Secrets And Hidden Details In Starfield’s Akila City

The Settled Systems of Starfield are a broad, intricate, and open universe of planets featuring many different worlds and maps, side quests, side characters, and activities. These planets are all unique and exciting and offer various appeals that make you want to visit them.



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A planet like Akila, for instance. Located in the Cheyenne star system, this planet is known for its western-themed main city, Akila City, which you can explore in its entirety. If you find yourself in Akila City and you’re looking to kill some time or just do things a bit differently, here are a few secrets and hidden details you can look out for.

8 Puddle Glitch

Screenshot, Enterance Of The Shepherd's General Store In Akila City

If you played earlier versions of the game, you may have noticed this glitch in Akila City that allowed you access to all the weapons and other items on sale from a vendor’s collection.

If you head to Shepherd’s general store, crouch in front of the puddle, and move your target around the puddle, you will eventually find a sweet spot that opens a hidden chest filled with all sorts of fantastic items that would usually cost a few credits. Unfortunately, this glitch has since been patched out of the game.

7 The Rock

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Entrance The Rock In Akila City

The Rock is an important massive building at the heart of the city. The Rock is the headquarters of the Freestar Rangers, which is the police force faction situated in the city that you could join if you saw fit.

The Rock has a lot of hidden materials that are free for you to pickup if you want. These materials temporarily boost your stats and improve your character’s capabilities. For instance, the chandra cabernet sauvignon improves your persuasion chance by 12 percent for five minutes.

6 The Hitching Post

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Hitching Post Bar

With such a dangerous creature roaming outside the city’s walls, the Akilans have to be adequately entertained to keep up daily life, and they have just the right place for the job, which you can visit in the city.

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However, while you can go there to recruit crewmates, you can’t enjoy the drinks and other festivities unless you settle the hostage situation tied to the Job Gone Wrong quest. This is an interesting detail, as the hostage situation affects the whole town, so it makes sense that regular festivities can only resume after the hostage situation is resolved.

5 Captain’s Log

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Isuue The Captain's Log Magazine-1

The Akila City map has a few skill books scattered all over the place that can permanently improve the skills and stats of your characters if you know where to find them.

Among those skill books is the Captain’s Log magazine, which you can find if you go and loot the Akila City consulate. This book permanently improves your carry capacity by five percent, which is a great way to enhance your character’s capabilities.

4 Ancient Civilization Of Egypt Book

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Ancient Civilization Of Egypt Book On The Inventory Screen

Another skill book you can find is The Ancient Civilization of Egypt. It has a cool name, which adds to its appeal. It is also a nod to old Earth and the history of Starfield.

This book is not free, and you will have to purchase it from Ahnjong Sinclair at his shop, Sinclair’s Books. Buying this book unlocks an activity that allows you to travel to the Cairo Landmark on Earth and visit the pyramids.

3 Solomon Coe Comic Book

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Issue Of Solomon Coe's Adventures

Solomon Coe is a legend in Akila and one of the founders of the city, as well as an ancestor of Sam Coe, who is a great companion and potential love interest in the game.

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Being a legend, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are a lot of stories and documents about Solomon Coe’s exploits and adventures. Still, it’s cool to find out that comic books are written about him. You can find Solomon’s Adventures issue one at the Coe estate, and it permanently increases your weapon damage by five percent whenever you use it at night.

2 Va’Ruun Scripture 03

Starfield, Screenshot Of The Va'Ruun Scripture Of The Great Serpent

The House of Va’Ruun is one of the earliest interstellar governments to form in the settled systems. It is a religious government centered around the worship of a deity called the Great Serpent. It is prominent throughout the Settled Systems and even has two of the best particle beam weapons named after it.

It has a rich and mysterious history and deepens the lore of Starfield. The House of Va’Ruun even has its own religious books; you can find one such book if you loot The Stretch. The book permanently increases your sneak bonus by one percent and your melee sneak attack by five percent, making you an even deadlier force.

1 Gunslinger’s Guides

Starfield, Screenshot Of An Issue Of The Gunslinger's Guide

Akila is a Western-themed city filled with nods to the old West as well as Western-style buildings, outfits, and weapons all over the place, so it’s no surprise that they’ll have a good number of capable gunslingers in the city as well.

The city also offers you the opportunity to improve your shooting ability if you know where to look. Over at the Rock, you can find a book titled Gunslinger’s Guide 01, which improves your reload and draw speed of Laredo weapons by five percent. If you are unsatisfied with the knowledge you just got, you can head to Sinclair’s Books, where you’ll find Gunslinger’s Guide 02 for a permanent additional five percent boost to the same stats.

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