Where To Find The Fuse For The Witch’s Hut In Alan Wake 2

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The second chapter of Alan Wake 2 sends you back to Cauldron Lake in search of answers. The Manuscript Pages point you toward the southwestern section of the woods, where local folklore says a witch used to live. Between the flooding from the rain and the darkness of the forest, finding the items that you need can be a challenge.



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In particular, you’ll need to track down a tiny fuse to turn the power on in the Witch’s Hut. It’s not far, but it’s easy to miss. If you’re sick of stumbling around in the woods, we’ve got you – this guide will get you back on the right track.

How To Find The Witch’s Ladle In Chapter Two

an extreme low-angle shot of Saga Anderson approaching the Witch's Ladle, an enormous tree, in Alan Wake 2

When Saga returns to the crime scene in Chapter Two, it will be much darker and rainier than before. Look for footprints leading west, and follow them to the lake. Remember to use your flashlight to keep the path lit!

Saga can now wade further into the water than before; when you reach the shore, look for a box with supplies on the right, then proceed. The main trail is flooded, so you’ll have to wade around counterclockwise to reach Witch’s Ladle.

Use your flashlight to burn away the darkness and collect the Manuscript Page it was hiding; it will direct you north, to the Witch’s Hut.

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How To Find The Fuse

Saga Anderson uses her flashlight to inspect the fuse box at the Witch's Hut in Alan Wake 2

You need to turn on the lights in the hut, but the power is out. The fuse box is on the left side of the Witch’s Hut, near the window. Follow the sounds of the shutters clapping in the wind, and you’ll find it easily.

Face directly away from the fuse box and cross the small bridge. There’s a broken fuse in the box on the far side, indicating that you’re on the right track.

Continue along the path until you find a campsite; a box on the left contains a working fuse. If you didn’t visit this area in Chapter One, you can also collect the nearby lunch box for some upgrade materials.

Inside the hut, you can use the coffee on the table to save. Collect the page on the shelf in the corner, then go to the Case Board and add the pages to the wall.

Use Profiling to deduce the current location of Nightingales’ Heart. You’ll have to use the ability twice, but it will point you to the General Store near the crime scene.

There are some extra supplies in the drawer to the left of the door as you leave. The drawer may not open until you’ve gone through the Profiling sequence, so be sure not to miss it!

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