Punishing Gray Raven Across the Ruined Sea update brings new omniframes, events, and more

Punishing: Gray Raven, a post-apocalyptic anime-style action game, has released a brand-new update called Across the Ruined Sea. New omniframes, coatings, events, and even a new roguelite-style of gameplay will all be part of the update.

Across the Ruined Sea will introduce a brand new lightning-fast boss challenger as well as new events in Punishing Gray Raven

Players will be able to use the brand-new Bianca: Stigmata omniframe with the update. This new framework is ideal for new players who decide to concentrate on a team with a physical assault style. Bianca: Stigmata can realign Signal Orbs to give 3-Ping Orbs a clearer path. As part of the Over the Ruined Sea upgrade, new coatings will also be available.

Players will be able to download Liv: Empyrea’s new Dreamcatcher coating, which also comes with an original tale. In addition to new beach-themed coatings in Wavebender for Vera: Garnet and Solar Frost for No. 21: XXI, the new omniframe, Bianca: Stigmata, will have an Exorcist coating.

Punishing Gray Raven Across the Ruined Sea update
Image via KURO Games

During the first few days of the update introduction, No.21’s new coating will be free to use by simply signing in. Spectral Parade for Kamui: Tenebrion is back and available for a brief period of time, adding some creepy undertones to this update.

With the release of Across the Ruined Sea, players will be introduced to Lithos, a brand-new lightning-fast boss challenger, as well as Cursed Waters, Exodus Memoria, and Guild Expedition: Hazardous Terrain. Players can test their skills in five different boss battles with varying degrees of difficulty during the Exodus Memoria event.

As you advance through battles and uncover intriguing new stories in the Cursed Waves event, you can choose from a variety of boosts and allies. Players will visit the updated Command Bureau in Guild Expedition: Hazardous Terrain, which has been styled with a summer beach motif. Players will cooperate with other members of their guild to take on Shake-speare, a charming but dangerous monster, in order to win significant rewards.

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