Love Is Blind is a new interactive story game now available on Android and iOS

Netflix Stories comprises interactive narrative games that offer players an immersive journey into the worlds of beloved Netflix series and movies, starting with Love Is Blind. In these games, players can step into the shoes of the latest singles in the series, placing themselves in the iconic pods and embarking on a quest for genuine love and self-revelation. Netflix Stories: Love is Blind which is now available exclusively for Netflix members presents an ideal opportunity for enthusiasts of the show to delve deeper into the aspects they adore about the series.

Dive into a unique dating experience in Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind

First, the players customize their character, making choices ranging from hair color and jewelry to face shape and the outfit they’ll wear when they virtually enter the popular unscripted series. They should pay close attention to the chemistry they feel, as they will engage in candid conversations within the pods, covering topics from casual dating to forming connections with potential future life partners.

Netflix Stories Love Is Blind
Image via Netflix

However, it’s crucial to bear in mind that, even though love may be blind, it carries its fair share of risks, as opening up and being vulnerable in this process is not suitable for those lacking courage. As any avid Love Is Blind viewer is aware, the journey towards marriage is often marked by unexpected challenges.

Created by Boss Fight Entertainment, a subsidiary of Netflix, this game is an integral component of the Netflix Stories app. This app is designed as a compilation of interactive narrative games, offering an expansive assortment of tales inspired by beloved Netflix series and movies, all designed to fully immerse players.

In the near future, enthusiasts can anticipate the opportunity to explore various popular shows through Netflix Stories. This includes the chance to experience life in the quaint setting of Virgin River, where players will delve into small-town living and love, as well as the high-stakes world of Money Heist, where they will endeavor to execute the ultimate heist. For now Netflix Stories: Love Is Blind is available on Android and iOS.

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