The Best Guinaifen Build Guide In Honkai: Star Rail

The characters released in Honkai: Star Rail, especially the four-stars, usually don’t have a lot of flexibility with their builds. However, Guinaifen goes against this since her phenomenal kit allows you to build her as a DPS, a DoT support, or a general support character for your team.



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Guinaifen is a four-star Nihility character who has Fire as the combat type. She can be acquired on any banners in the game after the 1.4 update, but you have a higher chance of getting her when she’s featured on one of the limited banners.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Guinaifen

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen Relic Screen

Depending on your play style, here are all the Relic and Planar Ornament set bonuses that Guinaifen enjoys the most:



Reason For Synergy With Guinaifen


Musketeer of Wild Wheat

This is currently the best four-piece set for DoT-based characters since it gives you ATK, SPD, and Basic ATK DMG. Guinaifen’s Basic Attack also has a chance of applying Burn on the enemies, making this great for her.

Thief of Shooting Meteor

If you’re planning to go for a Break Effect DoT build for Guinaifen, which is arguably the better choice if you’re using her with Kafka, this set bonus can help you a lot.

Two Piece Musketeer of Wild Wheat and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

These two-piece sets are currently the best in slot Relics for Guinaifen since you get a bit of ATK Percent and SPD with it. The higher SPD allows you to get your Ultimate faster as well.

Planar Ornaments

Pan-Cosmic Commercial Enterprise

This Ornament set gives you up to 24 percent ATK when you have over 120 SPD, which is a requirement for every character. The DoT DMG scales directly on ATK, making this a great choice for her.

Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

This set directly goes with the Thief of Shooting Meteor Relic set to give you even more Break Effect. With the two of these and the correct stats, you can easily have over 150 percent Break Effect on Guinaifen.

Broken Keel

Finally, this is the Ornament set you’d want to use if you’re planning to capitalize on the extra DMG taken by the enemy for Guinaifen’s talent.

It gives all your allies an extra 10 percent Crit DMG if Guinaifen has over 30 percent Effect RES, which also helps her avoid being crowd-controlled.

Even after so many choices for the Relic and Planar Ornament, it’s hard to say which one is the best for Guinaifen since you’d use them in different scenarios. For example, you’d use the two-piece sets for her DoT-based build but Thief of Shooting Meteor if you’re building her on Break Effect.

It’s important to figure out which build you want to go for before deciding on the set bonuses. Moreover, here are the main stats you should be looking for in each of these builds:

Relic Type

Main Stat Priority For DoT Build

Main Stat Priority For Break Effect Build


ATK Percent

ATK Percent




Planar Sphere

Fire DMG Bonus

ATK Percent

Link Rope

ATK Percent

Break Effect

If you don’t have a lot of Effect Hit Rate for the DoT Build, you can think about going for it as the main stat on the Feet.

When it comes to the sub-stats, you should be looking for ATK Percent and SPD for both builds. However, you can look for Effect Hit Rate for the DoT build and Break Effect for the other build.

Best Light Cones For Guinaifen

Honkai Star Rail Eyes Of The Prey Light Cone Screen

Guinaifen is one of the few four-star characters that has a bunch of four-star and five-star Light Cone choices, but none of the three-star suits her quite as much. Thankfully, some of her choices are completely F2P-friendly:

Incessant Rain

This Light Cone works perfectly for her since it gives Guinaifen extra Crit Rate when you attack an enemy with three or more debuffs. Two of these debuffs come from her kit including the Burn and Firekiss, and the final one is applied by the Light Cone itself.

Solitary Healing

This F2P Light Cone can be used if you’re planning to use Guinaifen as a Break Effect support for Kafka. It also increases her DoT DMG after using Ultimate, which synergizes with the instant Burn trigger.

In the Name of the World

You can acquire this Light Cone from the Standard Banner, Light Cone Banner, and the shop. It gives you extra DMG against debuffed enemies and also increases your Skill’s Effect Hit Rate and ATK Percent.

Eyes of the Prey

This is the perfect four-star Light Cone for Guinaifen since it gives her extra Effect Hit Rate and DoT damage. You don’t need the Effect Hit Rate as much for the Break Effect build but the secondary stat is still great.


Finally, this Light Cone is only worth using if you have it on Superimposition Five and plan to use Guinaifen as a Weakness Breaker. This is because the secondary stat for the Light Cone is completely useless for her.

Guinaifen Traces Overview And Priority

Honkai Star Rail Guinaifen Idle Animation With Gong

Guinaifen’s Traces are fairly easy to understand, and here’s a simple breakdown of what they do:

Trace Name



Standing Ovation

Basic Attack

Deals a certain percentage of Fire DMG to one target.

Blazing Welcome


Hits three adjacent enemies with Fire DMG with a 100 percent chance to apply Burn on them. Burned enemies take DoT at the start of their turn.

Watch This Showstopper


Deals Fire DMG to all enemies and instantly triggers all the Burn instances on these enemies.

PatrAeon Benefits


Whenever an enemy takes Burn DMG with Guinaifen on the field, there’s a chance to apply Firekiss on them, which increases the damage taken by the enemy.

Skill Showcase


Deals four instances of DMG to random enemies upon entering battle with a 100 percent chance to inflict Firekiss on the attacked enemies.

High Poles

Bonus Ability

Basic ATK has an 80 percent chance to inflict Burn on the target.

Bladed Hoop

Bonus Ability

At the start of the battle, Guinaifen’s actions are advanced forward by 25 percent.

Walking on Knives

Bonus Ability

Deals extra DMG to Burned enemies.

When it comes to her Trace priority, Guinaifen’s traces are contending at an equal position. You can start with her Skill to get extra DoT DMG if you’re going for the DoT build, but the Talent is more important for the Break Effect and Support build. Her Ultimate can be upgraded last as it increases the amount of Burn DMG taken by the enemy on instant trigger.

Finally, all of her Bonus Abilities are quite important and they need to be unlocked as soon as you can.

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