Dozer Specialist Guide: Battlefield 2042

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  • Dozer Specialist Overview

Surviving 128-player battles in Battlefield 2042 is a difficult task for most specialists. The sheer number of vehicles and infantry cause most specialists to drop dead in a matter of seconds. One specialist stands as an exception: Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza.



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Dozer is known for his riot shield and padded armor, allowing him to absorb an untold amount of punishment. A good Dozer player is able to challenge chokepoints, take on multiple enemies at once, and counter certain vehicles. This guide will cover how Dozer works, the inner workings of his Ballistic Shield, and we’ll give some tips on how to best use this specialist.

Updated October 27, 2023, by Charles Burgar: Dozer has seen a few changes since Battlefield 2042’s initial launch. We’ve updated this guide to include all current information on Dozer, including his base class, available gadgets, and tips on how to effectively use and counter his Ballistic Shield.

Dozer Specialist Overview

Battlefield 2042 Hazard Zone 1
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Specialist Gadget

Ballistic Shield: Deflects incoming small arms fire


Blast Resistance: Reduce explosive damage effects

Dozer is a frontline fighter that can survive an onslaught of bullets and explosives. That is mostly thanks to his Ballistic Shield, a riot shield that can absorb an unlimited amount of damage from small arms fire. If a vehicle decides to challenge Dozer, his Blast Resistance allows him to take much more punishment than other specialists. Dozer serves as a frontline tank that defends his team while closing the gap.

Assault specialists are proficient with Assault Rifles, spawning with three additional magazines of reserve ammo.

As an Assault, Dozer has access to a great selection of anti-infantry gadgets. He always spawns with the Med-Pen class gadget, instantly starting HP regeneration when used. Secondary gadget options include C5 Explosives, Claymores, Smoke and Grenade Launchers, and Armor Plates. Most explosive and utility grenades are available in the throwable section, notably Incendiary Grenades.

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Gadget And Passive

Batlefield 2042 Dozer

Ballistic Shield

Equipping the Ballistic Shield prevents Dozer from using any weapons, secondary gadgets, or grenades. While the Ballistic Shield is active, Dozer takes no damage from small arms fire. This includes all infantry weapons and most vehicle machine guns. Explosive weapons deal greatly reduced damage to Dozer, allowing him to tank C5 charges, grenades, and even a couple of rockets. If Dozer is hit with an RPG or M5 rocket, he will stow his shield for a second, giving the enemy a chance to land a killing blow. Be careful using your shield against Engineers and vehicles.

Dozer can sprint with his Ballistic Shield to close the gap, capable of killing targets with a follow-up melee attack. You can’t tactical sprint or slide with the shield, but the Ballistic Shield has infinite health. The only way to rid of the shield is by hitting Dozer with a hard-hitting projectile, notably rockets. Additionally, Dozer’s shield will redirect all damage to anything directly in front of the Ballistic Shield. This means that you can technically kill a player by redirecting their bullets, although this is impractical in most situations.

Blast Resistance

Dozer takes around 50% less damage from all sources of explosive damage. This includes grenades, rocket launchers, and explosive armaments from vehicles. Explosive self-damage is also affected by this passive. While this percentage is quite high, Dozer can still be one-shot by a tank’s main cannon or a few rounds of a 30mm cannon. Use your Ballistic Shield to fully take advantage of this passive.

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Tips And Tricks

Battlefield 2042 Dozer Specialist

  • Dozer’s shield can survive a direct impact against nearly every gadget and vehicle. If you’re about to face an Engineer or vehicle, use your shield.
  • You can counter enemy Dozers by using Incendiary Grenades.
  • Consider using Smoke Grenades before pushing with the Ballistic Shield.
  • If you’re struggling to take an objective, play Dozer. He makes infantry chokepoints much easier to break.

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