Murder Mystery 2 Codes For October 2023

Murderer, Innocent, or Sheriff – these Murder Mystery 2 codes will help you no matter your role.

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We checked for new Murder Mystery 2 codes on October 27, 2023, and can confirm there are no changes since last week’s update. All active and expired codes are current.



The term “murder mystery” elicits a specific image: usually a group of well-to-do high-society types scoping out evidence inside a giant mansion on a stormy night. (Okay, it’s Clue. We’re talking about Clue.) Murder Mystery 2 is not that kind of experience. In this Roblox game by Nikilis, you’ll find yourself in fast-paced kill fests where everyone fights to survive.

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There are three roles you can play in Murder Mystery 2. The murderer must kill everyone else before time runs out. In contrast, the sheriff must kill the murderer without hurting innocents. And the innocents need to hide and survive until the ordeal concludes. These Murder Mystery 2 codes provide valuable perks for any three roles, including new weapons and exclusive pets.

Working Murder Mystery 2 Codes

There are no active Murder Mystery 2 codes at this time. Check back soon for more updates!

Murder Mystery 2 codes are case-specific and often substitute letters with numbers. Furthermore, these codes last for a limited period, so we recommend redeeming new codes ASAP before they expire.

Expired Codes




Receive a Combat II Knife!


Receive an Alex Knife!


Receive a Denis Knife!


Receive a Sketchy Knife!


Receive a Corl Knife!


Receive a Prism Knife!


Receive an Infected Knife!


Receive a Goo Knife!


Receive a Reptile Knife!


Receive a Neon Knife!


Receive a Pumpkin Pet!

How To Redeem Murder Mystery 2 Codes

A step-by-step diagram for redeeming promo codes in the Roblox game Murder Mystery 2.

You can redeem Murder Mystery 2 codes via the Inventory. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Inventory icon (wooden box) on the left side of the screen.
  2. After the Inventory menu appears, type the code into the small text field in the lower-right corner of the menu.
  3. Click the Redeem button under the text field to submit the code.

Always check for errors regarding spelling, letter-casing, spacing, numbers, and special characters ($, !, @, etc.) if your first redemption fails. Then, if these edits do not change the result, you may assume the code is faulty or expired.

How To Get More Murder Mystery 2 Codes

The best way to get more Murder Mystery 2 codes is by following Nikilis (@NikilisRBX) on X (Formerly Twitter). Visit the pages below for more Murder Mystery 2 news and info.

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