The Best Topaz Build Guide In Honkai: Star Rail

The story of Honkai: Star Rail has constantly talked about the IPC, and they became a prominent part of the game during the Version 1.4 update with the release of Topaz & Numby. This duo has Fire as the combat type while following the path of The Hunt, which makes them a single-target DPS.



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However, they also have a hint of Erudition in their kit since most of their damage relies on follow-up attacks. Mixing these two paths in one character makes them quite interesting since you can use them in various play styles, but it can also make them a little hard to build.

Best Relics And Planar Ornaments For Topaz

Honkai Star Rail Topaz Relic Screen

Getting the correct Relic and Planar Ornament set bonuses is an important part of building Topaz in Honkai: Star Rail since a lot of your damage comes out of these. Here are the best sets you can use for her:



Reason For Synergy With Topaz


Firesmith of Lava-Forging

The four-piece of this set increases your Fire DMG by 22 percent for the attack used after the Ultimate and your Skill DMG is also increased by 12 percent.

Topaz’s Ultimate gives a massive buff to Numby, which further increases with this set, making it the best in slot four-piece for her.

Genius of Brilliant Stars

This set can be good on any DPS character as long as the enemy has Quantum Weakness, and it works the best for Topaz if the target has both Fire and Quantum Weaknesses since she already deals high damage in that scenario.

However, it might not be worth using this if the enemy doesn’t have Quantum Weakness.

Two-Piece Firesmith of Lava Forging and Messenger Traversing Hackerspace

It can be tough to get a four-piece set in the game, and these two-piece bonuses can be used as a replacement till you do. Both the SPD and Fire DMG Bonus provided by these are important for Topaz.

Planar Ornaments

Inert Salsotto

Inert Salsotto is the best Planar Ornament set for Topaz since it gives you an increased DMG boost for follow-up attacks. This boost applies to her Basic Attack and Skill since they’re considered follow-ups too.

Rutilant Arena

You can also use Rutilant Arena to get a similar effect as Inert Salsotto, but you’ll get much less value from it and will also need to achieve a higher Crit Rate.

Sprightly Vonwacq

If you’re having trouble getting Topaz’s Ultimate back fast enough, this set is your best bet. It increases your Energy Regeneration Rate and gives you a turn faster at the start of the battle.

The faster turn also lets you place the Proof of Debt effect on an enemy of your choice.

As you can see, Topaz has quite a wide variety of choices when it comes to her Relics and Planar Ornaments. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices since it depends on your Relic stats, Light Cones, and characters in the team. Here are the Relic main stats you should be focusing on while building her:

Relic Type

Main Stat Priority


Crit Rate



Planar Sphere

Fire DMG Bonus

Link Rope

ATK / Energy Regeneration Rate

You’re going to lose a lot of DMG if you go for the Energy Regeneration Rope, but you have to go for it if you’re struggling with her Ultimate uptime.

As for the sub-stats, you can focus on Crit DMG, Crit Rate, SPD, and ATK Percent in that order.

Best Light Cones For Topaz

Honkai Star Rail Topaz Worrisome, Blissful Light Cone Screen

Once you get Topaz on your account, the first order of business is to give her the best Light Cone you have, and here are your choices:

Worrisome, Blissful

Being Topaz’s signature Light Cone, it’s no surprise that this is the best for her. It synergizes perfectly with her kit since it gives her extra Crit Rate and follow-up DMG. Moreover, enemies attacked by Topaz also gain a Tame effect.

This effect increases the Crit DMG of the attacks from other allies by 12 percent for each stack at Superimposition One.

Cruising in the Stellar Sea

This F2P-friendly Light Cone can easily be Superimposed five times from the Herta Store, and you can get up to 32 percent Crit Rate from it. It also gives you an ATK boost after defeating an enemy, making Topaz better against summoner enemies.


Topaz’s entire kit is based around constantly attacking the same target until it gets knocked out, and Swordplay is your best four-star choice for this since it gives you extra ATK for attacking the same enemy.

Only Silence Remains

This Light Cone is a great choice if you’re dealing with two or fewer enemies since it gives you extra ATK and Crit Rate in this situation.

Darting Arrow

If you don’t have any Light Cones mentioned above, you can use Darting Arrows to get the secondary effect of Cruising in the Stellar Sea Light Cone.

Topaz Traces Overview And Priority

Honkai Star Rail Topaz With A Glass In Her Hand

Topaz has a tightly-knit set of Traces that come together to make her one of the best follow-up characters in the game. However, this makes her not-so-good for the early game since her Bonus Abilities are quite important. Here’s what all her Traces do:

Trace Name




Basic Attack

Deals a bit of Fire DMG to one enemy.

Difficulty Paying?


Choose a target and inflict them with the Proof of Debt status. This increases the target’s follow-up DMG taken and is followed by Numby dealing some damage to the target.

This DMG is considered a follow-up attack. If no enemy has Proof of Debt status, it’s applied randomly whenever an ally takes a turn.

Turn a Profit!


Increases Numby’s DMG and Crit DMG for two turns. Its actions are advanced forward whenever an ally uses their Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate.

Trotter Market!?


Numby joins the battle with Topaz with 80 SPD and deals follow-up DMG to the target with Proof of Debt whenever it gets a turn.

Its actions are advanced forward when an enemy with Proof of Debt takes follow-up DMG.

Explicit Subsidy


Upon using the Technique and starting the battle, Topaz gets 60 Energy after Numby attacks for the first time. Moreover, you can get extra Credits in the open world and Curios in the Simulated Universe with this.

It also has a passive effect where Numby can find Normal Chests and Trotters while roaming the open world.


Bonus Ability

Topaz’s Basic ATK DMG is considered a follow-up attack.

Financial Turmoil

Bonus Ability

Increase Topaz and Numby’s DMG to enemies with Fire Weakness.

Stonks Market

Bonus Ability

Numby’s attacks in the buffed Ultimate state cause Topaz to regenerate 10 Energy.

After reading the Traces above, you’ll realize that it’s highly important to upgrade Topaz’s Skill first, especially if you’re using her with other follow-up characters. This increases the follow-up DMG taken by the enemy overall. Once you’re done with the Skill, you can focus on her Talent first to increase Numby’s DMG.

You won’t use your Ultimate as often, which is why it can be upgraded after the Talent. Finally, it’s important to upgrade Topaz’s Basic Attack as well since they deal follow-up DMG. All of her Bonus Abilities are equally important and must be unlocked as soon as you can.

Is It Worth Pulling Topaz?

Honkai Star Rail Topaz Sitting On Chair With Gold Around

Before the 1.4 update, most players weren’t even aware that a character named Topaz existed. However, she took the player base by storm with her likable personality and beautiful trailer. However, Topaz has quite a niche kit in the current state of the game since there aren’t a lot of good follow-up characters.

She gets the most value if you put her beside Clara, Jing Yuan, or Himeko, and it’s definitely worth going for her if you have these characters built. The most important factor while you’re deciding to pull for a character will always be how much fun you think you’ll have with them.

If you’re planning to spend a little extra on her banner, it’s better to go for her Light Cone first followed by her first Eidolon.

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