Supercell’s winning ticket to fun and success after a long hiatus

The monster-hunting action RPG from Supercell titled has now entered into mobile thanks to closed beta in the US. The game has garnered positive feedback, and those who haven’t given it a try yet are eager to hear about the player experiences. That’s exactly why I’m excited to offer my insights by sharing my initial impressions of during the beta phase. succeeds in giving an engaging gameplay, distinguishes itself from the Clash Universe

When they initially introduced the game, the description itself was nothing short of fantastic. It was delivered like an invitation for players to join a monster-hunting startup as if they were recruiting hunters. The way they presented it, complete with some clever memes even featuring Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen, got me genuinely excited, and I couldn’t help but think, “They’re going to absolutely rock this, aren’t they?”

the moco handshake deal
The handshake deal featuring Ilkka and Luna (Image via Supercell)(

Guess what, they did manage to deliver a great game. The gameplay is really fun, you roam around as a hunter, smashing those ugly-looking yet nice-to-the-eye monsters (cut them some slack, please?), and their bosses and helping out Luna and co with her startup, and all this with other players around the world. The graphics are amazing too, and the idea of multiple modes is well-accepted.

I like how missions or chapters aren’t there just for the sake of completion. Suppose you manage to finish all three missions assigned to you, you might still miss out on crucial items like Blueprints, necessary for acquiring new weapons or gadgets. This adds depth and meaning to the grind in battles, making it all the more worthwhile.

The attention to detail is impressive, from the map greying out as you explore, to the effects when using an active gadget, the diversity among different weapons, and the overall user interface. You get to interact with the mo. co-founders (in-game) in the room, where they will give some sort of hint to you regarding a chapter or raids. Lobby with friends in beta is certainly a surprise, and it makes connecting a lot easier. gameplay
Image via Supercell

As for improvements, there’s certainly room for growth, considering it’s still in beta. One thing that comes to mind is slightly faster movement; I’m not sure if this feature already exists since I’ve only played a few levels, but a touch more speed could add some exciting, fast-paced action. Apart from that, I don’t have any other suggestions. It’s pretty good as it is!

Supercell needed a strong project for long, and beta could be the answer

Although the Finnish developer has received considerable acclaim for crafting some of the most thrilling and top mobile games in history, like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, there have also been moments of letdown over the years. Their last major success was Brawl Stars, dating back to 2018. Clash Mini is performing reasonably well, but it doesn’t quite capture the same level of enthusiasm as the previous three titles.

Floodrush cover, Floodrush open beta
Image via Supercell

Regrettably, Rush Wars, Clash Quest, Boom Beach: Frontlines, and Flood Rush to name a few failed to make a significant impact and were eventually discontinued. Supercell had to come up with a project strong enough to eclipse these failures, and I genuinely believe beta could be the answer they were looking for. And surprisingly, I still do not know what’s going on with Clash Heroes. It is just vanished from the scene for a long time now.

Final Thoughts on beta

If you were to ask about my opinion, I’d be absolutely thrilled to see this game skyrocket in the charts. It’s quite different from what I initially anticipated, and I’m loving the game’s implementation. It’s a fun and innovative addition to Supercell’s lineup, bringing a fresh flavor to their portfolio. Do I believe this would be their ticket to success finally after too many shutdowns? Absolutely.

Despite being a devoted Supercell fan for a long time, I can’t recall the last time I was genuinely thrilled and deeply engaged when they made an announcement. managed to do both for me, and I truly believe that if they’ve ignited that same level of excitement and first impression in other players as well with this beta, this game is bound to be a smash hit once it gets a full-fledged launch.

If you were among the lucky ones who tried their hands on the beta, what are your first impressions about the game? Do let us know in the comments!

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