METRIA, an upcoming epic RPG opens pre-registration on Android and iOS

METRIA, an upcoming epic RPG, has now commenced its pre-registration phase for both Android and iOS platforms. This game is presented by the Japanese developer Asobimo known for games such as N-Innocence and Against War.

Embark on a thrilling journey on 9 Lands in METRIA

In the plot of Metria centered around Rio, you awaken to discover yourself in an unfamiliar land after a mishap in his castle. As you embark on your journey to save the royal capital, encountering various individuals and bidding others farewell, you’ll gradually uncover the concealed secrets of this enigmatic world of 9 lands.

METRIA gameplay
Image via Asobimo Games

For the game’s cutscenes, the developers have employed extensive use of 3D graphics, which stands out as one of their notable strengths, as highlighted by the developer. As far as gameplay is concerned, the game has all the maps connected by land, making the exploration simple. The first looks did give me heavy Genshin Impact vibes, and share a closer resemblance than you would initially think.

The game features a straightforward control setup, allowing players to execute a variety of stylish attacks. In addition to regular attacks, players have the option to perform special skill moves. To enhance combat strategies, players can assemble a team of three characters to create a formation for battle, which you can switch easily.

Players can pre-register for METRIA, with a campaign now live

METRIA is currently available for pre-registration, and interested players can access it through Google Play and the Apple Store for both Android and iOS devices. A pre-registration campaign has also kicked off, which will grant players several rewards once the game goes live.

Although the iOS store listing indicates an expected release date of November 7, 2023, it’s important to note that there hasn’t been an official confirmation regarding this date. Players should stay tuned for any updates from the developers for the info about the game’s release on their official website.

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