How To Beat Madhu The Dismantler In Ghostrunner 2

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During the events of Ghostrunner 2, Jack gets trapped in a bunker after unsuccessfully trying to catch Mitra. In retaliation, Mitra and Madhu raid Dharma, the tower where the humans try to live. Their objective is to take control of Dharma and rule over the humans.



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Thankfully, Jack and Rahu, the Avatar you fought not so long ago, allied to stop Mitra and Madhu. Then, both travel back to Dharma. The first one Jack finds when trying to protect Dharma is Madhu, who quickly challenges Jack to a fierce battle. Here, you’ll see how to defeat Madhu, The Dismantler.

Madhu The Dismantler Attacks

Ghostrunner 2 Madhu In Its Three-Head Form

As you can see, Madhu has three heads and three HP bars, a Red, Green, and Blue one; you can say you are in a gamer boss fight (batteries not included). You can also note that Madhu changes their color depending on which of their three heads is in command.

Red Madhu

Ghostrunner 2 The Player Fighting Against Red Madhu

When Madhu’s glow turns to Red, they’ll attack with their scythe. This is also the one that will attack first when the battle begins. When attacking with the scythe, they’ll be constantly dashing back and forth, like what Ahriman did during his battle.

If you are far from Madhu, they’ll charge at you with the scythe, which is almost impossible to avoid. If they land on you, but you block it, they’ll send you flying like a piece of paper.

After dealing damage to them for a while, Madhu will fly away, stepping on a different platform. They‘ll do it after battling for a while on the platform; keep that in mind. On their new platform, Madhu can either switch to Blue or Green. Both have different effects.

Blue Madhu

Ghostrunner 2 The Player Fighting Against Blue Madhu

The Blue Madhu shoots rockets when you are far from them. When you go near them, they can either stomp on the floor, creating a shockwave that reduces your stamina and pushes you back, or they start shooting with their Minigun.

The Minigun has a relatively short hitbox; you can jump over it to avoid getting shot at. Madhu will turn around slowly while using it, so you have plenty of chances to attack.

Green Madhu

Ghostrunner 2 The Player Fighting Against Green Madhu

When Madhu turns green, they‘ll invoke some pillars protected by grunts. These pillars will always spawn far from you and on different platforms from where Madhu is.

Green Madhu will heal Red and Blue Madhu while the pillar is still up, so you must be fast by killing the grunts and taking the pillar down. Breaking the pillar will damage Green Madhu, and then they’ll switch colors again.

The grunts guarding the pillars when Green Madhu appears again will get progressively stronger. When the pillar is up for the first time, you’ll only face melee grunts. Then, there will be ranged grunts, and you can even find yourself fighting against robots.

After breaking the pillar, Madhu will stay on their platform and change to either Red or Blue. After dealing damage to them for a while, they’ll change to Green and run away. That’s how the battle will progress: first Red, then Green, then Red or Blue, then Green, and the cycle repeats.

If you defeat one of their versions, it won’t reappear. The Green one will be the first one you defeat.

Madhu The Dismantler Strategy

Ghostrunner 2 The Player Approaching a Green Madhu Pillar

Let’s first talk about what to do when Madhu is attacking with their scythe, which is when the battle begins. There’s a wall behind you; go there to protect your back. Then, keep tracking Madhu’s dashes until they attack; that’s when you must block. Blocking will consume all your stamina, but you won’t fly away because you are near a wall.

Try to parry their attack; it’ll stun them, dealing a lot of damage in the process. You can attack Red Madhu between their attacks as they’ll take their time repositioning themselves.

Now, on to the Blue Madhu, the hardest of the bunch. If they’re far away, they’ll start spamming rockets, which are hard to dodge, but at least you can see where they will land. Keep progressing until you reach them.

Try to stick to their back so they won’t land a bullet on you. They’ll start spamming the shockwave as you are near them, but you can cut distances by dashing towards them. Deal damage until it switches to Green.

Lastly, Green Madhu. When they appear, you’ll get into a checkpoint, so if you get defeated by the grunts, you won’t be starting the battle since the beginning. Slashing through grunts is the bread and butter of this game, so it’s not really hard to get rid of them to access the pillar. Remember to deal with the ranged grunts first, then go for the melee ones at the end.

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