Taylor Swift Fans Host Club Penguin Party To Celebrate 1989

Today marks the release of the long-awaited 1989 (Taylor’s Version), and some Swifties decided to celebrate the release with a midnight listening party in Club Penguin’s nightclub.



Although Friday, October 27 might be an exciting day for all of the Alan Wake fans out there, for the rest of the world it’s exciting because it means that 1989 (Taylor’s Version) is finally out and ready for us all to have on repeat until Taylor’s next release. Swifties all around the world are likely very tired right now after having stayed up till midnight for the album’s launch (which also managed to crash Spotify), but there’s a particularly wild group of fans who spent the night partying like it was 2014 – in Club Penguin.

Although everything that Taylor Swift does is hotly-anticipated (just look at what happened with Seemingly Ranch), 1989 is easily the most-anticipated Taylor’s Version, as it was the record that launched her from being a famous singer into a megastar.

The strangely perfect celebration was organised by Twitter user swifferstruggle, a Taylor Swift fan account that is mostly known as a meme page for people making Taylor-adjacent mistakes and fails. Yesterday, they tweeted out an invite telling any literal party animals to use CPPS (a private, unofficial Club Penguin server) and meet at the Nightclub to listen to the album as it dropped at midnight.

It’s not quite clear why the listening party was done through Club Penguin (although it’s likely because CP was still a thing when 1989 launched in 2014), but judging by swifferstruggle’s live tweets about the release party, it turned out to be a hit. Leading up to the album’s release, the Nightclub was packed with Taylor Swift fans, many of whom had names based on Swiftie in-jokes and song titles, like the excellently named Iknowpuffles.

Although Club Penguin was shut down by Disney all the way back in 2016, it still has a healthy fanbase seven years later thanks to emulators like CPPS.io. Not as healthy as Taylor Swift, mind, but it’s kept a lot of its cultural relevancy.

As highlighted by swifferstruggle in a separate tweet, the 1989 (Taylor’s Version) listening party now has the honour of being the first-ever Club Penguin album release party. Again, I’m still not quite sure why Club Penguin was chosen as the venue, but judging by all of the images of penguins dancing around and happily chatting about and reacting to 1989, it seems like everyone had an Enchanted time.

While it looks like most of the well-dressed penguins in the Nightclub were all dedicated Swifties, there were a few who had to ask what “TN” stands for (it’s Taylor Nation, for anyone who’s unsure), so it’s possible that the event even managed to turn some CPPS stragglers into full-time Swifties. We can only hope.

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