Lego Super Mario Starter Courses Are On Sale For Best Buy Members

Nintendo tested the Lego waters in 2020 when it collaborated with the toy brick makers to bring Mario fans sets based on the plumber and the Mushroom Kingdom. Suffice to say, they were pretty popular. The Lego Super Mario collection features a number of sets and characters, and Nintendo is confident enough in its success that Animal Crossing will follow suit in 2024. If you’re yet to take the plunge on a Lego Super Mario set, a couple of its starter courses are currently on sale at Best Buy.



Mario And Peach Starter Courses

As you might have guessed, the Lego Super Mario starter courses provide everything you need to get started. A familiar course you can build along with an interactive character. The original starter course naturally included Mario and elements that have been a part of the series for years. A course that looks like the one you start on in almost every 2D Mario game, a Goomba, and even a Lego Bowser Jr. to defeat. You can grab that set for $47.99 – down from $59.99 – if you’re a Best Buy Plus member.

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The Princess Peach starter course is available for the same price, although at present you only need to be a Best Buy member for the full $12 discount but can still get $7 off even if you’re not a member. Like the original Mario set, the Peach starter course includes elements from a familiar level from the Mushroom Kingdom, and Lemmy as the big bad in place of Bowser Jr. Usually $59.99 but $47.99 right now on Best Buy.

Lego Mario starter course set
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Lego Mario Starter Course

$48 $60 Save $12

The very first Lego Mario set, a starter course that offers up the perfect way to introduce Mario fans to his growing Lego world.

A number of settings and characters have been added to Lego Super Mario’s world since the original sets were introduced, including some more elaborate ones that provide a steeper challenge for older Nintendo fans. The Question Block set opens up and includes miniature versions of levels from Super Mario 64 and yes, you can throw the baby penguin off the side. There’s also a Piranha Plant set coming soon that’s made up of more than 500 pieces.

Other Sets Coming Soon

Lego is naturally ramping up for the holidays, hence its Super Mario starter sets being on sale and the reveal of some brand new sets recently. One of the latest sets to be revealed was the Dune Ornithopter set, available for pre-order now as it was likely supposed to arrive alongside Dune 2 hitting cinemas before the movie got pushed into 2024. Images of a $525 Avengers Tower set that will include more than 30 Minifigures have also leaked online, but Lego is yet to confirm when that will be available.

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