The 10 Best VR Horror Games


  • VR horror games provide a heart-dropping immersion that tricks the mind into believing the terrifying environments and enemies are real.
  • Subnautica offers a murky underwater world filled with dangerous creatures, while also balancing out the horror with survival and crafting elements.
  • Phasmophobia allows players to experience a ghost hunt with friends, requiring teamwork and real-time video feeds to gather clues and face the supernatural.



Playing a scary title on a flat-screen TV or computer monitor can be unsettling; however, nothing compares to the heart-dropping immersion of virtual reality horror. With VR, the mind is almost tricked into believing that the haunted house, menacing forest, and sinister enemies might be real.

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Fortunately, you only need to remove the VR headset to escape. For those who get a special thrill out of games that include building tension, dark atmospheres, and jump scares, there are many VR experiences worth exploring.

10 Subnautica

Encounting a Reaper Leviathan

Some may scoff at this entry being included on a horror-themed list; however, beyond the crafting mechanics lies a murky underwater world full of dangerous and terrifying creatures. One of the main elements of Subnautica is exploration, which leads the player further into the depths. Imagine encountering a shark-like alien intent on filling its stomach with an unprepared adventurer.

The day and night cycle also transforms peaceful areas into certifiable nightmares once the sunlight fades. Fortunately, the VR experience with Subnautica isn’t all terrifying, with survival, crafting, and base-building components to balance things out.

9 Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia using the spirit box to communicate with ghost

For anyone who has longed to be on a ghost hunt like those depicted on various paranormal television shows, Phasmophobia is as close as it gets. With up to four players, you venture into dilapidated, dark locales with different gadgets ready to gather clues or come face-to-face with the supernatural.

This game focuses heavily on teamwork, so it’s perfect for a group of friends or even strangers. For those not quite ready to venture into the haunted areas, there is an option to help support the team through real-time video feeds in the van. However, the support position must monitor the cameras and motion sensors to help direct investigators inside.

8 The Forest

Night encounter with mutants The Forest

The tension rackets up immediately with The Forest as you survive a plane crash into a vast wilderness. While staying busy scavenging for food, building a campfire, and working on a shelter, it quickly becomes apparent the woods are not empty.

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With realistic and lush graphics that look beautiful during the day and horrific at night, The Forest is a visceral experience in VR. Surviving a night while defending from enemies leaping out from the darkness will have you rethinking base building and tactics.

7 Labyrinthine

Exploring a dark maze Labryinthine

Most are familiar with the concept of an escape room, but what about a giant procedurally generated maze filled with puzzles and horrors? With Labyrinthine, you team up with up to four players and must work together to solve puzzles and escape the area.

The catch is that several frightening foes await, ready to emerge and wreak havoc. This game provides a near-constant state of impending doom, from winding forested paths to claustrophobic passageways. VR enhances the scares and places gamers into devious mazes with only a tiny hope of making it out.

6 Half-Life: Alyx

Combine encounter Half-Life Alyx

One of the most groundbreaking and spectacular showpieces of what VR is capable of, Half-Life: Alyx returns to the fight against the Combine. Playing as Alyx Vance, this game oozes immersion and was built specifically for VR, making movement, combat, and exploration very intuitive.

The Combine, an alien race hell-bent on eradicating humanity, can be difficult to kill and require cunning problem-solving and quick reflexes. The leaping head crabs will undoubtedly have you physically jumping and leaning for cover.

5 Into the Radius VR

Fighting anomalies Into the Radius

Many describe Into the Radius VR as a game inspired by the Stalker series, where players must venture into ruined landscapes filled with insidious enemies called anomalies. The realistic environments and detailed textures make for a top-shelf VR experience.

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This game requires exploration, scavenging, and combat with finely crafted weapons based on actual firearms. Players must hunt down various artifacts and avoid other hostile foes like Mimics. For those who enjoy the Stalker series, this VR game is a no-brainer.

4 The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

Fighting the undead The Walking Dead Saints and Sinners

A visceral, violent, and nail-biting VR zombie game in a flooding New Orleans sounds like a perfect recipe for horror. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a VR title that pits you against hordes of the undead in iconic locations throughout the big easy.

Take on battles, scavenge, and make vital choices that can save or sacrifice the remaining survivors while completing tasks for different factions. One of the highlights of this game based upon the Walking Dead universe is the ability to grab various objects in the world, turning them instantly into a weapon.

3 Arizona Sunshine

Zombie encounter Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine was built from the ground up for VR only. Upon startup, you are thrown into a world filled with zombies and must fight to stay alive. With supplies low and only a faint hope of finding other survivors, you must navigate the Grand Canyon state’s highways, deserts, and valleys.

The movement built into Arizona Sunshine allows you to traverse more naturally with greater freedom. The combat offers realism with managing ammunition, aiming down sights, and recoil handling.

2 I’m on Observation Duty 3

Taking a photo Im on Observation Duty 3

Ever wonder what it might be like to walk around a haunted house looking for unusual activity? With I’m on Observation Duty 3, you freely explore a creepy mansion and attempt to record strange happenings by taking photos with a smartphone.

The smartphone sometimes shows you elements unseen by the naked eye. However, beware of the anomalies roaming the halls, as the night could end abruptly. The VR is implemented well and takes the scares up a notch or two.

1 Inside the Backrooms

Enemy encounter Inside the Backrooms

Feeling trapped, lost, and hunted, Inside the Backrooms tasks up to four friends to escape cooperatively. This game provides a near-constant eerie feeling as many areas look similar, causing the player to get turned around.

Solving puzzles together and avoiding dangerous entities, this game requires you to have steady nerves and utilize brain power. Based on the classic creepypasta, Inside the Backrooms may provide VR gamers with plenty of nightmare fuel.

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