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When you see the face of Benedict Cumberbatch splashed all over a banner ad, it’s normally because a big new movie has just arrived in cinemas, or a tentpole TV series is about to premiere. But on this occasion, the star of Sherlock, Dr Strange, and countless other hit movies and TV shows is lending his likeness to an altogether different art form. Era of Conquest is not a film or a television show, but an open-world free-to-play strategy game that is launched for mobile and PC. 

China’s mega-hit game goes global with a star-studded partner

Developed by 4399 Games, Era of Conquest is already a megahit in China, where millions of enthusiastic players have helped to mold it into an experience worthy of a high-profile international release. It’s a testament to 4399 Games’s confidence in the finished product that it has chosen to partner up with one of the most recognized and respected stars in the world for the international launch. Here’s why we think that confidence is well-placed. 

For a start, Era of Conquest takes advantage of the latest innovations in mobile gaming technology. The use of SRP has allowed the developers to build a vast, immaculately presented, and intricately detailed map spanning 120 square kilometers. For reference, that’s quite a bit bigger than the famously gargantuan Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. 

And thanks to another cutting-edge technical innovation, DOTS, the game can support battles involving up to 6,000 units, all fighting in the same place at the same time. On the screen of a smartphone, or even a PC monitor, a battle on that scale is unimaginably huge. 

Choose your civilization and historical hero in the Era of Conquest

In terms of gameplay, Era of Conquest has something for everybody. There are nine world civilizations to choose from at the outset, including China, Rome, France, Korea, Germany, and Japan. There are a ton of different historical figures to play, from King Richard I of England to Emperor Qin Shihuang, the first ruler of a unified China in 221 BCE. 

Era of Conquest
Image via 4399 Games

Julius Caesar is in there, of course, as well as King Arthur, owner of the most famous round table in history. But so are a few less well-known figures (in the West), such as Queen Seondeok, the first female ruler of Silla, one of the three historical kingdoms of Korea. You’ll not only have fun but possibly learn a few things too.

Unleash your strategic prowess in the endless war for dominance

Once you’re up and running with your chosen civilization, Era of Conquest sees you vying for dominance on the wartorn continent of Terra, where empires are doomed to collide for all eternity—or until everybody’s dead, whichever comes first. Crucially, the terms of this never-ending war are always fair and equitable. It’s impossible to gain an advantage by purchasing resources, and conscription is both automatic and free. 

That means the only way to come out on top is through masterful strategy, effective diplomacy, and lethal tactics on the battlefield. It’s a tough road ahead, but you can be confident that everybody’s on it together. There is no pay-to-win expressway in this game. What there is is plenty of competition. Not only does Era of Conquest already have a massive Chinese player base, but it has just launched in 83 countries and regions around the world. Its recent pre-registration campaign, meanwhile, attracted more than 5 million sign-ups. 

Every single one of those players wants the same thing as you: total dominion. If you want to be in with a chance, you’d better download Era of Conquest right now and get some boots on the ground. Era of Conquest can be downloaded for free on Google Play, the App Store, the App Gallery, and PC.

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