How To Play As Sindel In Mortal Kombat 1

As you play Mortal Kombat 1, you’ll find plenty of characters that are fun to play, though it can be challenging to learn them all. Not only do you need to know their special moves, but their general game plans and how to tackle different situations, making it crucial for you to go through a rundown.



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With a character like Sindel, you have plenty of potential to maximize your combos while also having different tricks up your sleeve unique to the character. If you’re wanting to become an amazing player with this queen, you should use a guide to understand how she works.

Sindel Overview

Sindel and Reptile clashing before they fight each other in Mortal Kombat 1.

Sindel is a jack-of-all-trades that has some solid moves and easy follow-ups. You can switch between long-ranged attacks and close range combos to take down your enemies. In exchange, Sindel’s moves don’t have priority over rushdown or zoning characters.

Instead, you’ll need to react to your enemies based on the circumstances and go with a strategy accordingly. Sindel performs best either at close range or long range, so be wary of opponents that stick toward the middle and try to close or extend the distance, based on your preferences.

However, Sindel has two excellent abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with, especially if your foe isn’t familiar with thesm: Inspire and Queen’s Command. Both give you unique interactions with your Kameo fighter and the opponent’s so you should take advantage of them when you can.

Sindel is a very commital character, since many of her moves can be easily punished. That means you can’t just throw out attacks and hope for the best: you need to think about why you’re using moves and pick the best one for each situation.

With that in mind, Sindel is great for flexible players. Sindel isn’t meter reliant either, so you don’t have to be scared to use it or even save your meter as a Kombo breaker.

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Sindel Special Moves

Sindel using her Scream ability against Smoke in Mortal Kombat 1.

Sindel has multiple special moves that help her win in combat. Make sure to get a feel for what each one does, so you can use them accordingly and take advantage of the enhanced versions.

Special Move


What It Does

Low Hairball

Down, Back, 1

Low-hitting projectile. The enhanced version deals extra damage.


Down, Forward, 1

High-hitting projectile. The enhanced version does more damage.


Back, Forward, 2

A screaming mid-attack. It stuns the opponent for a moment, giving you easy combo follow-ups.


Down, Back, 2 (Air Only)

You slowly float down and can cancel normal attacks into and out of it. The enhanced version has less recovery and can be cancelled faster.


Down, Back, 3

Your Kameo bar refills faster. The enhance one Kounters the opponent’s Kombo Breaker.

Queen’s Command

Down, Back, 4

If you hit the opponent’s Kameo, they can’t be used for a while. The enhanced version lets you steal their Kameo.


Down, Forward, 4

Sindel deals overhead damage. The enhanced one deals more damage and has armor.

Since Mortal Kombat 1 is playable on multiple platforms and has different controls, here’s a summary of what each point means, so you can apply it accordingly.

Forward: Towards your opponent

Back: Away from your opponent

Sindel Tips

Sindel performs a combo to launch Smoke into the air in Mortal Kombat 1.

As a general rule of thumb, you’ll want to rely on Sindel’s Hairball moves if you want to keep the enemy away from you. For instance, if you know the opponent doesn’t have a teleport, you can wall them out with low and standard Hairballs to force them to approach.

As they approach, you can punish their mistakes by blocking attacks and punishing unsafe ones with your quick combos. For instance, you can quickly perform a 2, 4, Scream into a ton of different combos as a fast combo.

With that in mind, Sindel has plenty of unsafe moves, so don’t get too comfortable while you fight. While you can shoot Hairballs to stop your enemies, they may have ways to counter you, such as using a Kameo move.

Some people may also view Levitate as pointless, but it can help you in multiple ways. You can use it to throw off your opponent’s timing when you go for an air attack. You can even cancel your hits into your Levitate, allowing you to perform an air move, cancel it, then continue your combo or floating way to play it safe.

You should also note that Kartwheel is an excellent combo ender, allowing you to finish off enemies with a powerful hit. Since it’s easy to use it after performing a forward 4, you’ll see lots of success with it.

Enhanced Kartwheel is also great, since it has armor. That means if your enemy is pressuring you with tons of attacks, you can use some meter to perform a Kartwheel to not only damage your enemy and get them off of you, but to go through their moves. Sometimes, this may work better than a Kombo breaker.

As for Inspire and Queen’s Command, you can use Inspire if the opponent won’t approach you. You can also use it after knocking down an opponent to quickly refill your meter. As for Queen’s Command, you’ll need to pay attention to your enemy and see when they use Kameos to stop their game plan.

To add to all these benefits, Scream will make it so easy for you to combo into your Fatal Blow when you have it ready, turning fights around.

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Sindel Kameos Tips

Kung Lao performing his spin Kameo attack against Smoke with Sindel preparing to follow up in Mortal Kombat 1.

Sindel has some solid combos she can perform on her own, thanks to her Scream and forward 4, 3 combo, but it never hurts to pick Kameos that’ll extend her combos. For instance, Kung Lao has a bit of everything that makes him an amazing pick for Sindel.

You have his forward Kameo, which knocks enemies into the air, allowing you to perform an air combo or positioning yourself correctly to deal damage. This move can also be used to catch the enemy off-guard and let you start a shorter combo.

If you want an easy 30 percent combo with Sindel and Kung Lao, try the following string.

Forward 4, 3, dash (or wait if they’re in the corner), 2, 4, Scream, dash, forward 4, forward Kameo, back up, forward 4, enhanced Kartwheel.

You’ll need to get the timing down when waiting between attacks, but it’s relatively simple and can be adjusted by swapping the forward Kameo with the enhanced or regular Kartwheel if you don’t have your Kameo ready.

Kung Lao can also cancel you out of your end lag if you use his neutral Kameo, so use that if you miss your projectile and the opponent jumps toward you. The back Kameo also has its uses as an effective poking tool.

Sindel doesn’t have a solid anti-air, aside from her forward 2 uppercut. However, that move is slow and laggy, so you may want to pick someone like Sonya or Stryker to cover the air.

If you want a mix of anti-air and combo extension, you should look into Cyrax, who offers room for you to get creative. Kano can also be a good choice if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by rushdown characters.

Sindel Fatalities

Sindel performing her first fatality against Reptile, preparing to tear out his skull and spine in Mortal Kombat 1.

You’ll get to use two Fatalities as Sindel, though you must unlock the second one by playing as Sindel and getting her to Rank 14. They require you to stand at mid-range, so if you struggle with them, hop into the Learn section and choose Fatalities to practice.




Fatality 1


Down, Back, Down, 1

Fatality 2


Back, Forward, Back, 2

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