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Lies Of P is unquestionably one of the better Souls-like games to have been crafted and Laxasia The Complete is quite possibly its best boss. This is a fun, dynamic fight that requires players to use a mixture of Perfect Guards and invincible dodge rolls. However, while Laxasia is a great fight, she is also extremely tough.



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This is another one of those battles where you are going to, essentially, have to fight two bosses. By the time you master Laxasia’s multi-hitting overhead swing combos, you’ll need to start dealing with a Laxasia who is straight-up flying through the air and raining down electric projectiles on poor ol’ P. Thankfully, we’ve already learned everything you need to know about this fight, so you can cross blades with her without having to experiment first.

Laxasia The Complete’s Attacks

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia taking a knee

Laxasia is extremely tough, but she is also incredibly fair. She has two separate attacks where she will pile on with multiple slashes and swings—one of these sequences will have her performing upward swings, while the other will see her using downward swings. The cadence of these strikes will start extremely slow, and gradually increase in speed. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity to land a bunch of Perfect Guards, as the slow acceleration will allow you to pick up on the timing. These two sequences alone will almost certainly net you a stagger.

The only real difference between the two different multi-hit strings is that Laxasia will end the upward swing version with a spinning attack, and the downward swinging one with a furious attack.

If you take the Perfect Guard-centric approach, you will absolutely stagger Laxasia. One thing you need to know about this is that Laxasia has an attack that she will perform once you stagger her. As she stumbles forward, she will lift her sword above her head before bringing it down on top of you. So, once you stagger her, get a few light attacks in, but be ready to dodge that giant swing.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, P healing while Laxasia runs at him

When Laxasia charges around the arena, leaving a trail of electricity, we recommend sprinting away from her. This is a good opportunity to repair your weapon or heal.

Laxasia has a charging shoulder attack that she likes to use. You can just use your standard block to stop her, and she will be left vulnerable enough for you to land a quick slash to recoup any life you lost from the block.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Standing back as the electricity from Laxasia's charge attack explodes

She has another charging attack that sees her drag her sword behind her as she sprints towards you. Once she stops sprinting, the trailing of electricity she left behind will explode. However, unless you are over-encumbered, her sprint is a lot slower than yours. So, you can just run away from her.

Furious Attacks

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia's Furious ender to the overhead swing combo

Lexasia has a number of Furious Attacks. One comes after a spinning attack. Another comes after her string of overhead sword swings. All of these attacks have the same cadence as her normal swings, making them easy to Perfect Guard. However, you will also have time to run away. You can also dodge these attacks to the side, as they are very linear.

Second phase

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia without her armor

Once Laxasia transitions into her second form, her moveset completely changes. She will start the second phase by flying into the air and then firing six balls of lightning at you. If you Perfect Guard these projectiles, you reflect them back at Laxasia. After the final projectile, she will perform a diving attack. You can, of course, block this diving move.

She will also frequently take to the air and fire one or two projectiles at you. You will want to reflect those projectiles back at her here as well.

Laxasia has two jumping attacks. One where she leaps toward you, spins around, and then slams her sword down on you, and another where she leaps into the air, gathers energy, and then dive bombs you. For the attack where she spins, prepare to guard just as she completes the full rotation of said midair spin. For the leaping attack, just sprint away from her and she’ll miss you.

You’ll know when she is performing the dive bomb attack as she will levitate for quite some time before she comes crashing down.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia's teleporting

She will also have a pretty standard combo that features relatively easy-to-deal-with swinging attacks. However, when she is in her electrified state (you will know, as her sword glows with electricity), she can teleport, which can make this combo much trickier. Generally, we found it more effective to dodge through these attacks.

She also has a new projectile where she will fire two energy waves at you in quick succession. These are very easily dodged.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia's lightning field

Lastly, like in her first form, Laxasia performs an attack when she is stunned. She will lunge forward with two slashes and then generate a giant electrical sphere. So, get some distance once you land that stunning blow.

Laxasia The Complete Strategy

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia standing with her sword in the ground

As you can see in the above section, Laxasia has a ton of attacks. However, your approach to these attacks is relatively straightforward, and, in isolation, these attacks aren’t hard to deal with. During Laxasia’s first attack phase, you are going to Perfect Guard as much as possible.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia's upward swing combo

When she is performing her multi-attack combos, or when she is using her wide circular swings, you will want to Perfect Guard. When she performs her leaping attack, her charging attack, or her lunging stab attacks? Perfect Guard! Perfect Guard! Perfect Guard! You get the picture, right?

Remember, you don’t need to nail every Perfect Guard, as long as you can get a few Perfect Guards in, you will likely regain the damage you take from the non-Perfect Blocks. That is why you want to be conservative when aiming for Perfect Guards.

That being said, there are a few moves you want to avoid altogether. If she charges at you while dragging her sword behind her, just get distance, as you don’t want to deal with that electricity.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia's forking lightning attack

Similarly, and this is important, if Laxasia stands in place and swings her sword around her two times, this attack will end with her slamming the sword into the ground, causing lightning to fork out in multiple directions: you want to avoid this attack. While you can block all of this, the better move is to dodge through her sword swing to get behind her and avoid the lightning portion altogether.

Second Phase

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia in her second form

There are two things you need to know about the second phase of Laxasia…

  • First, when Laxasia powers up, she gains access to the ability to teleport. This makes it easier for Laxasia to get in close while also making her harder to hit.
  • When Laxasia fires her lightning projectiles from the sky, you need to try to Perfect Guard them you will send them right back at her.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Deflecting Laxasia's lightning attacks

A lot of your damage will probably come from those reflected projectiles.

Now, once Laxasia moves into her second phase, you are going to still Perfect Guard a little, such as when she is firing her projectiles at you from the sky, however, you will want to start dodging through her attacks. Especially when she is teleporting all over the place. In general, if Laxasia is energized, you want to dodge and defend until it wears off. Only attack when she is recovering from a giant, missed attack. Don’t try to squeeze in quick attacks in between attacks from her combo.

Lies Of P, Laxasia, The electric explosion after leaping attack

When Laxasia uses her leaping and dashing attacks from the sky, dodging through them, or, in the case of her dive bomb attack, run away. If you do block them, keep in mind that these attacks will cause of puddle of electricity to pool underneath Laxasia, which will explode soon after.

She still has her forking lighting attack, as well. So, make sure to dodge through those swings, which will give you a brilliant opportunity to land a fully charged attack on her.

Rewards For Slaying Laxasia The Complete

Lies Of P, Laxasia, Laxasia in her last moment

Killing Laxasia The Complete will reward you with Sad Zealot’s Ergo, and 16,000 Ergo. You will also now be able to climb the tower and confront the final boss of the game. Congratulations, you are in the homestretch now.

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