How To Get And Use A Glider In Palia

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Taking a note from the open-world hit Zelda: Breath of the Wild as inspiration, Palia allows players to craft and obtain a glider as a form of transportation. With it, you’ll be able to leap off cliffs and glide to destinations to find chests or cover more ground – or use them when running to speed up your travel.



RELATED: Palia: Big Family Blowup Quest WalkthroughYou can’t just craft one automatically though, and the Glider isn’t unlocked by progressing a skill like other equipment. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock and complete the main quest, Like A Bird, and obtain a Glider of your own.

How To Unlock Like A Bird Quest

Player character speaking to Najuma near the pond outside of her home in Bahari Bay in Palia.

To unlock the Like A Bird quest to get your Glider, you’ll first need to complete several of the main quests, especially the previous quest in the chain, The Ancient Battery.

As you explore the ruins during the quest, you’ll come across a chasm you cannot cross fully. Speak to Jina, and she’ll ask you to meet with Hodari’s daughter, Najuma, starting the quest.

How To Obtain A Glider

Player character in the Loom interface and crafting twenty seven Sernuk Hide into Leather in Palia.

Head to Bahari Bay and speak to Najuma, who spends most of her day standing at the pond near her home or in her family’s workshop.

She’ll agree to make you a Glider and ask you to bring her some materials. You’ll need Leather, Fabric, and some Sapwood Planks to build the Glider.


How To Obtain It

Leather x5

Refined from Sernuk Hide in a Loom.

The Loom can be obtained from Tish’s Furniture Guild store and Sernuk Hides are a potential drop when hunting Sernuks of any type.

Fabric x2

Refined from Cotton in a Loom.

Cotton can be grown from Cotton Seeds purchased at Zeki’s General Store or fully grown Cotton can be purchased from Badruu’s Store.

Sapwood Plank x3

Refined from Sapwood in any type of Sawmill.

Sapwood can be foraged after cutting down any tree type in Kilima Valley or from Juniper trees in Bahari Bay.

After you’ve collected all the materials, return to Najuma and speak to her again. She’ll take the materials from you, and reward you with a Glider in return.

You’ll also receive five pieces of Coral, five Unopened Oysters, 10 Renown, and a boost in relationship with her.

How To Use A Glider

Player using a glider over terrain in Palia

The Glider serves as an equipment item for flying. Equip the Glider in the Accessories slot to use it; simply tap the jump button while falling to glide gracefully. With the Glider, you can control the skies and soar over obstacles to reach otherwise inaccessible areas around the map.

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