Reign of Destiny, a new RPG title gets a soft launch for Android in Canada

Reign of Destiny is a new RPG title, brought to you by Wish Interactive Technology LTD. The game, Reign of Destiny has now received a soft launch in Canada and you can access the game via Google Play.

Reign of Destiny offers an immersive RPG experience filled with adventures and backed by a robust storyline

Reign of Destiny promises you an epic journey of a queen filled with great ventures throughout the kingdom and beyond. The game is not just about building your empire but also managing to subdue your enemies to ensure the proper growth of your kingdom in the long term aspect. The game comes with a solid storyline ensuring a solid narration for you to explore the twists and secrets the game has to offer.

Reign of Destiny soft launch, Reign of Destiny
Image via Wish Interactive Technology LTD

Being an RPG there are multiple characters as well for you to build your army around, each character brings forth special abilities and powers making it interesting and difficult at the same time to make a choice. The game not only offers expansion through battles but also through matrimonial alliances as you can expand alliances through marriages and become more powerful in the region.

The game also has multiple customizations in place for you to choose and pick your favorite. The items range from jewellery to expensive gowns some of which are received as part of rewards from the expansions and quests in the game. There is a lot to discover and conquer for you in the game and it requires strategy and a solid army at your disposal. Train your army well and expand your empire.

Reign of Destiny soft launch, Reign of Destiny
Image via Wish Interactive Technology LTD

The game, as stated before has now received a soft launch in Canada, if you are eligible and interested, you can definitely access the game via Google Play. There is no information regarding the iOS version from the developers hence stay tuned.

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