How To Get The Shotgun From The General Store In Alan Wake 2

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Combat is somewhat secondary to exploration and investigation in Alan Wake 2, but when it’s time to fight you’ll need to be ready. Enemies take a lot more damage on average than in most games, so having extra weapons and ammo is essential. Luckily, you can get a shotgun almost right away once you start encountering the Taken regularly.



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Getting your very own boomstick takes a little bit of puzzle-solving. It’s worth the additional time, though, especially with a boss fight just around the corner. Read on to find out how to unlock the gun cabinet and claim your prize.

Where Is The Shotgun In Alan Wake 2?

a Taken cultist in a deer mask illuminated by a flashlight in Alan Wake 2

The shotgun is in the abandoned general store at the crime scene. You’ll see it during the first chapter, but you won’t be able to do much until you return in Chapter Two. It will be dark when you do, so have your flashlight ready.

After you find the Manuscript Page at the Witch’s Hut, Saga will deduce that she needs to visit the general store next. The entrance is on the opposite side of the building from the crime scene.

When you enter the store, approach the back wall. If you’ve visited the building previously, you’ll have found a locked door there. This time, an ax-wielding cultist will burst through the wall to attack you; he needs to be eliminated before you can continue.

Even if you expose his weak point with the flashlight, the cultist will take most of a clip’s worth of ammo to defeat on normal difficulty. Stay near the door so that you can run outside if you take damage; the light from the streetlamp will protect you.

Once the cultist is dead, you can enter the back room through the hole that he left in the wall. The cabinet containing the shotgun is on the right-hand wall.

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What Is The Combination To The Gun Cabinet In The General Store?

an old lottery ticket showing the numbers 05 13 17 23 39 45 in Alank Wake 2

The note next to the lock says to check with Lady Fortuna at the front desk for the combination.

Look at the notepad next to the cash register, near the main entrance to the building; it has several previous combinations crossed out; 705, 713, 717, and 723. There is also a phone number and an old lottery ticket on the table.

The lottery ticket shows the numbers 05 13 17 23 39 45. Adding lucky number seven to the beginning of each number pair gives the previous codes that the store used for the lock. This means that the current combination is the next one in the sequence, 739.

Turn the dials on the lock so that it reads 739 from the top down, and it will pop open. The shotgun only has two shells to start, so save them for the confrontation with Nightingale unless you find yourself perilously low on handgun ammo.

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