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  • Disgaea 7 features a fantastic cast of voice actors who bring the characters to life, making them feel believable.
  • Some notable voice actors in the game include Morgan Laure, Caitlan Glass, and Anne Yatco, who have extensive experience in the industry.
  • The characters in Disgaea 7, such as Demmodore Opener and Higan Zesshosai, are brought to life by talented voice actors, adding depth and personality to the game.



The seventh entry into the long-running Disgaea series, Disgaea 7 brings the intensely wacky and surprisingly serious tone that the series is known for to a new level. No small part of that is from the fantastic cast of voice actors to bring life to their characters.

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Everyone from the villains of the game to the protagonists has a talented voice actor bringing them to life, helping to breathe life into the characters and make their larger-than-life characters feel believable. If you think you recognize a voice or two from the game, here’s a quick list of some of the most popular characters from Disgaea 7 and the actors who voice them.

9 Nitra

Morgan Laure (Death Parade, Spy x Family)

Nitra and Morgan Laure roles

The deceptively sweet and innocent Nitra is a bit of a wolf in sheep’s clothing in Disgaea 7 but has a fulfilling character arc throughout the game. While she’s only playable after you beat the main story, she pops up a number of times in the game. She’s Ceefore’s bestie for a time, before revealing her true intentions to the party.

Nitra is voiced by the talented Morgan Laure, who has been involved in more than 200 productions over the course of her career. You can find Morgan in popular shows like Death Parade where she voiced Castra, and more recently as Camilla in Spy x Family.

8 Demmodore Opener

Aaron LaPlante (Bleach, Primal)

Opener and Aaron LaPlante roles, Spear, and Ichibē Hyōsube

The main antagonist of Disgaea 7, Demmodore Opener rules his nation with an iron fist, which is fitting given his use of the Demonic Fist, one of the Seven Founding Weapons. He wields this Fist to control his warriors and wage war against the other nations, which wraps up all the characters in the game in conflict.

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Actor, writer, and voice actor, Aaron LaPlante is an experienced professional who brings a certain gravitas to the game. Across Aaron’s extensive career, he has voiced Spear from Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal as well as the Leader of the Zero Division Ichibē Hyōsube from Bleach.

7 Higan Zesshosai

Caitlan Glass (Street Fighter 6, Fullmetal Alchemist)

Higan Zesshosai and Caitlan Glass Roles, Winry, and Mina

A powerful spear-wielding samurai, Higan Zesshosai is a loud and rambunctious villain-turned-friend who finds fighting with a sword too easy, choosing to take up the spear as to give her a challenge in combat. Higan is incredibly strong, so much so that she has earned the title of Zesshosai, which is not her last name and instead a title given to the strongest swordsman.

The actor behind Higan is Caitlan Glass, an award-winning actor who has voiced characters from a wide range of roles. Caitlin is perhaps best known for her role as Mina Ashido in My Hero Academia and Fullmetal Alchemist’s mechanical surgeon Winry Rockbell. If you’re a fighting game fan, you can find her voicing Cammy in Street Fighter 6.

6 Suisen

Anne Yatco (Jujutsu Kaisen, Starfield)

Suisen and Anne Yatco Roles, Bambietta Basterbine, Nobara Kugisaki

The final character players can recruit in the main game, Suisen might feel out of place a bit in a game about demons and angels and other monsters, being an android and all, but can be as cold and calculating as the rest. Suisen is incredibly accurate when predicting the outcomes of situations, but gets flustered when his calculations are incorrect.

Suisen is voiced by Anne Yatco, an industry veteran who has voiced a ton of anime, games, and other animation productions. Notably, Anne has voiced the incredibly cool Nobara Kurosaki from Jujutsu Kaisen, as well as being featured in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War as the sadistic Bambietta Basterbine.

5 Ceefore

Lisa Reimold (Fire Emblem Engage, Rune Factory 3)

Ceefore and Lisa Reimold roles, Hinata, and Kali

Part-time villain, most of the time ally, Ceefore is an adorably designed thief and weapon-obsessed Angel who becomes playable early in the game. With a penchant for fire and firearms, Ceefore’s is even a play on the C-4 type of chemical explosive, really solidifying her love of all things that blow up.

Lisa Reimold is very familiar with voicing video game characters, having done work in Rune Factory 3 as Ray, and Fire Emblem: Engage as Framme. Lisa is no stranger to anime either, having been featured in Gundam Build Divers Re: Rise as Hinata Mukai and Pokemon Masters, where she was the actor behind Kali.

4 Yeyasu

Zeno Robinson (Pokemon, Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes)

Yeyasu and Zeno Robinson roles Tai and Goh

The flashy Yeyasu is an early-game villain who eventually flips allegiances to join the party as a playable character after a bit. Voiced by Zeno Robinson, Yeyasu is the head of the Edogawa family in the game but has a few bad habits, like being a bit of a coward and a little more lewd than most would like.

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Zeno has an incredibly fun history of acting, having been in everything from Dragon Ball Super: Super Heroes as the android Gamma 2, to Tai in Digimon Adventure: 2020. As if that wasn’t enough, Zeno also voiced Goh in an impressive 128 episodes in the Pokemon anime.

3 Ао

Kimberley Anne Campbell (Genshin Impact, Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night)

 and Kimberley Anne Campbell roles Nagatoro and Argo

Daughter of Fuji and incredibly powerful despite her childish nature, Ao isn’t playable for much of the game, only becoming recruitable in the post-game, but still plays a significant role in the game. Voiced by Kimberley Anne Campbell, Ao has a habit of breaking everything she can with her demonic strength, creating mountains of debt for her father.

A talented voice actor who has appeared in more than 26 films, games, and shows, Kimberley Anne Campbell is best known for her work in Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro as the titular Nagatoro. Fans of Sword Art Online might also recognize her from Sword Art Online: Progressive – Aria of a Starless Night where she voiced Argo.

2 Pirilika

Kristen McGuire (Genshin Impact, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands)

Pirilika and Kristen McGuire roles Misuzu and Flora

One of the two main protagonists in Disgaea 7, Pirilika is both a savvy businesswoman and a little ditzy and is voiced by Kristen McGuire. Pirilika is obsessed with the concept and ideologies of Bushido, to the point where her imagination runs wild in order to find sympathy for practically any demon she encounters, even the most vile of them.

Kristen has worked both as a scriptwriter for a number of games and anime and behind the microphone as a voice actor. She has worked as a writer for That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and SSSS.Dynazenon, along with plenty more. As a voice actor, you might recognize her as Flora from Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Daisuke as well as Misuzu from Genshin Impact.

1 Fuji

Alejandro Saab (My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball Legends)

Fuji and Alejandro Saab roles Shaddiq and Naomasa

The emotionally cursed and penny-pinching Fuji is the main character of Disaga 7 and is voiced by Alejandro Saab. The rogue samurai has rejected the Bushido tenets of the Netherworld and now travels as a hardened warrior. Fuji isn’t as evil and cold-hearted as he likes to believe, having been cursed with an Empathy Allergy, Fuji will cough up blood if he feels emotions like friendship, affection, or sympathy, especially when it coms to his daughter, Ao.

Alejandro is an experienced voice actor, having worked the studios like FUNimation, RoosterTeeth, and Okratron. Some of his other work includes Shallot in Dragon Ball Legends, Shaddiq Zenelli from Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, and Naomasa Tsukauchi in My Hero Academia.

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