How To Level Up Child Skills In The Sims 4

In The Sims 4, there is a variety of different life stages that you can play through. Childhood is the first stage in a Sim’s life where they can experience true freedom. Still, you want your Sim children to grow up happy, healthy, and smart, so it’s important to develop life skills.



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In this guide, we are going to take a look at Child Skills, and how to develop them. This will include any potential rewards gained from maxing out a Child Skill tree. In total, there are four Child Skills, with each one having ten levels.

What Are The Four Child Skills?

A child Sim playing in her bedroom in The Sims 4

The four Child Skills are unique to Sims in this life stage; Sims of any other group cannot level these skills up. The four Child Skills can be seen below.

  • Creativity
  • Mental
  • Motor
  • Social

How To Level Up Child Skills

Sims 4: children at karaoke machine.

To level up Child Skills, you will just need to do relevant activities, which we will go over later. It’s important to first note that your child Sim will not gain normal experience from activities until they max out the skill.

Your child Sims does not need adult supervision to level up any of these skills.

For example, if you choose to level up your Sim’s Creativity Skill by playing piano, they will not gain the Piano Skill. Instead, this will develop the Creativity Skill until level ten is reached. At this point, they can then actually learn to play the piano.

Creativity Skill

Sims 4 first fits 9 kids on a playground in new clothing

The Creativity Skill is associated with tasks that involve using creativity and imagination. This includes painting, playing instruments, playing with toys, and drawing at an Activity Table.

If your child Sim heads to a park, they can also develop their Creativity Skill on a Jungle Gym.

Creativity Skill Level Max Reward

As mentioned earlier, at level ten of the Creativity Skill, your child Sim can learn to play piano and violin. By interacting with these instruments, they will increase the skills like normal adult Sims.

Mental Skill

The Sims 4 children sit together and play videogames in the living room

The Mental Skill deals with logical-based activities. This skill is quite simple to level up, as doing homework can help develop it.

In addition to doing homework, your child Sim can play chess, read books, and play video games. At a Science Table, your Sim can also experiment to develop the Mental Skill.

Mental Skill Level Max Reward

With a level ten Mental Skill, your child Sim can now develop the following skills.

  • Logic
  • Fishing
  • Video Games

Motor Skill

An office desk in the Sims 4, with the camera focused on a pile of notes and pens next to the computer

The Motor Skill deals with dexterity and coordination. To increase the Motor Skill, have your child Sim play on a playground and practice typing at a computer.

We suggest putting a simple set of Monkey Bars on your lot, allowing any children to play and increase their Motor Skill.

Motor Skill Level Max Reward

Unlike the other skills, a max level Motor Skill does not unlock any other skills.

Social Skill

Sims 4 family with parents, a grandparent and two children.

Lastly, we have the Social Skill. This may be the easiest to level up, as you simply need to talk with others.

This can be done in person or on a computer. If you are looking to increase all four skills at the same time, we suggest playing chess with an adult. This will increase your child Sim’s Mental and Social Skill at the same time, while also increasing your friendship with the other player.

Social Skill Level Max Reward

With a level ten Social Skill, your Sim can now develop the Charisma and Mischief Skills.

Childhood Aspirations & Traits

Two kids in their bedrooms in a split screen style image.

There are four possible aspirations that children can have in the base game, with each one corresponding to a skill type.

There are additional child aspirations that become available with the Growing Together DLC.

Below, you can check out each aspiration and its requirements.

As you can see, maxing out Child Skills can be beneficial in your adulthood. The reward for each aspiration is a permanent trait that provides beneficial learning effects. For example, adults who completed the Whiz Kid aspiration can learn programming quickly.

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