!! once per turn. This can allow you to output even more damage from your characters after establishing a board state.

Similar to Zoro’s effect of powering up your characters with a DON!! card, this Luffy leader yields more of a midrange style of play rather than full-blown aggro.

8 Rob Lucci

Rob Lucci OP03-076 Leader Alternate Art

Red is always cemented as the aggressive deck in most card games, and in the One Piece Card Game, one of the best here is Rob Lucci. This leader, like Kid, can restand by trashing two cards from your hand whenever you K.O. an opponent’s character.

Black can easily achieve this by using their unique cost reduction effects. Even though it can be an uber aggressive deck, Lucci can play their own version of control by constantly beating down your opponent’s characters.

7 Donquixote Doflamingo (Blue)

doflamingo leader parallel art one piece card game

There are a couple of decks based on the Seven Warlords Of The Sea, but Doflamingo’s can flood the board quickly by rearranging the top cards of your deck. His leader ability can flip the top card of your deck and if it has the Seven Warlords Of The Sea type, and it’s four cost or less, you can play it for free.

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With cards like Perona and the blocker Doflamingo, you can rearrange the top of your deck to guarantee your free characters every time your leader attacks.

6 Crocodile

crocodile starter deck leader one piece card game

While Crocodile was arguably the strongest deck during the prerelease era of the card game, it remained in the shadows until OP-04 Kingdoms Of Intrigue where powerful blue control tools like Dragon Twister Demolition Breath and Gum Gum Red Roc.

Crocodile’s gameplan revolves around constantly removing your opponent’s board by returning characters to their hand or the bottom of their deck. With powerful blockers and even stronger event cards, Crocodile can still break boards that aren’t expecting it.

5 Donquixote Doflamingo (G/P)

Donquixote Doflamingo (019) (Alternate Art) - Kingdoms of Intrigue (OP04)

During OP-04, this version of Doflamingo was introduced alongside plenty of Donquixote Pirate cards, but due to its color combination of green/purple, the optimal way to play this leader is by combining OP-02 FILM type green cards with purple cards found in ST-05.

Doflamingo’s ability to restand two DON!! cards at the end of your turn make this deck a defensive powerhouse that will always have counter power to block your opponent’s attacks against your wide FILM character boards.

4 Charlotte Katakuri

charlotte katakuri alternate art leader one piece card game

Katakuri was a menace as soon as it was introduced. The trigger effects were way too powerful and his leader ability to rearrange life cards made it a high-roller’s dream of a deck.

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Big Mom’s son is able to gain a power boost while looking at what he is about to hit in your opponent’s life or even your own then rearrange it on the top or bottom of the life pile. With powerful support cards like Charlotte Perospero and the deadly ten-cost Charlotte Linlin, the Emperor’s family is sure to decimate their opponents.

3 Trafalgar Law

trafalgar law leader full art one piece card game

Most decks in the One Piece Card Game are relatively straightforward. The complexity of the game starts and ends with the math involved with countering attacks. This is not the case with Trafalgar Law.

This leader has the ability to swap out characters for a different color character from your hand. This can lead to a quick barrage of attacks with red’s powerful rush characters, or defensive plays with green blocker cards. With many combinations of Law’s shambles effect, every single card in the deck can become a combo piece.

2 Edward.Newgate

edward newgate alternate art leader one piece card game

Every leader card until OP-02 had a base 5,000 power. Edward.Newgate came out the gates swinging with a whopping 6,000 base power and six total life cards. The only bright side of this otherwise top-tier leader is that he takes burn damage every turn to mimic his slow illness from the manga and anime.

His fast card draw, combined with powerful red staple cards and a base 6,000 power makes this leader tough to deal with, even forcing Bandai to issue a restriction list to balance the deck.

1 Roronoa Zoro

roronoa zoro parallel art one piece card game

Most leaders in the game have abilities that are locked to their crew or series arc that they are found in. Zoro is one of the exceptions, due to Bandai printing red cards that are not locked behind an archetype or leader. Zoro can take advantage of almost every red card in the game by offering a generic “anthem” effect, powering up every character on play by 1,000.

While 1,000 power might not seem like a lot, Zoro’s strategy can consist of spamming the board with low-cost characters that, with Zoro’s ability, can become huge threats, if not dealt with quickly.

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